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13 March 2019

EMF Health Effects Survey 2019 RESULTS

EMF Health Effects Survey 2019 RESULTS
received 13 March 2019 from Sandi Maurer, Director, EMF Safety Network

The EMF Health Effects Survey 2019 is an anonymous survey circulated online from 11/27/2018 to 1/27/2019 through the EMF Safety Network lists, website, and affiliate online EMF groups. There are 876 respondents and over 1300 comments. 

Ed Halteman, PhD of Survey Design and Analysis has prepared a report of the Survey Results. A summary of the results is 52% of all respondents stated “severely”or “a lot” in response to the question of “How much does the current EMF environment (cell phones/smart meters/wireless etc.) limit your lifestyle – your ability to work, shop, play, and or spend time with friends and family?” 22% said they are affected a moderate amount, 15.6% a little and 10.5% not at all limited.

Respondents were asked to best match themselves to the following descriptions which are synonymous with mild, moderate, and severe Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

  • 49.3% said they are EMF Aware: “You are aware that electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation affect your health or make you feel unwell”
  • 27.5% EMF Injured: “You have been injured by electromagnetic fields and/or wireless radiation”
  • 19.1% Radiation sickness: “You have electromagnetic radiation sickness, a severe and chronic condition”
  • 4.1% None of the above
  • The top health problems all respondents experience(d) and believe are related to EMF exposure are: Sleep; Fatigue; Concentration, memory or learning problems; and Stress and anxiety.

The top EMF device(s), all respondents believe caused or worsened their health problems are: Wi-fi; Cell phone; Smart meters; and Cell or radio tower.

The top remediations that people tried and reported as most helpful were: Prudent avoidance of EMF; turning electricity off at the breaker box, and shielding. The least helpful remedies were reported as: Medical doctors, prescription drugs and counseling or therapy.

When you look at the survey results segmented by self-description the numbers change. People with Radiation sickness had twice the number of health problems as EMF Aware, and 50% more than EMF Injured.

94% of people with Radiation sickness reported Concentration, memory or learning problems, compared to 47% of EMF Aware. People with Radiation sickness were more affected by cell or radio tower.

Cindy Sage, Editor, BioInitiative Reports, comments on the survey: “The many hundreds of comments written by people responding to the 2019 EMF Health Effects Survey by the EMF Safety Network are illuminating and profoundly disturbing. The Survey itself is invaluable to teach us what it is like to live a life with EHS limitations. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the US, or Canada, or western Europe or Scandinavia. Or Asia. Or Australia. The accounts are so similar. The demoralizing effects are the same.

What is obvious is that these people are expressing the symptoms of microwave radiation illness that could be predicted based on decades of international scientific studies. The physiological basis for brain and body effects from microwave radiation exposures are well-accounted for in the science – so it should be no surprise to hear it. At least a dozen major studies and reviews of cell tower-level RF exposures (of 0.1 microwatt per centimeter squared or more) have identified these same health effects the Survey presents through the personal comments of responders..."

Read more of Cindy Sage's commentary, read the Survey Results Report and post comments or questions here: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/emf-health-effects-survey-2019/

Link to the Survey Results Report by Survey Design and Analysis: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/EMF_Wireless-Study-2019_Final-1.pdf

Link to Survey Summary and all comments: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/EMFSN-EMF-Health-Effects-Survey-2019-All-responses.pdf

Thank you!
Sandi Maurer
Director, EMF Safety Network

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