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27 February 2016

Is your workplace as radiation safe as you think?

Is your workplace as radiation safe as you think? The Anatomy of a low radiation workspace.
25 February 2016

On an average, you would be spending 8 hours in your workspace for 5 days a week. Thats 25% of your week hours in your office and that’s a lot of exposure time to unwanted electromagnetic radiations.

This post defines the office based infrastructure that create unwanted work space radiation. We categorize these as communication devices, office utilities, personal communication devices, staff facilities and others. Most of these equipment will be difficult to put away – but by putting suitable measures in place – for instance switching things off, using alternate mechanisms, increasing the distance between the employee space and the device space – it is easy to restrict the unwanted exposures.

We also list the following to-do’s to reduce expsoure at office

1. Using wired internet. (WiFi may be hep and cool, but we go against it)
2. Use of desk phones over mobiles
3. Photocopier and other office utilities to be housed in a separate bay which is isolated from the work bays.
4. Limited use of bathroom handblowers
5. Dining space to be at least 5 feet away from the coffee maker and the microwave ovens
6. Generators, invertors, servers or databases to be housed separately in less frequented areas of the building.
7. No desk photocopiers. Maintaining a distance between the photocopier or fax machine when they are working (Distance 5 feet or more)
8. Pregnant women to be exempt from passing a XRay machine
9. Timing breaks to reduce prolonged exposures.
10. Switching off what is not required.
11. It is necessary to get a radiation audit done to establish the EMR hotspots and high EMF devices. Identification is the first step towards control and effective reduction.


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