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02 May 2013

Brain Tumors and Cell Phone Use

The city of San Francisco is deciding this month whether to dissolve its cell phone safety bill, while today, 2 May, the state of Maine is voting on whether to pass cell phone safety legislation.   May is also National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Before watching this testimony of a 34-year-old man diagnosed with brain cancer, most likely brought on by cell phone use, read what the three authors, including Professor Angelo Levis, wrote about mobile telephony and head tumors in 2012 (ref: "Business Bias As Usual: The Case of Electromagnetic Pollution").  Then read the message from the maker of the film, "Disconnect" from which the video clip is taken:

"The risk of head tumors resulting from mobile phone use is very high. Lloyd-Morgan, while underestimating by 50% the number of cell users, without considering the risk for cordless users and assuming a minimum latency time of 30 years, calculates 'there would be about 1,900 cell-phone-induced brain tumors out of about 50,000 brain tumors diagnosed in 2004, increasing to about 380,000 cell-phone-induced brain tumors within 2019 in the USA alone'... An estimate of the incidence of head tumors must begin with the correct number of cell-phone users (5 billion subscriptions worldwide at mid 2010), should also consider the risk to cordless users, and assume at least a doubling of the incidence of head tumors and of acoustic neuromas as documented by Hardell already after a latency of at least 10-15 years, that gives about 750,000 new cases worldwide even today.

"A number of factors raise our concern still further: the latency of head tumor induced by mobile phones can exceed 30 years; risk is higher in those starting mobile phone use when young and who have not yet accumulated 10 years of latency... The data by Hardell on the increase in other types of malign and benign head tumor – besides brain gliomas, astrocytomas, and acoustic neuromas – are for the main part today only indicative. Therefore, there is no doubt that today we are dealing with just the tip of an iceberg, and will have to wait one or two decades before its real dimensions come to light."

[The video clip referred to above is no longer available, however here is a link to another on the same subject from the Mobilize movie site:

http://www.mobilizemovie.com/#!news/c10u6 ]

Open Letter to San Francisco Supervisors
Mobilize, 1 May 2013

Dear Board of Supervisors,

I strongly urge you to maintain your Cell Phone Right to Know legislation which provides consumers with precautionary health information that is usually provided in the fine print of cell phone manuals.

As you may already know, May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. What kind of a message would the city of San Francisco be sending to cancer patients and citizens if it were to dissolve its cell phone safety bill during this month? Even worse, what would residents say if they knew the bill was dropped because the city was intimidated by the cost of cell phone companies' attorney fees?

While you debate the bill this week, I think it's important to note that on Thursday, May 2nd politicians in Maine are voting on whether they will pass cell phone safety legislation. This is a clear indication that San Francisco is on the right track.

Even if you personally do not have enough information to decide whether cell phone radiation is dangerous or not, listen to what doctors in your community are saying: "There's enough cause to pause." The following is a list of doctors and influential individuals who are on the side of cell phone safety and urge you to stand by the legislation:

Mitchel Berger, MD, Chairman, Dept of Neurological Surgery, UCSF
Jon Samet, MD, MS, National Cancer Advisory Board, USC
Lawrence Lessig, JD, Director, Edmond Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard Law School
David Katz, MD, MPH, Founding Director, Yale University's Prevention Research Center
Robert Nagourney, MD, Founder, Rational Therapeutics
John West, MD, Director, Breast Care & Imaging Center of Orange County
Stan Glantz, PhD, Director, Center for Tobacco Control, Research, & Education, UCSF
Hugh Taylor, MD, Director, Yale Center for Reproductive Biology
Joel Moskowitz, PhD, Director, Center for Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley
Debbie Raphael, Director, Dept of Toxic Substances Control, Cal/EPA
Dennis Kucinich, U.S. House Representative
Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California, Former SF Mayor
Mark Leno, California State Senator, Former SF Supervisor
Leland Yee, PhD, California State Senator, Former SF Supervisor
Renee Sharp, MS, California Director, Environmental Working Group
David Carpenter, MD, Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, UAlbany

I have personally interviewed and spoken to all of the individuals above about this issue. If you're interested to view and hear their personal statements here is a private link to a feature length documentary about this legislation: [?]

I strongly urge you to watch the film above before you make your final decision about the bill. This issue is a matter of public health and you can not allow money to change your opinion about what people have the right to know.

Thank you very much for your time,

Kevin Kunze,
Director, Mobilize: A Film About Cell Phone Radiation


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