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09 August 2018

Scientific Evidence of Harm from Cell Phone Radiation: Two Years of Research

Scientific Evidence of Harm from Cell Phone Radiation: Two Years of Research
saferemr.com, 8 August 2018

An annotated bibliography which contains 92 papers published in scientific journals during the last two years that report evidence of harm from cell phone radiation exposure can be downloaded from:

Statistical summary of papers included in the annotated bibliography.

This set of papers reflects various types of harm from exposure to cell phone radiation including reproductive harm, cancer, oxidative stress, DNA damage, and adverse effects on memory and brain functioning. These effects have been found in human as well as animal studies.

Although this is not a comprehensive review of papers published in the last two years, the preponderance of studies published during this period report adverse effects.

This compilation represents a snapshot in time from a large body of research conducted over many decades. A review paper cited in the bibliography describes a new database of studies constructed by the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (Leach et al., 2018). This paper reports that “As of September 15, 2017, the clear majority of 2653 papers captured in the database examine outcomes in the 300 MHz-3 GHz range. There are 3 times more biological ‘Effect’ than ‘No Effect’ papers.”

For a more comprehensive examination of the evidence regarding the effects of exposure to extremely low frequency fields as well as radiofrequency radiation, see Dr. Henry Lai's research summaries (1990-2017) which can be downloaded from the BioInitiative 2012 website.

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