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11 May 2019

Swiss Popular Resistance to 5G Grows

Swiss popular resistance to 5G grows
CET | News, telecompaper.com, 9 May 2019

The association Stop 5G in Switzerland has called for a demonstration against the new mobile radio standard, the latest sign of growing popular resistance to 5G, reports NZZ. Almost daily, parliamentarians are filing for 5G moratoriums in cantons and municipalities, such as in the canton of Geneva. Their reasoning is the possible health effects of radiation from the new mobile radio standard are still under-researched. Nevertheless, operators received the green light in mid-April and switched on the 5G antennae. 

The civic association Stop 5G called for a demonstration in Bern. There was disagreement over whether resistance to mobile communications in general or only against the new technology would be addressed. One member took the position that it has nothing against mobile radio per se, while 5G is unnecessary. Another member, however, regretted that the acceptance of mobile telephony was already too big. For the "truth" - the alleged harmfulness of any mobile phone radiation - the population is no longer susceptible. For pragmatic reasons, therefore, they are targeting 5G.

The main requirement of the civic association is a national 5G moratorium. Recently the federal authorities for the environment (Bafu) and communication (Bakom) said that the cantonal administrations are not legally competent to adopt 5G moratoria, as the radiation protection falls under the competence of federal authorities.

Based on the licences awarded following the 5G auction in February, the mobile operators Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt not only have the right to use the frequencies, but they are even legally obliged to supply at least half of the Swiss population with their networks by the end of 2024.


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