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19 December 2018

ANFR: New Indications of Concealment Attempts

ANFR: new indications of concealment attempts
PhoneGate Teamphonegatealert.org, 19 December 2018

At the hearing before the French Administrative Court on Friday 14 December 2018, the Public Rapporteur presented conclusions aimed at proposing a dismissal of Dr Arazi’s request to communicate the data sheets of the mobile phone control measures tested by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) in 2015.

The main argument put forward by the Public Rapporteur was to consider the publication on 8 March 2018 on the ANFR Open Data portal as an element satisfying the requests, namely including all the data from the reports signed by the approved laboratories, although the documents containing them are not the original versions of the reports.

Consistent evidence of concealment

The question we have been asking since March 2018 is simple and can easily be shared by everyone: why did ANFR not publish the original reports and, we suspect, had them “revised” by the laboratories for editing before publication while posing them as dated?

Dr Marc Arazi, who issued the alert in July 2016, therefore intervened as an applicant before the Court to highlight new corroborating evidence showing in a reasoned manner that ANFR is indeed trying to hide part of the results of the measurements carried out. Thus, from the elements of the reports themselves, it appears from the “test conditions” that the laboratories tested SAR (specific absorption rate) values for 1g or 10g of human tissues respectively.

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