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13 September 2014

The Cell Phone: "Intimate Friend" of Over 900 Million Indians - and a Slow Poison

Talking on Cell phone for over 24 minutes is dangerous
by Manish Upadhyay, freepressjournal.in, 10 September 2014

Indore : The device that has become intimate ‘friend’ of over 90 crore [900 million] Indians, Cell phone, could lead to brain tumor if the holder uses it for more than 24 minutes a day. But, more hazardous is radiations of mobile towers, which affects nearby residents for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, neither the residents nor the Union Government is taking any efforts towards this slow poison, whose consequences are dangerous.

The US and European countries have taken adequate measures to contain the problem but in India there is no serious move in this regard, said Dr Girish Kumar, Prof at IIT-Bombay, Department of Electrical Engineering, while talking to this correspondent. Dr Kumar is considered a crusader against hazardous effects of mobile phone and tower radiations in the form of microwaves. Dr Kumar also proved the dangerous consequences of radiation on animal kingdom through his researches. Dr Kumar, who arrived here to address a lecture, said that his researches had proved that excessive talk on cell phone is dangerous and it may lead to brain tumor.

As per the international standard, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for the human being should be 6 minute per day and its safety margin is 3-4 times, it means that a man should use the cell phone for 18 to 24 minutes per day. Because the microwave radiations emits from cell phone grossly put negative impact on the brain of human being. Citing about this efforts, Dr Kumar presented a detailed study report before the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) in December 2010. Thereafter, the Union Government made it mandatory for the cell phone manufacturing companies to specify the level of SAR on the packet of handset and also instructed them that the level of SAR should not be beyond 1.6 Watt per Kg.

Dr Kumar lamented that he had given his suggestions to GOM to control the radiations emits from mobile towers as well but they were not taken for consideration. While, the fact is that this one more hazardous to animal kingdom, because it emits round the clock dangerous microwave radiations. He cites the example of a microwave oven, which turn the state of object put into it after getting more heat waves. Indian telecom operator companies are using the shared towers for their transmitters. One tower carries more than 5 transmitters of different telecom operators. The compounding emission of microwave radiations from a tower in India stands at 200-450 watt which is 100 times more than the level fixed in the US, ie 3-4 watt.

The government is following norms of an NGO, ICNRP, which suggests the level 4500 mile watt per sq meter. Dr Kumar said: I gave my PowerPoint presentation before the then DOT Secretary Chandra Shaker to fix the standard first at 100 mile watt then to 10 mile watt. In January 2011, following pressure of telecom operators the DOT report recommended 450 mile watt. Later, the companies said that emission of radiations from the towers is at par level.

Hazardous effects of radiations

Dr Kumar says ‘the hazardous effects of the cell phone tower radiations cause headache, memory loss, anxiety, infertility and ultimately cancer. It has been endorsed by WHO as well in its report issued in 2012. My findings of cell phone tower radiations shows that birds do not come close to towers and yield of plants decreases.


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