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17 August 2018

Mobile Phones Do Pose a Danger

Letters: mobile phones do pose a danger
Opinion, The Guardian, 22 July 2018

People are oblivious to problems they cannot see. They need to be alerted

'Wireless radiation has many potential consequences for
Photo:  Toby Melville/ Reuters
Thank you for the piece on wireless radiation and health (“Mobiles, cancer and inconvenient truths”, the New Review).

This has been of great concern to me for some years. I seek to operate my laptop as much as possible with a wired internet connection and keep my mobile in aeroplane mode for much of the time to minimise exposure, but of course I am surrounded by many sources of radiation in daily life.

It seems that most of the population are unaware or oblivious to the problem because the radiation is not seen, heard or readily evident. Thus, if I raise the issue with others, my concerns are generally dismissed. Wireless radiation has many potential consequences for health – brain tumours, for instance, are increasingly prevalent in a population saturated with waves from mobile and cordless phones, wifi, bluetooth, “smart” meters etc.

I very much fear for the future, with the coming of the more damaging radiation of 5G mobile, which will entail having “micro mast” transmitters mounted on many street lamps in cities, possibly including that outside my bedroom window. As with smoking, those with a vested interest in the industry will seek to keep the public in ignorance for as long as possible.

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