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17 September 2017

AirGig: Carrying 5G Millimeter Wave Internet Signals Along Power Lines

AT&T AirGig and 5g
whatis5g.info, September 2017

AT&T’s project AirGig, where 5G millimeter wave Internet signals are carried along power lines, is in the test phases right now. 

 If AT&T launches this, it means that if you work or live anywhere near a power line integrated with AT&T 5G, you will be exposed to the 5G mm wave radiation constantly. So it‘s not just the 5G small cells placed every few houses apart that would be radiating the mm wave radiation, but the entire power line!!!

Instead of laying down fiber optic cable to the 5G small cell tower, AT&T is touting this as a lower cost, faster way to deliver wireless Internet to any area with power lines – for example rural and “underserved” areas. 5G mmWave surface wave launchers and inductive power devices would be installed on power line poles and power themselves without a direct electrical connection (via the magnetic field surrounding the power lines). These devices create a multi-gigabit signal that travels along or near the wire – not through it. http://about.att.com/story/trial_project_airgig.html Then to deliver WIRELESS internet service to the home, a receiver would be attached to the home to receive the wireless signals from the power lines or a small cell tower would send the WIRELESS signals to the home. http://www.telecompetitor.com/att-offers-airgig-update-reiterates-upcoming-trials-for-fiber-fronthaulbackhaul-alternative/

Delivering Internet via power lines was tried in the past, but there were many problems with reliability. However, AT&T says the same reliability problems won’t exist now. http://www.govtech.com/internet/Project-AirGig-Aims-to-Deliver-Internet-Over-Power-Lines.html

Project AirGig can also be a benefit to utility companies. It could enable and expand a variety of smart-grid applications. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/att-labs-project-airgig-nears-first-field-trials-for-ultra-fast-wireless-broadband-over-power-lines-300331117.html

Here’s a video about it on AT&T’s website. http://about.att.com/newsroom/att_to_test_delivering_multi_gigabit_wireless_internet_speeds_using_power_lines.html

Please note that SB 649 allows for such transmission of wireless internet signals along power lines. Please write to Gov. Brown about your opposition to SB 649 – see instructions here. Other state’s versions of 5G/small cell bills may include this as well.


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