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27 September 2019

[Event] European Parliament: Phonegate Alert invited to speak at a Press Conference on 5G

[Event] European Parliament: Phonegate Alert invited to speak at a Press Conference on 5G
Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org,  27 Sep 2019

We would like to thank MEPs Philippe Lamberts, Michèle Rivasi and Klaus Buchner of the Greens/EFA for their invitation to participate in the Press Conference organised on October 1st 2019 at the European Parliament. This will be an opportunity for our President, Dr. Marc Arazi, to ask the European authorities to take all appropriate measures to protect mobile phone users from the health and industrial risks associated with the international Phonegate scandal, particularly at the time of the announced launch of 5G.

We welcome the presence of US Professor Martin Pall and Italian journalist Maurizio Martucci, both on the front line to ensure that the precautionary principle and a moratorium are applied before any massive deployment of 5G.


Philippe Lamberts, Michele Rivasi and Klaus Buchner, MEPs from the Greens/EFA
invite you to a Press Conference on

5G, Health Risks and Precautionary Principle : A New Rationale
Tuesday 1st October 2019, 11h30 – European Parliament, Brussels,
(EN / FR / DE on request)

Dear Correspondents,

According to the European Commission, the precautionary principle « may be invoked when a phenomenon, product or process may have a dangerous effect, identified by a scientific and objective evaluation, if this evaluation does not allow the risk to be determined with sufficient certainty ».

An extensive scientific literature have been accumulated over the last decades on non-thermal electromagnetic fields (emf) effects. 8 effects, especially, have been extremely well-documented – from attacks on the nervous system, oxydative stress, to excessive calcium signalling for example – with 12 to 35 scientific reviews articles on each specific effect. Each of these effects is produced by the same mechanism of action : voltage-gated action channels.

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