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02 August 2016

France : EHS Consultation Cochin/ANSES : Testimony

"Passing off the electrosensitive as
mental patients."
Testimony of Coralie
EHS Consultation Cochin/ANSES
next-up.org, 2012
(translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

Allow me to inform you of the following:  Three years ago I became electrosensitive, diagnosed after a series of examinations by Professor Dominique Belpomme.

I discovered on a site for electrosensitives that consultations were opening throughout France with a list of doctors proposing "patient care" of electrosensitive persons.

Finally, the Ministry of Health through ANSES with a network of doctors was interested in this condition.  I could finally benefit from recognition, medical care, the latest advances, treatment, advice... something to improve my condition which was slowly and unalterably deteriorating.

It was in this frame of mind, with my medical file under my arm, that we made the trip (my husband accompanying me) from our home in Toulouse, exactly 68 km, which seemed like hell so much was the highway paved with relay antennas.

We arrived at the Hospital "Purpan dépendant du CHU" of Toulouse for a consultation with Dr. H. who received me in his office accompanied by a young intern.

I was first very surprised that at 10 in the morning in spite of radiant sunshine, the blinds of the office were shut and especially that the neon lights were on... curious... for a doctor who is interested in electrosensitivity???

After brief introductions, Dr. H. started to ask me the usual questions, age, weight, profession, how I learned about my electrosensitivity, how it manifested itself, what my symptoms were and concretely, how I was living with EHS which seemed to him a "pseudo illness".

I profited from this last question by letting slip that he would soon see "sur place" if he persisted in letting me sit beneath these neon lights for I was already starting to feel the first signs of a prolonged exposure to the radiation they emit:  stiff neck, clenching of the jaw, the start of dizziness.  Nevertheless, Dr. H. did not move, continuing his flood of questions about my life, my personal problems, and I noticed he smiled when I started to talk about my visits to Paris and Prof. Dominique Belpomme's service.  Regarding my social life, a surprising question:  Had I, since the discovery of my illness (my condition of EHS), thought about... suicide, how was I experiencing this "disease" [sic] in my daily life. 

Finally, the young intern got up off his chair, noticing that I was growing more and more ill at ease from concentrating on the questions, opening the blinds and switching off the neon lights.  After 10 minutes, finally collecting my thoughts and annoyed by the turn that "his interrogation" was taking, I spoke, saying to Dr. H. that I came because I was electrosensitive, not "electrophobic" as his questions seemed to suggest.  That his consultation seemed somewhat disconcerting, that at no time had he looked at my thick medical file that I had placed in front of him, and which seemed to me was this latest moron did not approve.

It was my turn to feel angry, even somewhat destabilized.  He replied that the encephaloscans proved nothing and that in other circumstances I could have had the same results???  After a period of stress for example and that, based on current knowledge, one could affirm nothing and that in this case, I should continue to try to "live normally" [sic].

He proposed to me meanwhile to participate in a study established by the Cochin Hospital and ANSES, the purpose of which was to better understand this "disease"... I was flabbergasted... and where, in the beginning I thought I would leave in good humor, finally, being cared for or at least attempt to be treated by a doctor in order to stabilize my condition while awaiting the day when white zones would be created, resources, an effective treatment - all at once I was devastated.

What surprised me also was that a site on electrosensitivity supposed to inform one about this condition and especially inform electrosensitive persons, accepted to serve as a relay for such abuse.

Confident regarding your commitment, would you diffuse this testimony so that other electrosensitive persons do not fall into the same trap, doubtless devised to pass the electrosensitive off as mental patients.

Thank you to all of you.


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