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21 February 2018

GENERATION ZAPPED Is A Five Alarm Wake-Up Call About The Radiation In Our Midst

"This documentary is not a diatribe or a political polemic but a balanced and intelligent clarion call for awareness and action."

BWW Review: GENERATION ZAPPED Is A Five Alarm Wake-Up Call About The Radiation In Our Midst

by Herbert Paine broadwayworld.com
20 February 2018

We are under attack! We are exposed! Not speaking here of the usual suspects, but of invisible and potentially harmful, if not deadly waves of radiation that are invading our bodies, our brains and our organs, with potentially devastating effects. This is the essence of Sabine El Gemayel's documentary wake-up call, GENERATION ZAPPED.

If, by the conclusion of seventy-four minutes of compelling evidence and riveting interviews, you are not ready to enroll in a crusade against the unrestrained proliferation in our environment of the instruments of wireless technology, you may at the very least have serious second thoughts about the safety of your smartphones and modems and laptops and, most certainly, about the future health and well-being of all our children.

That's how engaging and consciousness raising is this dramatic exploration of the explosion of radiation in our midst.

Be sure that this documentary is not a diatribe or a political polemic but a balanced and intelligent clarion call for awareness and action.

El Gemayel (Niloofar, The Olive Harvest), with the support of Executive Producer Peter Sullivan, introduces a disturbing history of the accommodation to wireless technology without the benefit of pre-marketing safety tests, of the powerful influence of lobbyists to minimize the warnings about the harmful effects of their industry's products, and of the confusion and inertia of governmental agencies, classified as captured agencies, (specifically, the FCC and the EPA) to fulfill their duty of care for the public's health. For example, scientists observe that health safety remains at risk while the Federal Communications Commission debates the revealed science or has been persuaded to give greater emphasis to the fair and equitable use of the spectrum.

El Gemayel contributes to our environmental literacy with the introduction and explanation, in understandable language (and Pastilla Design Institute's animated graphics), of terminology that is likely unfamiliar to most but essential to know: specific absorption rate (the rate at which the body absorbs RF energy), idiopathic environmental intolerance, electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, 4G and 5G technology.

It's the accounts of personal lives that have been touched literally by these waves and the testimonials of experts that give weight and legitimacy and emotional resonance to this film.

Most disturbing and chilling is the growing body of evidence regarding the influence of cell phones on brain and breast cancer, autism, and child development. The vulnerability of sperm cells to cell phones in pockets too close to one's testes. Likewise, to the phone imprinting its radiation on a woman's breast. The virtual irradiation of school children in classrooms that are essentially hot wi-fi environments with heavy doses of radio frequency (RF). Magda Havas, an Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, explains that "A wi-fi classroom is like the inside of a microwave oven set at very low power. Children are exposed to that wi-fi radiation six hours every school day, five days a week, and for several months during the year."

The film is clear too that the dangers extend well beyond the classroom ~ in footage of up-and-coming generations absorbed in their electronics and avoiding direct conversation, of the smartphone as essential a utensil at the dining table as a knife and fork, at the infusion of RF into everything from one's automobile to the smart meter that monitors electricity usage.

In the wake of her reportage, El Gemayel offers rays of hope regarding possible solutions in the work of champions like Ellen Marks, founder of the California Brain Tumor Association, scientists who persevere in groundbreaking research despite political constraints, international health bodies that are advocating for radiofrequency exposure limits for mobile phone users, and regular citizens like Jaimie, an electrohypersensitive photographer who fights daily to raise awareness.

GENERATION ZAPPED is one of those documentaries that, while it may cause some necessary discomfort, is essential viewing ~ for the sake of our society. A definite must-see!

Remember, by the way, to be sure to keep your cell phone away from your ear when you're calling friends and insisting that they see GENERATION ZAPPED.

GENERATION ZAPPED is one of the films to be featured at the Sedona International Film Festival during the week of February 25th.

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