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08 May 2019

Switzerland: "Stop 5G" - 10 May 2019, Bern

SWITZERLAND: "Stop 5G" on May 10 in Bern
Safety Plus, 7th May 2019 (auto-translation)

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, a press conference will be held in the Käfigturm in Bern from 10:30 to 12:00 for the National Rally "Stop 5G". The rally, which takes place on May 10, 2019 at the Waisenhausplatz in Bern, is organized by the civic association "Stop5G", which in particular calls for a moratorium on 5G technology and refuses to increase the current limit values ​​of the NIS Regulation [Ordinance on Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation].

5G is a threat to life. This is clear from previous experience with 2G, 3G, 4G, WLAN, as well as from a number of independent scientific studies. 5G is neither safe nor necessary. © schutz-vor-strahlung.ch

Scientists and doctors from around the world - including Swiss physicians (FMH) - are concerned about the potential dangers of 5G technology. The precautionary principle must have absolute priority. Therefore, the Organizational Committee of the planned demonstration "Stop 5G" demands that a moratorium be introduced on this technology without delay. The organizers refuse to raise the current limit values ​​of the NIS Regulation and to average the readings over 24 hours. They also demand that the current peak values ​​- instead of the current average values ​​according to current regulations - do not exceed the applicable limit values.

Already 800,000 electrosensitive people in Switzerland

In view of the current situation on our earth in the areas of environment and society, the introduction of 5G is absolute nonsense. We do not want to be exposed to any radiation exposure that is much higher than that of existing mobile radio systems. These alone cause great suffering for a growing part of the population. The number of electrosensitive people in Switzerland today is estimated at 800,000 people. Many of them are already severely handicapped and disabled in their participation in life. Not to mention serious illnesses, the occurrence of which can be partly caused by excessive exposure to radiation.  We also need to be aware that we are all fundamentally affected because bio-electromagnetism is part of our body. Whether we are affected or not depends on the individual sensitivity, which has not yet been sufficiently understood. Would not it be time to take measures to reduce the current radiation exposure instead of massively increasing it with new radiation sources? The safety of the current limits for 3G and 4G has not been proven to date - in fact, they far exceed the recommendations made by many scientists. They are also in conflict with Council of Europe Resolution No. 1815 , which sets a limit 30 times lower than the current value in Switzerland. We demand better protection and better education of the population about today's radiation exposure!

Impact on Environment and Society

Today we are seeing an alarming decline in insects and a sixth mass extinction. While not the only factor, scientific studies have clearly demonstrated the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on honey bees. The absolute priority of the government should be directed to the preservation of life. All their efforts should be geared to the recovery of such severely affected ecosystems. In addition, this technology requires the exploitation of a very large amount of additional scarce resources for the billions of networked devices and hundreds of millions of antennas. This means even more exploitation of the people who mine these minerals, especially children! Not to mention the pollution of soils and water and the mountains of waste created by the disposal of suddenly obsolete mobile devices (3 billion!). We do not want to be responsible for such an impossible future. Let's open our eyes! Incidentally, the multitude of networked clouds for 5G technology will lead to a considerable increase in energy consumption. Already, the cloud is the fifth largest consumer of energy resources. It is time to put an end to this useless and destructive consumerism. Let's take care of our earth instead of exploiting it!

Data analysis and greater monitoring 

5G - due to the high data transmission capacity due to large bandwidths, means the risk of analyzing huge amounts of personal data. There is also a potential for increased monitoring due to the plethora of networked devices this technology brings.

'Anyone who still tries today, with a long outdated methodology and scientific progress, e.g. ignoring the life processes of the inseparable bio-psycho-social entity of human beings, such as in quantum physics or quantum medicine, and ignoring such disciplines as neuropsycho-physiology, neuro-psycho-immunology or hormone-making cannot be called scientists. He violates scientific diligence and acts irresponsibly towards the people, the sufferer, the sick, the healthy, the children, the pregnant and thus future life ...'

Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht, neurophysiologist, environmental physician, sleep researcher at the 1st Bamberg Mobile Symposium on 29. 01.2005 (Source:kompetenzinitiative.net )

Which social model do we want for tomorrow?

Today, the priority of any political decision should be on the preservation and restoration of life on earth. 5G is the exact opposite of it. We do not want to stand idly by the destruction of our only abode. All governments and peoples must put themselves at the service of life, and today. Our children have the right to a future! What do we decide today for humanity? Do we want to take lightly risks for the entire population and further destroy our precious nature, or unite all our powers to reverse this trend? For private use, 5G is not very useful (when should these 30 movies downloaded in one second be watched?), but it does add serious threats to the levels of democracy, security, health , social life, individual living, and the environment. Is it not time to think carefully about what we really need? We call for a moratorium on 5G technology. We reject the raising of the current limit values ​​of the ORNI regulation and the averaging of the readings over 24 hours. We also require that the current peak values ​​(instead of the current averages as before) do not exceed the applicable limits. Finally, we demand better protection and better education of the population about today's radiation exposure ! We want to give priority to life and its preservation and restoration as of today. We are citizens of the earth. We have the right to live in a healthy environment, as required by numerous contracts signed by Switzerland.

Our demands at the rally on May 10, 2019

  • Immediately impose a national moratorium on 5G technology until there is a sufficient number of independent scientific studies indicating that this technology is safe;
  • that the limit values ​​of the  Regulation in force before 17 April 2019 are not increased and that the peak values ​​in no case exceed the current limit values;
  • that the measurement method of the NIS Regulation is not modified in such a way as to allow an increase in the radiation exposure beyond the current limit values;
  • a better education of the population about the current radiation exposure through the means of prevention campaigns;
  • the introduction of health monitoring with regard to the effects of emissions by stationary mobile communications systems;
  • a real political will to favor fibre-optic expansion right up to the home (FTTH) as well as wired solutions over wireless technology;
  • a priority redevelopment of the so-called sensitive areas (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and homes) through the establishment of communication networks without radiation exposure;
  • White Zones for vulnerable electrohypersensitive persons (EHS) as well as their support and recognition of their disability;
  • the promotion of research and development of new health-compatible technologies instead of radio-frequency radiation and the dissemination of knowledge about the effects of non-ionizing radiation at university level.

Speakers on 10 May 2019

  • Sabine Glauser, member of the Greens in the Grand Council of the canton of Vaud
  • Thomas Hardegger, National Council and Co-President PGNIS (Parliamentary Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation, Environment and Health)
  • Martin Vosseler, doctor, environmentalist and climate activist
  • Enrico Stura, molecular biophysicist
  • Valérie, artist, electrohypersensitive (EHS), member of alerte.ch
  • Peter Schlegel, Dipl. Ing. ETH, expert in electrosmog
  • Olivier Bodenmann, EPFL Lausanne Electrical Engineer, Expert for Electrosmog
  • Pierre Dubochet, radio engineer, non-ionizing radiation expert
  • Martin Zahnd, Elektrohypersensibel (EHS), Association «Protection against radiation»

On May 8, a press conference will take place in the Käfigturm on Marktgasse 67 in Bern on May 10, 2019, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the national rally "STOP 5G" will be held at Waisenhausplatz in Bern.

Organizer : The collective «Stop5G» is a group of citizens who oppose the introduction of 5G without protective measures and without any clarification of the effects on health and the environment.

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