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18 May 2013

EHS Connect Forum

EHS Connect Forum

The EHS community has been lacking a web forum to discuss issues, schooling choices, white zones and safe places. RF levels in the cities have gradually been increasing while safety standards have been slow to change although recognition of the concerns have become more widely known.
Most of our discussions occur through email. Responding to a request, an internet discussion board called EHS CONNECT for our community to discuss our particular issues and concerns. You may visit the forum by clicking on this link:


The forum is searchable and provides a consistent location for information to be archived and forwarded to others for easy reference. This removes some risk in forwarding emails and addresses some privacy concerns during email discussions. If you think of new forum categories that should be included in the forum, do let us know and we will consider it.

It is a meeting place for like minded individuals to support each other. As with anything else, the forum will only be as good as the people who make up the forum.

Please drop in for a visit and if you recognize the value in such a forum, kindly forward its link to others who may benefit from it.

Also - http://ehsconnect.blogspot.ca/2013/05/celebrate-ides-and-ideas-of-may.html

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