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03 December 2015

"Compass" Biocare Mattress Built with an Electromagnetic Shield

Ning posing on the new Getha Compass Biocare mattress.
For a good night’s sleep
by Ruby Lim, thestar.com, 3 December 2015

LIVING in today’s technological society, exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) is inevitable.

What is EMF? It is the electrical or magnetic forces that come from electronic or wireless devices such mobile phones, laptops, television and microwaves, which can pose a health threat.

Research points that sleeping on a metal-based mattress, commonly known as a spring mattress, shows strong links of body exposure to EMF as the spring attracts electromagnetic energy flows, local bedding company Getha said in a statement.

It is said our body becomes vulnerable to EMF when we are asleep, and continuous radiation can interrupt the human DNA regenerate capacity, affecting quality of sleep.

Based on this knowledge, Getha launched the country’s first Biocare mattress “Compass”, built with a Biocare electromagnetic shield comprising a magnetic barrier with nano technologic yarns to ward off electromagnetic radiation.

Present at the launch event at Marble 8 in Kuala Lumpur was Getha’s ambassador Ning Baizura.

Getha executive director Yong Mei Tsin said the new product was named Compass as it was developed with a concept to navigate customers towards quality sleep.

“There are no metal components in Compass so it does not absorb any EMF.

“The EMF protection barrier mattress has two layers – the face layer of Biocare provides an antibacterial structure and the back layer is made of technology that blocks non-ionised radiation, resulting in a healthy sleep environment,” she said.

“The functional mattress also helps prevent stress by reducing static electricity, regulate the body’s bio-rhythm and prevent diseases as well as odour caused by bacteria.”

Yong added that price is an important factor when developing products for consumers.

“Getha products are made from 100% natural latex, with the right combination of other materials to offer the right support and comfort,” she said.

Getha Compass Biocare mattress is available in Queen and King sizes, retailed at RM3,800 and RM4,600 respectively.


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