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06 July 2018

Samsung Phones Are Sending Pictures Without User’s Knowledge

ATTENTION!  34 Samsung models are among the 250 mobile phones tested by ANFR in contact with the skin or at 5mm where the results show that the SAR regulatory limits for the trunk have been exceeded, presenting  a risk to the health of users.  See: 
"Check if your mobile phone presents a risk to your health"

Samsung Phones Are Sending Pictures Without User’s Knowledge

By Athina Mallischannelnews.com.au, 4 July 2018

A handful of Samsung phones have a bug which has been sending all of a user’s camera roll to their contacts without the user’s knowledge.

These phantom messages are being sent through the Samsung messaging app through MMS not SMS.

Complaints have emerged on Reddit and Samsung forums with one user saying their Galaxy S9+ sent all of their photos to his girlfriend and didn’t show on their message thread.

The Reddit user posted, “My S9+ sent my entire photo gallery to my girlfriend last night while I was sleeping. Last night around 2:30 am, my phone sent her my entire photo gallery over text but there was no record of it on my messages app. However, there was record of it on tmobile logs. Why would this happen?”

If Samsung owners are worried this problem will affect them they are asked to either go into settings and remove the ability for Samsung Messages to access storage. The other option is to use a different texting app like Android Messages.

A Samsung spokesperson told Gizmodo it is aware of the problem and its ‘technical teams are looking into it’.


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