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07 August 2016

India: Mumbai to be Made ‘WiFi City’ with 1200 Hotspots

The hot spots would be set up at prominent locations - like
the Gateway of India.  (Express Photo)
Mumbaikars have the Right to Know
( Citizens file a RTI application and apply for a Stay Order in High Court )

1. Who has permitted 1200 Hot Spots? - Can that authority have  THE POWER TO KILL Unaware Ignorant Helpless Citizens?

2. Whether any study has been done by the Government or Industry on health hazards due to a blanket of radiation from these 1200 hot spots?

3. Foreign countries are removing wifi, banning wifi in schools and we want
Wifi hot spots . Why ?

4. We shut off wifi when not in use . Why should we have a 24x7 blanket of Radiation just like the Mobile  Tower Antennae 5 meters away from our bed rooms ?

Mumbai to be made ‘WiFi city’ with 1200 hotspots: CM Fadnavis
by Express News Service, Mumbai, 6 August 2016

1,200 hot spots to be set up at Gateway of India, Chowpatty, island city, suburbs

Mumbai will be turned into a ‘WiFi city’ complete with 1,200 hot spots, under an ambitious smart city mega-project by May 1, 2017. The process of setting up 500 of these hot spots would be completed by November this year, CM Devendra Fadnavis said in the Assembly on Friday.

Other initiatives to make Mumbai ‘smart’ include unlocking land for construction of 10 lakh affordable houses and improving public transport and infrastructure.
“Along with bringing about a technological transformation using high bandwidth, improving transport and creating affordable housing remains our top priority to smarten the commercial capital,” said Fadnavis.

The Wifi network would be used for smart parking and smart transportation, by providing realtime updates on the routes and available capacity of the various modes of public transport in the city. The hot spots would be set up at prominent locations — the Gateway of India and Chowpatty, across the island city and the suburbs.

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