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09 July 2017

Prince Harry Urges Young People to Put Down Their Mobile Phones and Warns They Affect Mental Health

Prince Harry
Prince Harry urges young people to put down their mobile phones and warns they affect mental health
by Hannah Furness, Royal Correspondent, 
The Telegraph, 6 July 2017

Young people should try to take a break from checking their mobile phones to “process their thoughts” instead of rushing through the day, Prince Harry has suggested.

Prince Harry, who has spent the year campaigning on mental health issues, said more still needed to be done to equip young people to deal with the modern world.

Citing statistics about the number of times young people check their mobile phones, he argued everyone would be “more effective and efficient” if they took more time to simply think.

Prince Harry spoke in Leeds at a panel event entitled “Encouraging Happy Young Minds”.

It follows months of tireless campaigning for Heads Together, the charity set up by the Prince and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to raise awareness about mental health issues.

In a speech, he said: “I cannot tell you how pleased William, Catherine and I are that the dial seems to have shifted and that there is now greater understanding, compassion and kindness for anyone who opens up about their struggles.

“But let's not kid ourselves that the job is done - there is much much more that we can do at every level to make conversations about mental health as commonplace as those about physical health.

“For example, we need to better equip our young people with the tools they need to cope with this increasingly complex and fast moving world we live in.

“I read recently that young people check their phones at least 150 times per day – I'm sure we could all be more effective and efficient if we took a moment to process our thoughts rather than rushing from one thing to the next.”

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