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21 June 2017

Switzerland: Mobile Phone Ban for Construction Workers

At Buez, apprentices on the construction site
now have a mobile phone ban.
Mobile phone ban for Swiss construction workers
blick.ch, 27 May 2017

No more private phones: On many building sites in the country, new rules will apply this summer. However, only apprentices are affected by this.

A private call here, a whatsapp message there.   At the workplace, mobile phone distraction is omnipresent. On many Swiss construction sites, however, this should be banned.

"Many have decided to collect mobile phones and smartphones at the start of their work and to store the equipment in the building shop," says Matthias Engel, spokesperson for the Swiss Association of Architects, via "Schweiz am Wochenende". Only apprentices on the construction site are affected by the measure. The temptation to respond to SMS and Whatsapp messages during working hours is greatest among young people, "Engel explains.

Construction giant Implenia enforces ban

There is a mobile phone ban, for example, at the Swiss construction giant Implenia. Spokesperson Reto Aregger says that mobile phones have also been used on the construction site for private purposes. "It is important for Implenia that their employees concentrate on their work, especially on the construction site, where it can become dangerous in the case of carelessness."

The safety aspect is also understood by Swiss accident insurance Suva but they do not have a complete mobile phone ban on construction sites. However, spokesperson Serkan Isik says: "Some construction companies only allow private handsets to be used during breaks. For our security specialists, this is a good and acceptable solution for all. "

By the way: The ordered mobile phone ban is legal according to Swiss employment law. In emergencies, however, an employee can insist on using his mobile phone in the workplace.

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