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20 April 2017

Westgate Family Statement – 13th April 2017

"We have a message to the airline industry. The airlines cannot categorically say that air in these aircraft is safe. They refuse to monitor and test for toxins, so of course they have no evidence because they will not look for it! The longer they deny there is a problem, the harder and more costly its going to be when they are proved wrong. Just like the tobacco industry in the fifties refusing to admit smoking causes cancer, the airline industry has its head in the sand. The inconvenient truth for the Airlines is that low doses of toxins in cabin air, over hundreds of hours can hurt some people. The airline industry should be ashamed of itself. My Son suffered so much unnecessarily, and they have done nothing to protect people. The longer you leave it, the harder its going to be, so we just expect those responsible do the right thing."

Westgate Family Statement – 13th April 2017
aerotoxic.org/news, 14 April 2017

Westgate Family Statement
After the Inquest Verdict of the death of Richard Westgate
Read by Judy Westgate (76 years old), Richard’s mother.

Richard Westgate loved life and had so much to live for.

He found his calling as a pilot, both in paragliding and flying passenger jets – Something he considered a privilege.

A few years ago he started to get sick but his symptoms baffled doctors, either they didn’t know what was wrong or they chose not to help. The result was they all turned him away.

His sickness turned to excruciating pain – and still he felt the doctors betrayed him.

When Richard died 4 years ago, Coroner Sheriff Payne believed there could be a problem with poisons in cabin air of the aircraft Richard flew and started the Inquest accordingly.

To our dismay however, the Coroner was suddenly switched last year and the new Coroner instructed that Aerotoxic syndrome would not be discussed as “a proper issue” in relation to Richard’s cause of death.

The Inquest has ruled that he ultimately died of an accidental overdose of a sedative – a sleeping tablet, but the real questions are:

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