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29 November 2016

In 2014, Belgium Banned Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone Advertising for Children

The sale of this type of mobile phone
for children under age 7 is banned
in Belgium.
Mobile Phones and Children
health.belgium.be, 12 January 2016

The use of the mobile phone by children is a special point of attention. Children may be more sensitive to radio waves. Children absorb twice as much radiation in the brain than adults do, and 10 times more in the bone marrow of the skull. In addition, due to the popularity of the mobile phone, the cumulative exposure of the current generation of children will be much higher by the time they reach their adulthood than that of the current adults. Therefore, caution is called for.

For this reason, from the 1st of March 2014 no mobile phone which has been designed specifically for small children, may be brought on to the Belgian market. It concerns adapted mobile phones, meant for kids under 7 years of age, e.g. with only a few keys, with a form attractive to children.

Besides, from that date onwards also mobile phone advertising will no longer be allowed for that same age group. After all, a mobile phone must not be seen as a toy. You want to learn more about the new regulation concerning the ban on advertising for children and the ban on the sale of children’s mobile phones? Have a look at our list of frequently asked questions

FAQ_KBs_mobiele_telefoon_version5_EN.pdfPDF document - 605.11 KB

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