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18 January 2019

The 5G Mass-Experiment: Big Promises, Unknown Risks

We will be posting the English versions and links in other European languages of the series of articles published by Investigate Europe on 5G.

The 5G mass-experiment: Big promises, unknown risks (13 January 2019, 2 min.)

Big promises, unknown risks
investigate-europe.eu, 13 January 2019


Europe is about to go through a giant technological transformation, one that will bring us “smart homes”, “smart cities” and the much-hyped “internet of things”.

The vehicle for this transformation is 5G, the fifth-generation mobile service. 5G will allow countless appliances and everyday objects to be connected to the internet at all times. It will bring driverless cars, hologram images instead of video, smart fridges, nappies, washing machines, electricity circuits, coffee machines, your blood sugar, your medicine intake…

But none of this comes without a cost and there are estimates of up to €500bn for the European roll-out. Officially, business and governments in Europe see 5G as vital in order to compete in a global economic and technological race that is currently led by the USA and Asia. But the business case for 5G is questioned by many experts.

And such a level of connectivity will require many more base stations, which raises a growing concern that electromagnetic field radiation may be harmful to health – below the present limits to exposure. There is disagreement among scientists on whether 5G millimetre waves are less or more dangerous than 3 or 4G. Scientists wary of potential health risks from 5G point out that nobody knows as very little research has been done.

The EU bases its environmental policies on the so-called precautionary principle, which requires a producer to prove the absence of danger in/by a product. But 5G is being rolled out without much consideration for possible health issues.

Nobody has been asked whether we want to go down this path and we are heading into this future without consultation and with very little public debate.

The first publications are out now and more links will follow in the coming days.

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