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14 July 2018

Be Aware of Technology-Related Health Threats

Be aware of technology-related health threats
By ANDREW PALMER, Guest Columnist, journalpatriot.com (North Wilkesboro, NC), 
13 July 2018

I am writing this as a result of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot’s June 15 article, “Wilkesboro prepares for 5G technology with new rules.” Although it risks possibly sounding “weird,” I’m comfortable saying I have concerns about the safety of many commonly used communication and electrical technologies.

I haven’t carried a cell phone in four years, I don’t use wireless Internet in my house and when given the choice, I limit time spent around things that emit a lot of energy - cell phone towers, high voltage power lines, etc.

There are other specific things involving electro-pollution and its possible health effects, but I’ll skip that because it goes beyond my scope here.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent much time researching the safety and possible health risks associated with such technology and it seems concise information to base decisions on is lacking. One must also have faith in the studies and who is paying for them to accept their findings. I encourage everyone to do a little research and come to their own conclusions on this subject. Get informed and make your own decisions.

Many people generally seem to have mild concerns or at least have heard of the possible dangers of living under a cell phone tower, high voltage power lines, beside an electric sub-station and even cell phones and the brain, but most don’t make any lifestyle changes regarding these issues.

They still keep their cell phones in their pockets and talk on them or surf the web for hours each day.

I’m not saying whether this is dangerous or calling anyone out; I only want to raise awareness in a world where cancer, autism, infertility, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s and other chronic health conditions ravage so many, not to mention possible effects on nature. (Some speculate that electromagnetic field could be related to the declining honeybee population.)

Not all of these things may cause health issues, but from research I’ve seen, I’m convinced there is a strong possibility that they could.

As someone who pays more attention to these sorts of things than most people, I’ve already noticed in many other communities (mostly cities) that cell phone towers are hidden but in plain sight in places like tops of power poles, water towers (in our own community), flag poles and even church steeples. According to the June 15 article in this paper, this may be the case in our community in the near future.

I think people should have the right to choose whether they have a cell phone tower on a pole directly in front of their house.

For those who choose not to live under a cell phone tower because of safety concerns, you may now be forced into that situation anyway when they go up with 5G technology.

Instead of towers hundreds of feet tall, they’ll be mini-cell phone towers mounted on tops of power poles in neighborhoods that put people even closer to transmitters. If this concerns you, research the technology, find out what your rights are (if you have any) and write your local, state and national politicians.

I’m not saying the technology shouldn’t come to our area because faster download speeds sound like a good thing. I’m just saying I don’t want a cell phone tower anywhere near my home.

I have found that many health and wellness professionals are concerned about this very thing. One article I read said, “Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposure to a long list of adverse biological effects, including: DNA single and double strand breaks, oxidative damage, disruption of cell metabolism, increased blood brain permeability, melatonin reduction, disruption to brain glucose metabolism and generation of stress proteins.” The article said the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen in 2011.

Perhaps we should all consider limiting exposure to cell phone radiation and many similar things. America, and our community in particular, is filled with down to earth hardworking folks who love their friends and families and want everyone to be healthy, but often don’t have enough time to do many of the things that would make themselves or their families healthier.

We live busy lifestyles, but I would argue that limiting exposure to potential threats such as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and other forms of radiation should be a priority for everyone, whether it’s diet, exercise, rest or even your living environment.

Consider these ways to possibly reduce exposure to EMR and other forms of radiation.

• try to not to carry your cell phone on your person to avoid bombarding your body with radiation;

• use the speaker-phone setting or a device like an airtube headset when talking on your phone to protect sensitive tissue like your brain;

• cut your phone off or put it on airplane mode when you feel it’s safe and convenient to do so. At home is a great time to do this. Consider getting a landline phone with a cord;

• don’t sleep with a cell phone by your head. If your phone is on instead of “flight/airplane mode,” it is emitting energy;

• only turn on Wifi in your house when you use it. At the very least cut it off at night when you sleep. Some research suggests EMR can affect melatonin levels and sleep patterns;

• when looking for a new home, try to be more than a quarter of a mile from a cell phone tower, high voltage power lines and electrical stations. Cell phone towers are often on water towers;

• if you have a “smart” meter on your house, learn about this and ask your service provider about an “opt-out” program. Smart meters have replaced old analog style electrical meters and some emit large amounts of radiation. Think of it as a strong cell phone. In June, the N.C. Public Utilities Commission affirmed the right to “opt-out” of the use of “smart” meters;

• if you have a home landline phone, opt for a phone with an actual cord and not a phone that emits a signal to the base;

• use a wired connection for your devices such as computers, TVs, baby monitors, etc. instead of using wireless;

• when you hear the word “wireless,” ask yourself, “Do I want to be exposed to more radiation?” Wireless is convenient, but is there a cost to your health? People don’t realize many of the products that have wireless technology.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Andrew Palmer lives in North Wilkesboro and owns and manages Peace Regime Boxing Club here.


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