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03 July 2014

Switzerland: Electrosmog Monitoring

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Eletrosmog-Monitoring – Article from NZZ am Sonntag of 25 May 2014, comment by the umbrella organization Electrosmog Switzerland and Liechtenstein
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"The big electrosmog-offensive" in the NZZ explained in the article by Jürg Baumann, Head of the non-ionizing radiation section at the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), wants to introduce increased detection of electrosmog in Switzerland. While measurements have already been carried out in various places in Switzerland, there would be nationwide monitoring, on the one hand with model calculations and on the other, with measurements inside and outside of buildings...

The eternal tale of better Swiss limit values
It should be noted once again that the Swiss population is not better protected against electromagnetic pollution than the rest of Europe. The limit value of mobile radio transmitting equipment for people in places of short-term stay is a maximum of 61 volts per meter (exposure limit). In places where people are staying for a longer time or in sensitive places (eg, homes, schools, offices) the limit of each antenna system is one-tenth of this value (installation limit, max. 6 V / m). In most European countries, the same exposure limit applies to each individual antenna. All WLANs (Wi-Fi), public or private, and wireless microcells that complement the mobile phone antennas in the cities, are subject to no limit whatsoever and do not need any permit. The fact is that there is in the metropolitan areas of Europe, including Switzerland, about the same amount of electrosmog; the traffic and device density is indeed comparable.

The limit values do not protect enough
The statement in the 2013 FOEN report: "At this load level, no adverse health effects have been recorded" is simply wrong. According to all the scientific studies not sponsored by the wireless industry, wireless radiation as low as 0:02 V / m leads to disturbances in the well-being of people and affects the health of organisms. This can, depending on the duration, type and intensity of stress, lead to varied symptoms, from sleep disorders to infertility to brain cancer, damage to growth of trees, bees dying, and blindness in calves.

Why are there no long-term observations?
Methodologically sophisticated long-term observations are almost completely missing. Why? The technology has been around long enough to make such observations. There is, as always, a lot of money at stake: Neither the mobile industry nor the federal government is interested in straightforward information. It is also feared that monitoring by the federal government, due to inadequate measurements, may yield the same results: Radiation exposure from mobile phone antennas is below limit values and we are to blame for the great load from mobile phones and wireless networks.

The umbrella organization Electrosmog Switzerland and Liechtenstein suggests that the FOEN publicly presents the design of the planned monitoring system for discussion in order to ensure its quality. This would include the recommendations of the European Environment Agency, which has for a long time suggested involving the affected population in the monitoring of environmental risks. (Switzerland is a member of the European Environment Agency. This has nothing to do with the European Union.)

Original text in German:
http://www.funkstrahlung.ch/de/component/content/article/281-elektrosmog-monitoring-artikel-nzz-2552014 ]

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