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10 July 2019

Switzerland: Speech at 5G Protest in Geneva opposite the United Nations, 4 July 2019 by 4G Bien Assez!

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Protest in Geneva opposite the United Nations, 4 July 2019 
by Olivier Palud, 4G Bien Assez! - translation

When a pharmaceutical company wants to market a new drug, it must go through very strict and extensive testing procedures. It takes at least 10 years for it to reach the market, in order to demonstrate that the new molecule will do "more good than harm". The patient will be duly informed of the list of risks of side effects and may choose, with informed consent, whether to take these risks for treatment, with the professional advice of his doctor or pharmacist. In case of adverse reactions found in only a few patients, the product will be withdrawn from the market. However, the drug in question only affects a very small part of the population.

Nothing like it for mobile phones. For decades, science has highlighted the harmful effects of pulsed waves at levels well below current limit values. This concerns the whole population, especially the most vulnerable, children, the sick, the elderly. And no one goes to the trouble of explaining to consumers and those who suffer, the side effects of mobile telephony! The pill is hard to swallow....

Already, the "Phonegate" scandal has had absolutely no effect on our authorities or on our oversight agencies. Now, the 5G licences have been sold before even knowing the conclusions of the report ordered by our same elected officials. Worse, the report is infiltrated and, for no reason, delayed. It goes against any logic of the precautionary principle, it goes against any principle of life itself. And above all, it does not meet any need at all!

To say nothing is to consent. To do nothing is to be forced to the ground. We are living in a situation that is largely unacceptable, and we are the only ones who can remedy it. It is about regaining our power, exercising our free will, declaring our non-consent. We are the last bastion of democracy. By standing up, we are the voice of those who cannot stand up, those who do not yet have a voice, those who no longer have one.

4G is enough. Many people tell me that it's already too much. What are we waiting for to express our dissent? What more do we need to say with strength and constancy that we no longer accept the shambles we are given to endure? Time is running out, we are already 20 years behind. We have been consciously abused for 20 years, in most of our cells, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

This is a historic moment, a turning point in our society. It is not just about telephony, or 5G. It is about our future, the future of all children, to whom we cannot decently leave a world like the one we have built without our consent. Not being outraged 20 years ago was a mistake. Not to be outraged today would be an even bigger one. The time to rise up is no later than now.

4G is enough, it's a compromise to bring the world together. 4G is half a measure to suit all of us, even the operators. Let us no longer be patient, let us make them "swallow the pill". Let us no longer be guinea pigs for an industry that is only after our money. Together we are strong. Together, we can invent the world that suits us all. Together, let's say that 4G is enough!

Olivier Pahud

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