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30 October 2018

Doctors Worldwide Reporting the Incredible Benefits of Reducing EMF Exposure

Doctors worldwide reporting the incredible benefits of reducing EMF exposure
Posted by Erin Elizabeth |healthnutnews.com, Oct 30, 2018
Posted by Nick Pineault | Oct 30, 2018

In the middle of the nationwide roll-out of brand new 5th generation (5G) networks and the addition of millions of new cell phone antennas, the discussion about possible health effects of man-made “electrosmog” is nearly absent from mainstream media.

It has become pretty clear that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by our wireless technologies might increase risks of cancer in the long run, and the recent 2018 findings of “clear carcinogenicity” in rats in mice by the $25 National Toxicology Program study made that connection even stronger.

But what about the short-term effects?

Can you get symptoms from just being exposed to a simple wifi router, cell phone, tablet, smart meter, or cell phone tower?

Electrosmog Levels Are Unprecedented

As reported by electrical engineer Alasdair Phillips in a 2012 conference, the background levels of microwave radiation in cities are now a quintillion (10 to the 18th) times higher than the levels of “electrosmog” our ancestors were ever exposed to.

No, our EMF environment is definitely not Paleo. We’re all being over-exposed, 24/7.

And just like most people don’t feel the benefits of an organic, real food diet until they actually try it for several days straight; most people do not start feeling the benefits of a low-EMF environment until they go camping in nature or dramatically reduce their exposure inside the home.
Pioneering Doctor Reports Incredible Recoveries In Remote Radio Silence Zone

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. is recognized as one of the pioneers in the management of the hardest cases of chronic neurological and infectious diseases in the world.

He’s also been very vocal about the tremendous benefits of reducing EMF exposure in each and every patient:

“I can pretty much divide my patient population in the middle: the group that gets better, and the group that won’t budge or is getting worse.

The group that’s getting better are the ones who follow my recommendations to reduce exposure to electrosmog. It is that black and white.”

Several years back, Klinghardt wanted to verify his theory that a low-EMF environment could support his patients’ recovery from chronic disease and improve their body’s innate healing abilities.
Amplified EMFs coming to your neighborhood soon

He flew several patients from all around to world to a remote location in Brazil considered a nearly “radio silence” zone — where levels of electrosmog are close to our ancestral levels.

And what happened next shocked him to the core:

“Usually within 5-7 days [in this extremely low-EMF environment], even the ALS patients we had were completely asymptomatic.

We had Lyme patients who were in a wheelchair previously and got out of it. The moment they got on the bus to go back to the airport the symptoms started coming back.”

As a doctor focused on clinical results over mere theory, Klinghardt didn’t wait around for “more studies to come out”.

He now refuses to treat patients unless they follow a stringent EMF-reduction protocol including the removal of wifi from the home, minimal cell phone use, and the use of a Faraday cage bed canopy or applying shielding paint in the bedroom — both of which try to mimic the ancestral EMF environment our biology is naturally accustomed to.

Will Reduction of Electrosmog Become An Integral Part In The Treatment of Autoimmunity?

Similar benefits as those observed by Dr. Klinghardt in the story above have been seen in dozens of patients suffering from a wide array of autoimmune and neurological diseases, such as arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, sjogrens, and celiac.

In 2017, researcher Prof. Trevor Marshall published a new study titled “Electrosmog and autoimmune disease.” where he reported beneficial effects in the vast majority of autoimmune patients who wore an EMF-blocking shield cap. Literally, a “tin foil hat”:

“We asked patients to initially wear the cap once for 4 h during sleeping and once for 4 h during normal activity (many are house-bound). We sought patient-reported outcomes (PRO) of whether the garment had “No Effect,” a “Weak Effect,” a “Definite Effect” or a “Strong Effect,” regardless of whether the effect was good or bad. A full 90 % of the 64 patients reported a “Definite” or “Strong” change in their symptoms.”

The study didn’t measure anything else than a self-reported improvement in symptoms, so these results are still preliminary, and yet promising. As Prof. Marshall concluded in his study:

“[These results] suggest that effective control of environmental Electrosmog immunomodulation may soon become necessary for successful therapy of autoimmune disease.”
Considering that Prof. Marshall has demonstrated that electrosmog can suppress the immune system as much as taking NSAIDs (in mice), it makes sense to reduce our exposure as much as we can while more studies are being done.

A Single Source Of EMFs Is Enough To Make Some People Sick

EMF-aware health practitioners around the world are reporting cases of how certain wireless or electrical devices are causing symptoms in their patients, but because governmental authorities still do not believe EMFs can possibly cause health issues, these cases mainly go unreported.

One courageous physician and researcher from Canada, Dr. Stephen J. Genuis, reported several of these case studies in his 2008 paper “Fielding a current idea: exploring the public health impact of electromagnetic radiation.”
Reduce EMF exposure

In one case, a defective electric toothbrush which produced tremendous levels of magnetic fields caused a 66-year old woman to feel bouts of headaches and dizziness. A few weeks after discontinuing the use of this toothbrush, her symptoms vanished.

He also shares the case study of a man who had been suffering from insomnia for years, a symptom so commonly seen in this day and age:

“A 51-year-old man in generally good health complained of chronic difficulty with insomnia. Although he experienced no problem falling asleep, for the last 17 years he had routinely awoken at about 2:30 a.m after 4 h of slumber and was consistently unable to return to sleep.

Numerous therapies had been unsuccessful including counselling, relaxation techniques, benzodiazepine medication, acupuncture and various nutritional supplements.”

After the physician assessed this man’s EMF environment using a “Microsurge meter” which detects levels of a type of EMF called dirty electricity (electricity fluctuations on household wiring), he confirmed the levels were off the charts — reaching as much as 1600 GS units, while safe levels are usually 30 GS units or lower.

Using special dirty electricity filters was successful in reducing these Dirty Electricity levels down to under 30 GS units and “the patient noticed a dramatic and consistent improvement in sleep patterns within 1 week.”

Other sources of EMFs which have been demonstrated — clinically and in several peer-reviewed papers — to induce EMF-related symptoms include cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, wifi routers, cell phone towers, electric or hybrid cars, and many more.

“Smart” wireless utility meters have also been shown to be highly problematic, and several physicians have seen reports of headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, fatigue, and various other symptoms upon their installation — even in people who had never considered themselves “EMF-sensitive” in the past.

Reducing Your EMF Exposure Might Be Critical, And Is Mostly Free

There are several easy ways you can reduce your EMF exposure, and most of them do not require a huge investment in money or time.

  • Use speakerphone or wired earbuds (Air Tube headphones are preferred) instead of using a phone near your head
  • Call your utility company to opt-out of the smart meter program, and ask to have an older analog meter installed instead
  • Turn off your wifi router at night using a Christmas light timer and turn it off when not in use
  • Transfer calls to a wired landline whenever you can instead of using your cell phone
  • Use an ethernet cable to connect your computer whenever you can
  • Avoid using a mobile device inside an elevator, a moving vehicle or anywhere where the signal strength is weak
  • Hit “Airplane Mode” whenever you are carrying a mobile device on your body
  • Reduce your use of Bluetooth technologies to the minimum and “unsmart” your home

Brand New Resource To Help Health Professionals & Coaches Learn All About EMFs

Most health practitioners these days are unfortunately not aware of these EMF dangers or know how to identify EMF-related symptoms.

In collaboration with Dr. Klinghardt and independent scientists, Investigative Health Journalist Nick Pineault (the author of this article) has developed a brand new guide which contains the foundational EMF knowledge every health practitioner in the world needs to know.

It’s called “How EMFs Affect Your Patients”, and you can download it for free at this link.

If you’re not a health practitioner, please spread the word to any doctors, nurses, nutritionists, acupuncturists, health coaches or personal trainers in your circles. Nick is on a mission to fix this important knowledge gap in functional medicine and we invite all Health Nut News readers to support him!


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