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29 April 2018

Gardasil Vaccine Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins World Social Impact Award at Queens World Film Festival

Gardasil Vaccine Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins World Social Impact Award at Queens World Film Festival
healthimpactnews.com, 27 March 2018

Ruby is 16 and almost totally paralyzed from the HPV
vaccine.  Her story is part of the documentary,
Sacrificial Virgins.
HPV vaccine documentary, Sacrificial Virgins: Film makers scoop Special Jury Prize for second year at Queens World Film Festival, New York

HPV vaccine documentary Sacrificial Virgins recognised in prestigious Special Jury Prize for World Social Impact at the Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) in Queens, New York.
Follows awards earlier this month at Watchdog Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia
Also follows last year’s QWFF Special Jury Prize awarded to the same team for their film Positive Hell

Fresh from recent film festival success in Australia, the documentary Sacrificial Virgins scooped the prestigious Special Jury Prize for World Social Impact at the Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) in Queens, New York.

The trophy was presented on the final night of the festival by founders Don and Katha Cato to the film’s director Andi Reiss, together with Ollie Richards (camera/editor).

A special 30 minute edition of Sacrificial Virgins (which was originally produced last year as a film trilogy) was screened earlier in the day. It was followed by a lively Q&A that focused on how such an important issue has largely been swept under the carpet by the medical establishment and mainstream media.

Sacrificial Virgins investigates widespread global concerns over the safety of the controversial vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix, which are prescribed to millions of girls (and now boys) in nationwide mass vaccination programmes across the world.

The vaccines are coming under increasing fire for their association with widespread, severe neurological damage and the charge that they may not even be capable of preventing the cervical cancers for which they are usually prescribed.

Sacrificial Virgins writer and narrator Joan Shenton said:

It was a wonderfully proud moment for us all when Andi stepped up to receive the Special Jury Prize for the film work he directed.

Our hope is that Sacrificial Virgins will have a tremendous social impact by helping to prevent countless girls and boys around the world from going through the torment endured by the young women we interviewed in the films.

We do not want to see more young lives lost or ruined.

Gardasil and Cervarix vaccinate against a common virus, the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

The ability of the vaccines to prevent HPV infection is established but Sacrificial Virgins challenges the claim by the vaccine’s advocates that HPV causes the majority of cervical cancers in later life and that, therefore, vaccination against HPV is a vaccination against such cancers.

The film meticulously picks apart this claim to show there is no scientific proof that HPV causes such cancers.

It questions the justification for the public health risk associated with large-scale HPV vaccination programmes, while also advancing compelling scientific evidence (involving hitherto untried combinations of aluminium adjuvant in these vaccines) for the link between the vaccines and neurological damage.

Joan Shenton said:

We thank the jury of the Queens World Film Festival, and festival founders Don and Katha Cato, for this award and for recognising what the films set out to achieve.

We also feel that this award acknowledges the tens of thousands of young women suffering severe neurological damage associated with HPV vaccines, some fatally, their families who are seeking recognition of the true causes of their agony, and the doctors and scientists who are trying to prevent more young people suffering the same.

Some of them appear in the films and should share this award with us, and our hearts go out to all of them.


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