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02 November 2016

Petition from Switzerland: "No!" to Increased Limit Values of Mobile Phone Antennas and to More Antennas

"No!" to increased limit values of mobile phone antennas and to more antennas
(text only in German):

Please sign and share this petition addressed primarily to the Council of States (upper chamber in the Swiss Parliament), saying "NO !" to increased limit values of mobile phone antennas and to more antennas. People from outside Switzerland are also invited to sign.

Our primary goal is to gather signatures of Swiss and Swiss abroad, but from all nations of the world, your international solidarity, experience, recommendations, support and encouragement to avoid 5G and EMF damages are welcome to be forwarded to the Swiss Government with your signature. - Thank you.

Here is a Google translation of the petition:

Mobile upgrades already show significant health effects.
The health insurance explosion since upgrading to 4G (LTE) is no coincidence. 5G is harming residents even more. 5G is not primarily needed to call, but for the "Internet of Things" (microchips everywhere). We do not need that. Please take the numerous warnings from the public seriously and agree to an emphatic "No!".
Our future will thank you. 

Very briefly, an increase in limit values of mobile phone radiation was approved (96:89 Votes) on 16 June 2016 by our Swiss National Council (lower chamber). Currently, it is 5 V / m, and there are already many sick residents. Afterwards it will be 17 (!!) V / m! That would be a disaster!

Only 4 of 200 votes were lacking for a different decision. This must not be repeated in the Council of States.

Help us to inform the members of the Council. Write them personal letters. And with this list of signatures, we will get even further ahead of the vote in November. If there are only one hundred names, it is a lot.
This is just a private list, not tied to an official organization.

If everyone does something small, then there is in the end a lot.

Please help. Thanks!

The list now goes primarily to the State Councillors. - Should the result be another vote in the National or Federal Council, the list can also be used there for the same subject. In the meantime, you can always continue to sign. - [8 million would be good ...! ]

Here is the original petition in German to sign :

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