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21 July 2018

Switzerland: The Ring Tone of a Cell Phone Replaces the Bells of the Oldest Church in Lucerne

Is the cell phone today's God?

In Switzerland, the ring tone of a cell phone replaces the bells of a church
La rédaction d'Aleteia | 19 July 2018 (translation)

The bells of the Saint-Pierre chapel in Lucerne, Switzerland, have been temporarily replaced by the ring tone of a cell phone.  The purpose: to reflect upon the place of the cell phone in our lives.

Is the cell phone today's God?  That is the question that an unusual artistic project set up in Lucerne, Switzerland over the past few days asks.  Until 30 July, the ring tones of a cell phone are temporarily replacing the bells of the chapel of St. Pierre, the oldest church in the city, broadcast thanks to a loud-speaer installed in the bell tower.

The Catholic Church did not want the chapel to be forgotten during its renovation. It therefore called on the Lucerne University of Art. Finally, two young students, Klarissa Flückiger and Mahtola Wittmer, won the call for projects. Their idea: to get passers-by to reflect on the role of the mobile phone in their lives. Indeed, while no one pays attention to church bells anymore, most people react immediately to the ringing of their mobile phone.

Instead of marking the hours, the cell phone rings randomly throughout the day. While some may see it as a good joke, others may think about the meaning of such a staging. If He doesn't use a cell phone, God calls us. It is up to everyone to be attentive and take the time to listen.


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