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06 October 2016

Kids and Cell Phone Radiation

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We liked this article, posted on "Earthcalm"'s shopping site.  Although we try not to promote products on our own site, we are not against those which may help others to alleviate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.  The best way, however, is to reduce exposure to this type of radiation - not at all easy in today's world where wireless gadgets and radiation are ubiquitous.

Dance, Babies, and Cell Phone Radiation
by Lisa Michelle, shop.earthcalm.com, 28 September 2016

Sitting in the lobby of my six-year old daughter’s dance studio for an hour every Thursday evening is downright painful. Don’t get me wrong, I love that she has found a passion for dance, but existing amongst the absolute chaos of cranky younger siblings and endlessly annoying cell phone noises is the last place I want to be after a busy 8-hour work day.

By this point in the day, the dancers’ younger siblings have all spent way too many hours with a million other kids in daycares across the city. They are falling apart. In this day and age, what’s a parent to do with an overly exhausted grumpy kid? You guessed it: We have learned the magic of the cell phone. We have mastered the technique of soothing our little monsters with flashing lights and fun sounds so well that having a dead or missing phone is unthinkable. I’m not going to lie, I’ve relied on this technique a time or 300.

As I sit amongst these crazy-eyed small humans in their Dora induced comas, I can’t help but think, what kind of world are we creating for these kids? I watch a baby chew happily on his mother’s cell while she leans back and closes her tired eyes. I cringe. This baby has no idea what the object in his mouth is capable of, just that it’s important. Germs aside, don’t cell phones come with some kind of distance warning? Somehow, I don’t think the roof of this infant’s mouth is considered a “safe distance”. We are growing a generation of technology addicted youth, and at what cost?

Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones emit microwave radiation. Cell phones that are constantly connected to Wi-Fi or searching for it emit even more radiation. The human body is not designed to constantly receive this kind of radiation, especially a body that is still developing. According to WebMD, a growing toddler’s small frame soaks up TEN TIMES the amount of radiation than that of a fully formed adult. Since cell phones are a fairly new thing, we won’t know for sure how they affect the human body entirely for a few more generations of smart gadget users, but the growing tumor and cancer rates among younger and younger crowds is cause for concern.

What Can We Do?

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