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09 July 2017

United Kingdom: Owner of Electromagnetic Retreat Joins Neighbors in Somerset Village to Fight New Phone Mast

CDRAM has provided an annotated photo of where the
mast will be located (with the current site pictured on the
Image:  Daniel Mumby/ CDRAM
Owner of electromagnetic retreat joins neighbours in beautiful Somerset village to fight new phone mast
by Daniel Mumby, somersetlive.co.uk
2 July 2017, updated 4 July 2017

Compton Dundon Residents Against the Mast has been formed to stop Telefonica and Vodafone

The owner of a retreat centre for people with electro-sensitivity is among the objectors to a new phone mast in a beautiful Somerset village.

David Taylor runs the EarthSpirit Centre in Compton Dundon, which provides solace and holistic therapy for people from across the south west, including people who attribute their ill health to modern technology.

He believes that his livelihood and that of the village is under threat from O2 owner Telefonica, which has submitted plans to build an 18-metre mast only a few minutes' walk from his business.

Mr Taylor is one of the founders of Compton Dundon Residents Against the Mast (CDRAM), a residents' group whose opposition has attracted the support of local MP David Warburton.

Mr Taylor said that the mast proposal was "anti-business" because it would destroy the natural environment which attracts people to Somerset.

He said: "We provide retreats here, offering holistic therapies and providing a refuge for people who are electrosensitive.

"This area has outstanding natural beauty - people come here to escape this kind of thing. It's an anti-business development, because it will stop people coming here to enjoy the scenery and the nearby nature reserves."

Where is the mast set to be built?

CDRAM has provided an annotated photo of where the mast will be located (with the current site pictured on the left) (Image: Daniel Mumby/ CDRAM)

The mast will be sited in the corner of a field at Wright and Son's on Ham Lane.

If erected, the past will be only a short distance from the village hall, the post office, the cricket club pitches and the Explorium creative learning centre.

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