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28 November 2017

Wi-Fi in Cars Influences Brainwaves - Video on University of Mainz Study

View and share this 6-minute RTL video on the University of Mainz study on how Wi-Fi and the electronics in new cars influence brainwaves: "Headache in the Car":

Wi-Fi in the car influences brainwaves- report in RTL about study of the University of Mainz
elektrosensibel-muenchen.de, 5 November 2017 (Google translation)

For electrosensitive people it has become a nightmare for years when the old car has to be replaced. It has already happened to many that a new car is simply not usable and must be returned or sold again. But our warnings were always ignored - our returns rejected. Also with considerable financial damage.

We know quite specifically such cases of a new Volvo V40 (current series) and of an Audi A8. It is to be feared that all other manufacturers today produce and sell similar products that adversely affect and undermine the well-being and health of their users.

Even pedestrians and cyclists, who come in contact with the radiant vehicle have to deal with its side effects. Not to mention unsuspecting passengers (especially those already suffering from illness), children and even animals that cannot escape or defend themselves. We are glad that young scientists are now addressing this topic and reporting to RTL:


And we are curious , when will such measurements will be made in public transport? Because it is the same catastrophe everywhere. 

In return, it is a blessing to drive in snon-electronically functioning cars.  There is nothing like, for example, a relaxed ride in an old Mercedes from the 1970s - equipped with every comfort, but no side effects. But nobody wants to listen to us or talk to us.

The question remains as to when we will wake up to the fact that the federal government, the state and the economy are leading a whole industry and society in the wrong direction, a future infested with electrosmog...

Original article in German:

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