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16 August 2017

Switzerland: Niedersteufen: Resistance to Salt's Planned New Mobile Antenna

The proposed antenna is not necessary, is in the wrong place and much too close to permanently inhabited buildings including workplaces and a nursery...

Resistance to new mobile radio antenna

by Erich Gmünder, www.tposcht.ch
14 August 2017

Salt wants to install a new mobile radio antenna at Rütihof.

The telecommunications company Salt (formerly Orange) is planning to build a new mobile antenna system in Niedersteufen. On the other hand, there is opposition in the neighborhood.

Salt wants to improve the reception in the Rütihof area with the new facility and to set up an antenna on the industrial building at Rütihofstrasse 1, where the children's home is located next to various industrial companies...

The inhabitants of the area (residents and tenants) within a radius of 524 meters are allowed to speak up.

The two residents Elmar Müller and Daniel Ehrenzeller and their families feel directly affected. Daniel Ehrenkeller's family lives within a distance of just 60 meters. As he learned, there was a need for tenants in the industrial building, which is located on the only small industrial and commercial zone in the area.

He and Elmar Mueller do not at all understand the decision to set up a mobile radio antenna.  It does not correspond to a broader need that would justify the imminent emissions. The 4G coverage by Salt in the vicinity of the property is listed on a map.  In the area of the direction of Lustmühle, it is still 3G. Customers from other providers such as Swisscom, which is better represented here according to their information, or Sunrise would not benefit from the new facility.

His conclusion: "The antenna is not necessary, is in the wrong place and much too close to permanently inhabited buildings including workplaces and a nursery..."

The call-in period runs According to the official advertisements of the municipality, the call period is 5-24 August 2017. With flyers, the two speakers want to raise awareness of the neighborhood population:

"If you want to raise an objection, please contact Elmar Müller-Senn, Rütihofstr. 3, 9052 Niederteufen, phone 079 228 09 23, email: elmar.mueller-senn@bluewin.ch or at Daniel and Rita Ehrenzeller, Haid 501, 9052 Niederteufen, phone 071 333 30 64. We would like to provide support and want to prevent this nonsensical and harmful project. Thank you very much for your solidarity! "

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