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18 July 2017

Discussion with Emilie van Deventer on the Status of the Environmental Health Criteria

Discussion with Emilie van Deventer on the status of the Environmental Health Criteria
by Dariusz Leszczynski, BRHP, 18 July 2017

At the recent BioEM2017 meeting in Hangzhou, China, I spoke at length with Emilie van Deventer (EvD), Head of the WHO EMF Project, about the current status of the work on the Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) for the RF-EMF.

Emilie van Deventer has doctorate in electrical engineering and she is an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Below is what I got to know and what I did not get to know from Emilie van Deventer, in our face-to-face discussion in Hangzhou and subsequent e-mail exchange…

Current status of the EHC draft document

  • EHC draft was prepared by a group of individual scientists and made available to RF experts for comments (Blogs on BRHP critically commented on these past developments: link-1, link-2, link-3, link-4, link-5, link-6 )
  • Experts’ comments were received and incorporated into the EHC draft by team of 30+ scientists (The names of the 30+ scientists were not provided/revealed by EvD; it is possible to assume that the majority of them were the same who prepared the EHC draft: link-4 )
  • The revised draft of the EHC, with incorporated comments, is “ready” but it is not available for viewing at this stage
  • All received experts’ comments were collated into a table and all actions concerning all comments documented (A question about the possibility to view the table was not answered by EvD)

Current status of assembling the expert group for evaluation of the revised draft of the EHC

  • The formation of the group of experts that will prepare the final version of the EHC is delayed because of the new policies being implemented at the WHO
  • For more information regarding the new policies/process at the WHO, see this link: http://www.who.int/publications/guidelines/handbook_2nd_ed.pdf?ua=1
  • The membership of the expert group has not been finalized and no information is being provided on how far the process went already and who is potentially under consideration
  • The membership of the expert group will be finalized before the systematic reviews are commissioned by the WHO (systematic reviews and Systematic Review Teams are part of the new policy of the WHO; see link above)
  • The expert group that will prepare scientific evaluation for the EHC will be called Systematic Review Team (SRT)
  • The experts for SRT will be selected based on their expertise of systematic review methods
  • A WHO Internal Steering Group (ISG) will select the systematic review team’s experts for the appraisal of risk of bias of studies (Membership of the WHO internal steering group was not provided for me by EvD)

The article continues, but the link is no longer available.

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