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30 June 2015

Electrosmog, a Potential Factor in Autism and Your Bad Health?

Dr. Rowen summarizes part of Dr. Magda Havas's presentation on electromagnetic pollution she delivered at a recent medical meeting in Utah. 

Electrosmog, a potential factor in autism and your bad health?

by Dr. Rowen, posted on his Facebook page,
30 June 2015

Terri and I attended the weekend meeting of Sopmed, Society for Oxidative and Photonic Medicine held in Salt Lake City. One of the main presentations was brought forth by Magda Havis, PhD on electromagnetic pollution. I’d like to summarize some of her presentation for you as it has bearing on your health, and may be a huge part of the autism epidemic.

Until the advent of radio waves, the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave band was empty. That is, life on the planet was not exposed to these frequencies. In the last 20 years, we’ve had an explosion of wireless technologies. Wi-Fi, for example was little known 10 years ago, and today it has risen by magnitudes. Same with cordless phones.

Cordless phone base stations can expose you and your family to tremendous amounts of radiation and these base stations are emitting 24/7 even if the phone is not in use. In Europe, phones are available which turn off emissions when in standby, but guess what? Not here. That might serve as an industry admission that the emissions are toxic, says Dr. Havas.

The situation is going from horrible to perhaps catastrophic as industry endeavors to make a profit on idiotic technology. The wireless industry has bought up rights (from government) to the last empty slot in the microwave band. And what are they peddling for you to buy with these frequencies? Stuff like automatic monitoring of your baby’s diaper for wetness. This will drill microwaves into the helpless baby 24/7 so the “savvy” mom will know immediately when diaper is wet. How about baby monitors? These devices alert you if baby cries, but again, exposes baby to microwaves. There is no doubt these waves will impact the brain. And more in children with thin skulls.

Underwire bras? I’ve always been suspicious of these as a risk of breast cancer for compressing lymphatic drainage from the breast and thereby intoxicating the sensitive mammary cells. But I never considered the wire as an antenna collecting EMF radiation and delivering that radiation right to your breasts!
This also raises the issue of “grounding” or “earthing” sheets and pads, which sound great on the surface, but also might be collectors of EMF in high EMF zones.

There is no doubt that microwaves are toxic. Cell phone use has risen exponentially. Use is clearly associated with alterations in brain function. These frequencies affect (unfavorably) cellular function and may damage your blood brain barrier. Think what this might mean to a youngster. For a child, opening the blood brain barrier might let in toxins, perhaps from vaccines, which could damage the brain and lead to autism. Schools are fighting an epidemic of sick children with strange complaints, which often resolve when the electromagnetic smog is eliminated or the child removed from the exposure. And at the same time, schools are rushing to Wi-Fi the whole building in the name of progress, further exposing our children to high risk of damage.

Soon we will have radar on our cars to detect all the cars around you, exposing everyone to this damaging EMF source from your left, right, in front and behind. This is a cocktail for disaster for many.

Many people are reporting very wild and weird symptoms, which can be eliminated by exiting the EMF zone. Even sleep disorders, epidemic now, may be so connected. I am posting this to alert you to, what I believe, is a fundamental factor in the development of autism and behavioral disorders. We all seem to agree here that autism is multifactorial. I agree with Dr. Hinson that vaccines are not fully to blame, though he believes they are not a factor at all.

Here’s the rub. There is NO controlling in a study for EMF exposure. If EMF is a factor, and we just don’t know, though clearly the exponential rise in autism parallels the exponential rise in EMF, then any toxic effects of vaccines could be drowned out by the broader EMF exposure. Yes, the Amish have less autism. No one argues that. And, not only do they have fewer vaccines, but they shun modern technology, which would expose them to this modern electrosmog.

Compact fluorescents, appliances your laptop, and dozens more devices add to the effects. Solar energy may create toxic frequencies. Even certain LED lights may be highly toxic, says Havas. Indeed, men who operate their laptops on their lap develop measurable defects in their sperm. Not a good sign. What might this do, not only to fertility, but also to a conception made by such defective sperm? We have no way to know. And if sperm are damaged, so are other cells. Perhaps our rising cancer rates are so related. We know that many brain cancers are now occurring in heavy cell phone users and on the same side of the head as the phone is held.

I encourage you to go to the link I provided for more information. Comments are most welcome. I’ll likely have more posts on this in the near future.



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