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19 October 2018

Top Ways That Digital Technology Has Affected Our Kid’s Health

How Does The Modern Technology Affecting Our Kid’s Health?
By William Orrthefashionobserver.com, 17 October 2018

Technology! It is the single most thing that influenced the existence of the human in the last 100 years up to a very great extent. It is everywhere! Smartphones, tablets, personal computers and so on. Our life is surrounded by technology and our children are using it at home, at school, we can say everywhere. Let’s find out how technology is affecting our kid’s health.

Technology has changed virtually every aspect of our life right from the way we work to the way we socialize in our daily life. Although it has so many benefits when used responsibly like it can help us connect with others and find the answer to our questions and helps us to improve our productivity. We can create, communicate and build. Sure, we love that what the modern age of advanced technology has provided to us. But like most of the things, there are always two faces of the coin, good and bad. It completely depends on us that how we use the particular thing. There are some negative impact from technology if we overuse it, having serious consequences into our children’s lives and affecting their mental health.

Following Are The Top Ways That Digital Technology Has Affected Our Kid’s Health:

It Slows The Brain Functionality

Nowadays, children are addicted to their smartphones. They spend their most of the time with their gadgets and prefer to stay in the home. They completely avoid physical activity and this lack of exercise is extremely bad for their physical and mental health because it can slow their brain development. If your child is addicted to the gadgets, it may cause kids to become dyslexic which can cause their brains to not grasp thing quickly enough. Exercise is very essential for the development of growing children. This is how it affects our kid’s health.

Delays The Cognitive Development

According to science, the cognitive development of children between 2 to 3 years old can be affected if they are surrounded by modern day gadgets. They emit a very high amount of radiation that is very bad for the health of the children. At this particular age, kids should learn and develop visual skills and other basic skills that are necessary to live a normal and healthy life.

High Risk Of Cancer

Radiation is the biggest concern with modern day gadgets. All kind of technical gadgets like smartphones, laptops, computer screens they emit radiation which can increase the risk of cancer in growing children. The small children are very prone to the risk of cancer due to these unsafe devices. This is how it affects our kid’s health.

Direct Effect On Mental Health

We all are familiar anxiety and depression can affect our physical and mental health. Many people surprised to learn that loneliness can have the same effect and it is very scary. Teenage kids are unaware of their emotions and feeling and in the age of social media, there is a huge risk of depression and other complex mental health problems. Cyberbullying also affects the mental health of teenage kids. Technology trigger emotions like depression when the kids watch the life of people and start comparing with themselves without being emotionally matured. So mental health is also one of the major concern that can affect the overall health of any child. This is how it affects our kid’s health.

Exposure To Adult Content

Teenage kids are exposed to the risk of watch adult materials which are available on the internet. Image and video that should never be viewed by the under-18 children are routinely seen by young kids. This is deteriorating the mental health of children.

How Can We Protect Our Children From The Negative Effects Of Technology?

  • Monitor and track the screen time
  • Increase physical activity on a regular basis
  • Don’t try to distract your children with electronics
  • Keep a track of sleep cycles
  • Balanced diet
  • Make sure the child sit at a proper distance from the gadget


It is very important to take important steps to save our children from the negative effect of technology. Always remember this, too much exposure to electronic devices can cause serious damage the children health and development.

Encourage them to play the outdoor game and do regular physical exercise which can be very healthy and it will make them social and give them chance for interaction with people.


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