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16 February 2014

Hawaii: State Senator Josh Green Passes Cell Phone Radiation Warning Label and GMO Labeling Bills

Hawaii State Senator Josh Green passes GMO labeling and cell phone radiation warning label bills
WEEP News, 20 February 2014
Contributed by Ellie Marks,
California Brain Tumor Association

This week State Senator Josh Green M.D. (D - Kona, Kau), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, passed two bills out of committee aimed at providing consumers with health warning labels on widely used products.

Cellular phones

The first was SB 2571 SD1, RELATING TO HEALTH, which would require all cellular telephones, including refurbished and remanufactured cellular telephones, sold or leased by a retailer in the State to bear a label that reads: "To reduce exposure to radiation that may be hazardous to your health, please follow the enclosed product safety guidelines.” The bill would require that the warning label be conspicuous, legible, non-removable and printed in bold lettering, and affixed to the front and back of all cellular telephone packaging.

“We need to make sure cell phones are as safe as possible to use,” Green said, “and that consumers are clearly informed that over-exposure to radiation from cell phones can be harmful to your health. Cell phones are an almost universally used tool and are here to stay, which makes it even more important that they are used safely and that consumers are aware of the potential hazards. The cell phone manufacturers themselves include legal disclaimers and health warnings buried deep in the packaging and instructional materials of their products, and in the phone software menus themselves. This measure is intended to clearly inform consumers of the health warnings that are buried in cell phone product safety guidelines.”

SB 2571 SD1 was passed on Tuesday, February 11 in a joint hearing of the Senate Committees on Health and Technology. The bill is currently referred to the Senate Committee on Consumer Protection, which has not yet scheduled it for a hearing:

GMO labeling

The second labeling bill passed this week was SB 2521 SD1, RELATING TO LABELING, which would require labeling of foods, including raw agricultural commodities, processed food, and seed or seed stock, that have been genetically engineered.

“The people of Hawaii have a right to know what is in the food they eat,” Green said. “If the people want a label informing them that there are GMOs in foods, then the legislature should follow their will and pass a simple but effective labeling system.”

SD 2521 SD1 was passed on Thursday, February 13 in a hearing of the Senate Committee on Health. It is currently referred jointly to the Senate Committees on Consumer Protection and Ways and Means, which have not yet scheduled it for a hearing:


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