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28 September 2018

Another Fitness Tracker Recall, this Time Due to Burn Risk

"It’s pretty insane that some insurance companies have recently started encouraging or requiring clients to wear Fitbits and other activity trackers. You’d think they’d want their clients to remain healthy and of course, alive. Perhaps the bigger irony is that many insurance companies aren’t covering harm caused by wireless radiation exposure either."

Another Recall: Burn Baby, Burn — Fitness Tracker Inferno!
by BN Frankactivistpost.com
27 September 2018

Just announced! ANOTHER Fitness Tracker recall! This time it’s due to burn risk.

Portland-based Provata Health has recalled around 30,000 fitness trackers following reports of burns due to overheating issues.


The Chinese manufactured devices come with a digital display, accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor and Bluetooth technology. They are offered in three colors: black, blue and mint green.

The recall was made following 13 reports of overheating issues while charging or during use. In three cases, users suffered burns to their wrists under the watch body.

This is very reminiscent of issues that occurred with Intel owned Basis fitness trackers back in 2014. A small number of people reported that their Peak watches overheated, and in some cases caused discomfort, blistering or burns on their wrist. Intel recalled all of the watches and issued refunds to customers. The company no longer supports the watch, and has since shut down access to customer data.

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