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29 November 2012

Wireless Technology in Schools in Switzerland

High-tech facilities are invading
private schools
Letter of the Day published in the « Courrier des lecteurs », 24 Heures, 26 November 2012 : 

An Example to Follow to Protect Our Children

Re article entitled, « Technology in school, an evolution which divides », 24 Heures, 13 November 2012

Wireless facilities « are invading » private schools, while the public sector in [canton] Vaud is hesitating. Maybe there are other reasons for the resistance of public schools to information technology. The electromagnetic emissions from wireless technology, classified as possibly carcinogenic by the World Health Organization, have numerous consequences for the health of children. Among other risks, Wi.Fi can affect masculine fertility and cause various neurological troubles in children. Do we want to expose our children to this radiation all week long for years?

In 2010, a decree by the State Council of Neuchâtel strictly limited use of Wi-Fi technology in school, banning it in classrooms in nursery, primary and secondary schools.  It would be desirable for the Vaudois authorities to follow this example in order to protect our children. If schools must invest in information technology equipment, we advise purchasing notebooks or netbooks with a wired connection, with or without tactile screens. Tablets are to be avoided at all cost because they are conceived for mobile use with Wi-Fi.

Anton Fernhout
Member of the Committee, ARA
Association Romande Alerte (Morges)

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