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13 April 2019

The Dangers of Wireless Radiation and How to Protect Yourself - A Conversation with Peter Sullivan

The Dangers of Wireless Radiation and How to Protect Yourself
A conversation with Peter Sullivan

BY CONAN MILNER, theepochtimes.com, 12 April 2019

Symptoms of electrosensitivity are caused by exposure to
wireless radiation.
(Stefan Stefancik/Unsplash)
Silicon Valley is probably the last place you’d expect to hear health warnings related to your cellphone. But that’s where you’ll find Peter Sullivan, a man with a mission to help the public understand how their devices cause real harm.

Sullivan started out as one of the biggest fans of a technology he now does his best to avoid. He attended graduate school at Stanford University in Silicon Valley, and later worked as a software designer, rubbing shoulders with people who would go on to design the devices that shape our wireless world. Living on the cutting edge, Sullivan became one of the earliest adopters of wireless technology, but he also got sick from it long before most people knew it was possible.

His illness—now known as electrosensitivity—and the realization that it was caused by wireless radiation exposure, pushed Sullivan to find answers. While government regulators and the telecom industry insisted that the level of microwave radiation flowing from his phone was safe, Sullivan talked to several top scientists who found strong evidence showing otherwise.

Some of these scientists can be seen in a film Sullivan produced in 2017 called “Generation Zapped.” This eye-opening documentary tells of the manipulative tactics the telecom industry uses to sell the public a technology despite overwhelming evidence that it was harmful.

Today, Sullivan’s full-time job is spreading the word about the dangers related to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, urging people to keep their devices off or at a distance whenever possible. He also funds research at Harvard, Stanford, University of California–Berkeley, and several leading environmental health nonprofits in an effort to provide a better picture of a technology we all use because most of us assume it’s safe.

The Epoch Times talked to Sullivan about the problems associated with wireless radiation exposure, and what we can do to protect ourselves from it. Answers have been edited for clarity and brevity.

The Epoch Times: It seems like people are just starting to realize the dangers related to wireless technology, but you’ve been looking at this for the past 10 years. What gave you a head start?

Peter Sullivan: I basically got to experience what people are experiencing now about 10 or 15 years ago, because we were on the cutting edge in Silicon Valley, and getting a lot of different exposures.

My brain was saying, “All this stuff is good,” but my body was having some really serious problems. I had to learn the hard way on this one that our assumptions about the safety were just totally false.

At first, I thought I had food allergies. Then I determined I had high levels of mercury. But even after detoxifying myself, cleaning up my diet, and doing all these things, my health just kept going down. I got really skinny. My teeth were cracking. My body was demineralizing. I felt spacey and weak, and I’m not a weak person. I was a Navy pilot. I ran marathons. I did triathlons, so I’m not used to being weak, but I got physically and mentally weak.

I got to where if I put a cellphone next to my head, I could feel it, and it didn’t feel good.

I didn’t think there was any research out there about this, but I got invited to a session at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco where there were some scientists talking about wireless exposure. So I started looking at the research. Thousands of these studies show harm.

The Silicon Valley folks aren’t clued into this, but the telecom industry, the FCC, and U.S. government really know about this issue, but they’ve sold the spectrum anyway. They’re basically using tobacco tactics. Did you read the article from The Nation about this? They did a six-month investigation about how the industry has been covering it up.

The Epoch Times: How does wireless radiation impact our bodies?

Mr. Sullivan: I think the most important thing people should know is Dr. Martin Pall’s work on the calcium channel. He has shown that these frequencies and fields can impact the calcium channel in our cells. Calcium channels are really fundamental to brain development, the immune system, T-cell function, the blood-brain barrier, the gut-brain barrier—they’re really a central factor.

The number one risk factor for autism is a calcium channel variation. From twin studies we know that the genetic component of autism is only about 38 percent. The rest is environmental, so we’re looking for environmental factors that can have an impact on the calcium channel. Dr. Pall has spoken about this at autism conferences.

Variations in calcium channel functioning are associated not just with autism, but with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. People with these variations are at a higher risk.

Calcium channel variations also increase the risk factor for electrosensitivity. But even if you have very normal calcium channel function, you can become electrosensitive with a high exposure. It still gets overloaded at some point, and especially as we add in more things like 5G.

So some people can get completely overloaded by wireless, but it’s not just the wireless. It’s really a combination of multiple things in the environment. Dr. Lisa Nagy says that people will frequently have mold exposures that can damage the calcium channel, and then that makes them more susceptible. Some people have toxic exposures. Some people have dental risk factors, like mercury fillings or infected root canals that also make them more susceptible. So you really have to lighten the load of all of these factors to stay ahead of the game right now.

The Epoch Times: We live in a world where lots of factors conspire against us.

Mr. Sullivan: And that’s what we’re looking at with autism. We went in thinking it was just going to be one gene, and one environmental factor. But it turns out it’s multiple genes but along the same pathway, and multiple environmental factors that are affecting that single pathway.

Of course, that pathway is also a target for drugs. So if folks are taking calcium channel blockers for their heart or their mental health, EMFs are working against those drugs. At some point you’re going to start having to control these exposures, and having a reality check on this whole thing. Some problems are not going to be solved by adding more drugs. We need to start removing interference factors to really restore our health.

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