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29 May 2019

What are EMFs and How Do They Impact Chronic Illness?

This article includes a discussion of Lyme disease in relation to EMFs.

by Dr. Jay Davidson

Article Summary

  • Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs, are growing more common in a world constantly moving toward the next technological advancement. EMFs can come from phones, computers, and charging stations. For years, people have reported health problems that link back to EMFs.
  • EMFs have been connected with everything from headaches and insomnia to infertility, depression, and cancer.
  • Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes chronic disease as the leading cause of disability and death in the world. Chronic disease and EMF exposure can go together, leading to a more aggressive long-term illness.
  • Lyme disease can be affected by EMFs. People suffering from chronic Lyme can suffer from a weakened immune system and inflammation as a result of electromagnetic exposure. Radiation from electromagnetic sources can damage the immune system, and slow down recovery.
  • EMFs have entered our homes more in recent years. Studies have shown that these waves cause and exacerbate a range of health problems. They impact our bodies on a cellular level, leading to problems with a host of illnesses, including Lyme.
  • People who suffer from chronic illness are also more likely to have electromagnetic sensitivity. Electromagnetic sensitivity can mean that you’re more likely to suffer from severe reactions to EMFs.
  • Electromagnetic sensitivity can present itself with a range of symptoms, including headaches, nausea, warm and burning sensations, and more.
  • To help get rid of the problem of chronic Lyme, or chronic disease, it is important to reduce exposure to EMFs. It may be impossible to avoid exposure entirely, but it can be limited by reducing your use of cell phones, and other wireless devices.


As the world continues to industrialize, and technological revolutions continue, there has been a huge increase in the amount of sources emitting electromagnetic fields. Though for some people it seems that devices such as computers cell phones make our lives easier, they’re also linked to several health Anything with an EMF emission can harm your health.

For years, people have reported various health problems that have been linked back to EMF exposure. While some people report milder symptoms, and attempt to avoid the fields, others are severely affected. Some are affected so significantly that they can no longer live as normal.

The World Health Organization tells us that EMFs are everywhere. These energy fields negatively impact our bodies, by interfering with our own highly sensitive electrical systems. People react to EMFs in different ways. Some may not notice any symptoms, while others experience a range of symptoms, including:

  • Infertility and sexual changes
  • Problems with the digestive system
  • Symptoms throughout the ear nose and throat
  • Depression and inability to focus
  • Eye blurriness and burning
  • Skin symptoms like rashes, prickling, and burning
  • Limb and muscle aches
  • Nervous system issues leading to sleep problems and fatigue

EMF exposure has even been linked to cancer. It is also important to note that EMF exposure can also have negative effects on those suffering from chronic illness.
How EMFs Interfere with Chronic Illness

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a significant rise in chronic infection and autoimmune diseases. WHO recognizes chronic disease as the major cause of disability and death around the world.

Some experts have noticed a link between the rise in EMF exposure and the growth of chronic illness. This is particularly relevant in Lyme disease, where widespread inflammation and depleted immunity interact.

If you suffer from a chronic condition like Lyme disease, you might be eating healthy, reducing stress, and maybe even taking supplements. However, you might not be thinking about the impact of the harmful products all around you. Everything you do, and everything around you, can impact your disease.

A doctor known as “Dr. Klinghardt”, became famous for his successful treatment of neurological radiation. He began an exploration into the connection between EMF and Lyme disease. During his research, Klinghardt found that EMF shielding was more successful at treating Lyme than any antibiotics he had tried. According to Klinghardt, EMFs could be responsible for driving virulence in the microbes naturally in our bodies. In other words, electromagnetic fields could be making internal microbes more aggressive.

We already know that radiation causes immunosuppression and inflammation. In the body, inflammation begins with allergies, and can progress to autoimmunity. As the immune system fires at the wrong targets, it is unable to protect against a growing infection – like Lyme.

Radiation also causes myelosuppression. This is the reduced output of blood cells from bone marrow, including white blood cells. White blood cells are designed for immunity. A low white blood cell count can make it harder to protect against chronic illness.

EMFs, just like any toxin, can accumulate within the body. Through chronic exposure, the build up of EMFs combined with an already weakened immune system such as in chronic illness can make it difficult for the body to fight infection.

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