Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

29 September 2017

Swiss Department Of Public Instruction Implements “Precautionary Principle” Regarding Wi-Fi And Other Smart Tech Devices

Great to get feedback on this recent directive, which has also been posted on the site of the Environmental Health Trust.

Swiss Dept. Of Public Instruction Implements “Precautionary Principle” Regarding Wi-Fi And Other Smart Tech Devices
by Catherine J. Frompovich
naturalblaze.com, 9 September 2017

In July of 2017, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport, Office for Children and Youth, Child and Youth Health Service of Switzerland did something rather unusual, but extremely proactive, to enforce the “Precautionary Principle.”

The Swiss Department of Public Instruction “issued a note on the risks of digital technology to health, which must be transmitted to all teachers at the start of the school year. The Service reminds us that screens also affect sleep and eyesight, and favor the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. The note briefly mentions electromagnetic radiation (in the context of cancer risk and the precautionary recommendations by the Federal Office for Public Health regarding use of Wi-Fi-WLAN). It is our hope that this note will also be sent to all physicians, especially pediatricians,” as per translation by the Editor of “Towards Better Health.” [2]

The information put forth by the Swiss Department of Public Instruction [1] borders on “dire” regarding the health problems no one in the microwave industry or its professional associations apparently wants to divulge to the public, since knowing such information rightfully would QUESTION the ‘universal’ acceptance and reliance upon harmful electromagnetic-radiation-emitting ‘smart’ technologies!

Research Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer - Lecture by Dr. Anthony Miller, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 31 July 2017

Research Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer Dr. Anthony Miller
(21 September 2017 - 8 mn)

Environmental Health Trust

Dr. Anthony Miller is a long time World Health Advisor and presented his updated opinion that cell phone wireless radiation met criteria to be classified as a human carcinogen in July 2017 at an expert forum. Learn more at https://ehtrust.org

Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health: Lecture by Theodora Scarato, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 31 July 2017

Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health: Policy Update 6/2017 Lecture 
(23 September 2017 - 9 mn.)

Environmental Health Trust

Jackson Hole Wyoming Symposium 2017, Theodora Scarato MSW presented as part of a panel presentation with World Health advisors  Dr. Anthony Miller and Dr. Annie Sasco. Slides and full panel presentation series https://ehtrust.org

International Agency for Research on Cancer Classification of Cell Phones - Lecture by Dr. Annie Sasco, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 31 July 2017

International Agency for The Research on Cancer Classification of Cell Phones Dr. Annie Sasco
(21 September 2017 - 11 mn)

Environmental Health Trust

Dr. Sasco gave this expert lecture on July 31, 2017 at an expert symposium in Jackson, Wyoming alongside other international experts in the field. Watch full lecture online at https://ehtrust.org

Dr. Devra Davis Introduces Panel of Speakers at "Dialogue with the Doctors", Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 31 July 2017

Devra Davis Introduces Panel of Speakers at "Dialogue with the Doctors" 
(25 August 2017 - 8 mn.)

Environmental Health Trust

Dr. Devra Davis introduces the panel of speakers at a July 31, 2017 event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - "Dialogue with the Doctors about Cell Phones, Wireless and Your Health: A Scientific Update with Practical Recommendations"

28 September 2017

Rhode Island: Students' Request for Screen-Free Time Included in Cumberland Schools' New Strategic Plan

Students’ request for screen-free time included in Cumberland schools’ new strategic plan
by Ethan Shorey, Valley Breeze Managing Editor, 20 September 2017

CUMBERLAND – Cumberland High School students, tired of spending too much time looking at electronic screens, are asking for “screen-free days” in the future, and school officials say they’re inclined to oblige.

The request from students is a key takeaway from a new three-year strategic plan unanimously approved by the School Committee last week, a “working draft” that school officials say is designed to improve Cumberland schools over the next three years.

The focus statement for the 2017-2020 strategic plan is “We believe. No excuses. Only results.”

Everyone in the local school community rallied around the “We believe” statement in particular, said Supt. Bob Mitchell.

According to Mitchell, the strategic plan calls for the Cumberland School Department to be a “top five” district in Rhode Island across all levels within three years. Local schools are “knocking at the door already on a couple of levels,” he said.

26 September 2017

Li-Fi Eyes Opportunity as France Bans Wi-Fi in Schools

To find out more about how Li-Fi works click here.

Li-Fi eyes opportunity as France bans Wi-Fi in schools
by  Robert Leemingluxreview.com, 23 May 2017

Wi-Fi has been banned by the French state in an attempt to protect 
young people from 'possibly carcinogenic' electromagnetic waves.
The French government has moved to outlaw Wi-Fi in nurseries, schools and childcare centres that cater for children under six. The move is offering inspiration to the creators of Li-Fi, a system that uses light to provide internet access.

Wi-Fi has been banned by the French state in an attempt to protect young people from ‘possibly carcinogenic’ effects of the transmissions.

Li-Fi, by contrast, uses visible light from LED luminaires to transmit information and escapes the ban.

New Apple Watch Reignites Concerns Over Radiation

Apple's new Watch has reignited debate over the risks of
exposure to radio frequency radiation.
New Apple Watch reignites concerns over radiation
by Catherine Ho, San Francisco Chronicle,
25 September 2017

The newly released Apple Watch — with its added feature of cellular connectivity — is reigniting concerns among some public health researchers and medical experts over the potential health risks of longterm exposure to radiation from cell phones.

There is no definitive data from federal health regulators showing a direct link between cell phone radiation — also known as radio frequency radiation — and health problems in humans. But recent research indicates that exposure to cell phone radiation is the likely cause of malignant growths in the brains and hearts of male rats, and can cause neurological damage in rats born to mothers that were exposed to the radiation during pregnancy.

25 September 2017

Watch CNN's "Vital Signs" on Electrosensitivity

Hi Everyone,

Now available for viewing:  Vital Signs (Sanjay Gupta) - on electro-sensitivity.

As of 25 September 2017,  it is on the CNN Website, divided into 3 videos:

Part 1: Welcome to the National Quiet Zone - with Diane Schou and Prof. David Carpenter.

Part 2: Reducing Wireless Exposure - With Dr. Joel Moskowitz; Melissa Chalmers; Kevin Mottus; Dafna Tachover; and Dr. Hillert from the Karolinska Institute.

Part 3: Living in the National Quiet Zone - with Leo Haleply from Turkey

24 September 2017

The Real Dangers of Electronic Devices and Electromagnetic Fields

The Real Dangers of Electronic Devices and EMFs
by Dr. Mercola, 24 September 2017

Story at-a-glance

  • Exposure to microwave radiation from cellphones, routers, cordless phones, smart meters, baby monitors and other wireless devices causes massive mitochondrial dysfunction due to free radical damage
  • Excessive free radicals triggered by low-frequency microwave exposure from wireless technologies have been linked to cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s, infertility and more
  • In addition to remediating obvious EMF exposures, strategies that may help reduce the harmful effects of EMFs include optimizing your magnesium level, eating Nrf2-boosting foods and pulsing molecular hydrogen

I was recently interviewed by Dave Asprey when I visited his Bulletproof lab on Vancouver Island.1 In it, I review the real dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by electronic devices. I will also do a more comprehensive lecture on this topic at Asprey's Bulletproof Conference October 13 through 15 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California.

23 September 2017

Canada: C4ST Submission to the Industry, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Public Consultation on 5G

C4ST Submission to the Industry, Science and Economic Development (ISED) public consultation on 5G
c4st.org, 15 September 2017

Click here to download pdf version of this letter

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Ottawa, ON
September 15, 2017

To: ic.spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre.ic@canada.ca

RE: Canada Gazette, Part I, June, 2017, “Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G”, notice

reference number (SLPB- 001-17).

Dear Sir or Madame:

This submission is regarding the Canada Gazette, Part I, June, 2017, “Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G”, notice reference number (SLPB- 001-17). Specifically question 7-2.

Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST) is aware that Industry, Science and Economic Development (ISED) has adopted Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 guidelines as its standard for safe exposure of people to wireless radiation of the frequency bands under the proposed licensing. From past experiences, we know that Health Canada has been slow to act on other public health issues e.g. cigarette smoking, thalidomide and asbestos.

21 September 2017

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
saferemr.com, 12 September 2017 - updated 20 September 2017

Scientists from the National Toxicology Program presented their data on the genotoxicity of cell phone radiation in rats and mice at the annual meeting of the Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society held in Raleigh, North Carolina from September 9-13, 2017.

Male and female rats and mice were exposed to 2G cell phone radiation, either CDMA or GSM, for 18 hours per day in 10 minute intervals. The rats were exposed to cell phone radiation at 1.5, 3, or 6 W/kg specific absorption rate (SAR) for 19 weeks from gestation day 5. The mice were exposed to radiation at 2.5, 5, or 10 W/kg SAR for 13 weeks from postnatal day 5.

DNA damage was assessed in three brain regions, in liver cells and in blood leukocytes using the comet assay. Chromosomal damage was assessed in peripheral blood erythrocytes using the micronucleus assay. 

DNA damage was significantly increased:

18 September 2017

California: 5G Opponents Launch Statewide Media Campaign

"Trying to eliminate local control over the placement of powerful wireless antennas shows that the industry is fully aware of the public health problems associated with wireless radiation," said Reinette Senum, a City Council member and former Mayor of Nevada City. "If there was nothing to worry about, why would they be so opposed to any local control?"

5G opponents launch statewide media campaign
by Christian Hargrave, Assignment Editorappdevelopermagazine.com, 17 September 2017

A coalition of California environmental, health and community groups, "California Alliance for Safer Technology," announces the launch of a radio and social media campaign to raise awareness of pending legislation eliminating local control over placement of wireless antennas in communities throughout California. The campaign, in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, is based on mounting evidence that exposure to wireless radiation is associated with an increased risk of cancer and neurological and reproductive problems.

"This is a basic issue of involuntary exposure and the right of citizens to protect their own health and safety," says Ellen Marks, founder of the California Brain Tumor Association. "We're not against technology, but 5G has not been proven safe. People should have a right to decide if they want a powerful radiation-spewing antenna in front of their home or not."

17 September 2017

Want to Stop Letting Silicon Valley Control Our Lives? Refuse to Buy the New iPhones

Want to stop letting Silicon Valley control our lives? Refuse to buy the new iPhones
by Robert H. LustigAuthor, "The Hacking of the American Mind", qz.com,12 September 2017

We need to stop Silicon Valley from convincing us that we want the things
companies tell us we do.  (Reuters/China Daily)
Today marks the debut of Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X—the latter a $1,000 piece of equipment rumored to deliver a stunning augmented reality experience. As a technological feat, the phone’s augmented-reality capabilities may well be extraordinary. But they also signify a troubling assumption that powers much of today’s consumer technology: that daily human life is so painful, so boring, that we are all desperate for any possible means of escape.

As I explain in my new book, The Hacking of the American Mind, many of us may not hate reality as much as tech companies want us to think we do. Rather, consumer tech has conditioned us to seek out distraction, using a number of clever neuroscientific techniques that coerce us into complicity. If we want to reclaim our lives, we need to stop Silicon Valley from convincing us that we want the things companies tell us we do.

AirGig: Carrying 5G Millimeter Wave Internet Signals Along Power Lines

AT&T AirGig and 5g
whatis5g.info, September 2017

AT&T’s project AirGig, where 5G millimeter wave Internet signals are carried along power lines, is in the test phases right now. 

 If AT&T launches this, it means that if you work or live anywhere near a power line integrated with AT&T 5G, you will be exposed to the 5G mm wave radiation constantly. So it‘s not just the 5G small cells placed every few houses apart that would be radiating the mm wave radiation, but the entire power line!!!

16 September 2017

Firefighters Exempt Selves from California Bill to Save Others

Susan Foster
Firefighters Exempt Selves from Calif. Bill to Save Others
by Susan Fosterodwyerpr.com, 13 September 2017

California firefighters are used to saving lives, and if SB 649 passes through the California Legislature this week, it looks like the lives they may be saving are their own.

For the first time in U.S. history, a health exemption has been granted to firefighters for their stations in California. The state’s firefighters have a history dating back to the late 1990s of fighting to get cell towers off their stations, and in a preemptive move the firefighters asked for and the legislators granted an exemption from SB 649.

This legislation, the “Wireless telecommunications facilities” bill, is essentially a telecom takeover giving wireless carriers the right to force cities and counties to lease available lampposts, the right-of-way and public buildings – with the exception of fire stations.

If Bill Passes, as Expected, Veto Needed

15 September 2017

Brain Tumor Association Condemns California Cellphone Tower Bill

Ellen Marks, Executive Director,
California Brain Tumor Association
Brain Tumor Assn. Condemns Calif. Cellphone Tower Bill
by Jack O'Dwyerodwyerpr.com, 15 September 2017

The Calif. Brain Tumor Assn. condemned passage of a bill Sept. 14 that allows proliferation of cell towers for the new 4G and 5G cellphone transmitting devices.

The Calif. Assembly voted 46-16 with 17 abstentions and the Senate voted 22-10 with 18 abstentions for a bill that forces local communities to lease their land to telecom companies for the new generation of cell towers that are needed every 5-10 houses according to some estimates. It now goes before Gov. Jerry Brown who could veto or not veto it.

CBTA said, "The burning question Gov. Brown should be asking himself as he makes a decision that could change California forever is this: If we exempt fire stations to protect firefighters, why are we allowing cell towers throughout neighborhoods, in front of preschools, schools, hidden in church steeples, on lampposts, utility poles and on most public buildings if these are too dangerous for fire stations?"

Electrosmog Suspected in Traffic Accidents

(Choice of image by Editor, "Towards Better Health")
Traffic accidents: Electrosmog suspected
by Andreas Gossweiler, Editor gesundheitstipp.ch, 12 September 2017
(partial access to document only) - translation

Researchers have found that where power lines cross the motorway, more accidents occur. They suspect that electrosmog can lead to brief unconsciousness in drivers.

It happened on the Kantonsstrasse between Reigoldswil and Ziefen BL: A brand-new bus from Autobus AG Liestal went off the road in the summer of 2009, passed a stream bed and came to a halt on a forest edge. The passengers were not injured, but the chauffeur suffered a bleeding wound on his head. The police said the accident had occurred because the chauffeur had "lost consciousness" for a short time.

13 September 2017

French Polynesia Launches Major Public Awareness Campaign to Reduce Exposure to Cell Phones, Wi-Fi and Other Electromagnetic Radiation Sources

French Polynesia Launches Major Public Awareness Campaign To Reduce Exposure To Cell Phones, Wi-Fi and Other Electromagnetic Radiation Sources

Prohibition placed on advertising cell phones to children under 14 and wireless internet banned from nursery school.

This information is From the Environmental Health Trust Press Release

French Polynesia has launched a major public awareness campaign to raise awareness about how to reduce exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from electronics, cell phones, and wireless devices as part of the country’s new law to reduce citizens’ exposures to electromagnetic radiation exposure. Legislation the country adopted in 2016 prohibits advertising of cell phones to children under 14, prohibits advertising cell phones without showing how to minimize radiation exposure to the head, prohibits wireless in nursery schools, limits wireless in primary schools and reduces exposures to workers.

Yet Another Reason Not to Hold Your Cellphone

Yet Another Reason Not to Hold Your Cellphone
by Dr. Mercola, 9 September 2017

Story at-a-glance

  • The popularity of cellphones makes this technology the most quickly accepted device in the history of consumer technology, leading to overuse, addictive behavior and increasing your risk of illness or disease
  • Recent research has identified over 20 different bacterial species on phones of secondary school students; other studies demonstrate proximity to cellphones increases your exposure to EMF radiation
  • Cellphone addiction increases your risk of exposure to radiation, triggering mitochondrial damage that may result in diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and inflammatory bowel disease to name just a few

Wireless Industry Brochures Lead The Public To Misinterpret That Wireless Is Safe

An example of the "Wireless Industry Playbook"
Wireless Industry Brochures Lead The Public To Misinterpret That Wireless Is Safe
ehtrust.org, posted here on 13 September 2017

Wireless Industry Creates “Communication Materials” And Propaganda: When The Public Misinterprets It As Cell Phones And Wireless Being Safe, Industry Does Not Clarify

Just as the Tobacco Industry created a “Playbook” to defend cigarettes and manufacture doubt about the health effects of cigarettes, the Wireless Industry seems to have a fine-tuned “Playbook” of advertising, public relations and industry-funded science to defend wireless products and falsely reassure the public that cell phones and wireless products are safe.

Cell phones and wireless were never adequately tested for human health effects. Wireless devices were not premarket tested for long term safety. Research has accumulated indicating that wireless “radiofrequency” radiation has serious biological effects. Despite this reality, the wireless industry has and is currently heavily funding a public relations effort that propagates the myth that cell phones and wireless “are safe”. This webpage is an educational resource documenting materials used for the wireless industry “Playbook”.


11 September 2017

A Chicken in Every Pot and a Cell Tower on Every Garage

5G cells being proposed to blanket CA 
(Image by whatis5G.info)
"A lot more people will be flooding into doctors' offices and emergency rooms, looking for the unknown cause of the terrible headaches, confusion, ear ringing, seizures, nose bleeds, chest pain, heart palpitations, severe insomnia, and numerous other symptoms that people have reported as result of massive exposure to wireless radiation... The doctors may or may not be able to properly diagnose them and the treatments are few and far between, other than avoidance of wireless radiation."

A Chicken in Every Pot and a Cell Tower on Every Garage
by Jenny Miller, OpEdNews Op Eds, 
9 September 2017

In 1928, when Herbert Hoover was running for President, the slogan of the Republican National Committee was "a chicken every pot and a car in every garage." Times have changed. Many millennials are turning to vegetarianism, and cars are not the necessary status symbol for them that they were for previous generations. However there is one thing that all age groups can agree on in 2017. We need wireless connectivity, the more the better. Smart meters, smart phones, wireless printers, smart refrigerators, smart toothbrushes, smart bras, smart condoms, smart diapers, smart dolls, smart watches, driverless cars, a whole universe of wirelessly connected objects to make our lives effortless and allegedly less wasteful of natural resources. What could go wrong?

10 September 2017

Switzerland: Life Under High Voltage

Concerned:  Hans-Ulrich Jakob is anything but 
enthusiastic about his results in Aspi.
Image:  Nicole Philipp
Life under high voltage
by Nikola Stosic, bernerzeitung.ch
7 September 2017- Google translation

Residential houses in Aspi near Seedorf are directly below the high-voltage line. Swissgrid plans to strengthen this. But how do the residents deal with the permanent influence of electrosmog?

We can neither see nor feel electric and magnetic fields. Nevertheless, they are ubiquitous. For example, when switching on coffee machines, on the train and around our electricity lines. This fact makes many people insecure. But Swiss households need electricity - a lot of electricity. This must be somehow transported.

If there is more electricity, the line capacities must be increased. In order to avoid bottlenecks, the Swiss electricity grid is therefore constantly being modernized and expanded. This includes, for example, the planned expansion of the line between Bassecourt JU and the Bernese Mühlenberg.

In Aspi near Seedorf this line runs directly over the roofs of the village. But what does it mean to live under a high-voltage line?

08 September 2017

Municipal Fiber Optic Networks Are the Fuaure, Home Automation Expert Says

Timothy Schoechle : "We don’t need all these 5G wireless networks because they are much more expensive than fiber. And that’s why utilities and the telecom industry want to build them: to make a profit. They have to do this every 10-20 years — reinvent new generations of technology — to be successful, otherwise they go out business. It’s called planned obsolescence: your old phone doesn’t work with the new technology because they want sell you new phones."

Municipal fiber optic networks are the future, home automation expert says
by André Fauteux, Editor La Maison du 21e siecle magazine, maisonsaine.ca/english25 May 2017

Smart meters are not useful for
much but they allow utilities to cut
operating costs, says home automation
expert Timothy Schoechle
A pioneer in home automation since 1983 and founder of CyberLYNX Gateway Corp, Timothy Schoechle has been in the communications and computer engineering fields since the mid-1970s and engaged in standardization since the early 1980s in a variety of both expert and leadership roles. Dr. Schoechle played pioneering roles in such technologies as microprocessors, home networks, barcodes, Radiofrequency identification (RFID), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and energy systems. His main activity is as a consultant, advising governments, organizations, and law firms on standards policy and patent issues.

He has a PhD in Communication Policy and is active in various international standards educational and research initiatives including the biennial SIIT conference (Standardization and Innovation in IT) and an international journal on standards research.

Radiation Dangers Spelled Out to Canadian Officials

Justin Trudeau
Flynn's letter "should be required reading in schools, libraries and other public and private institutions."

Radiation Dangers Spelled Out to Canadian Officials
by Jack O'Dwyerodwyerpr.com, 7 September 2017

Retired Canadian Army Captain Jerry Flynn has spelled out the dangers of microwave radiation in a 1,300-word letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Health Ginette Taylor.

Flynn, who worked on the use of electromagnetic radiation for national defense, sent his letters Aug. 6. He has long sought to bring the issue to government and health officials in Canada and the U.S. without success.

“Inconceivably, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Health Canada want to, yet again, follow the lead of the notoriously corrupt Federal Communications Commission, a pawn of the broad communications and electronics industries, the very organizations FCC are supposed to regulate!” he wrote. “Like FCC in the USA, HC and ISEDC are drooling at the prospect of bringing unproven, untested (for 'safety,' both biologic and health effects on humans) "5G" technology to an unsuspecting, trusting, already wirelessly-addicted, and utterly defenseless Canadian population, who don't seem to have a clue what is happening to them!”

Over 2,000 Peer-Reviewed Studies Show a Big Problem with Your and Your Children's Favourite Gadgets

[How mobile phone radiation penetrates the brain.]
Over 2,000 Peer-Reviewed Studies Show a Big Problem with Your and Your Children's Favourite Gadgets
by ARJUN WALIAcollective-evolution.com
6 September 2017

According to the World Health Organization (WHO):

As societies industrialize and the technological revolution continues, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number and diversity of electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. These sources include video display units (VDUs) associated with computers, mobile phones and their base stations. While these devices have made our life richer, safer and easier, they have been accompanied by concerns about possible health risks due to their EMF emissions.

European Union 5G Appeal - Scientists Warn of Potential Serious Health Effects of 5G

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G
via saferemr.org, 13 September 2017

The declaration and list of signatories can be found here:

Increased radiation from cell towers poses potential risks, say scientists from around the world.

(Örebro, Sweden) Over 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries sent a declaration to officials of the European Commission today demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas for planned 5G expansion. Concerns over health effects from higher radiation exposure include potential neurological impacts, infertility, and cancer.

“The wireless industry is trying to deploy technology that may have some very real unintended harmful consequences,” explains one of the organizers of the letter, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden. “Scientific studies from years ago along with many new studies are consistently identifying harmful human health impacts when wireless products are tested properly using conditions that reflect actual exposures. With hazards at those exposures, we are very concerned that the added exposure to 5G radiation could result in tragic, irreversible harm.”

07 September 2017

That Smartphone Can Wait Until 8th Grade

Please join us in waiting until at least 8th grade. Childhood is too short to waste on a smartphone. Let’s let kids be kids a little longer. 

That smartphone can Wait Until 8th

by Brooke Shannon, commercialfreechildhood.org
6 September 2017

Recently a group of parents and I started to discuss the mounting pressure to give our children their own smartphones at an early age.

We questioned why so many young children at school, sports, and parties are glued constantly to their smartphones. We wondered why on earth a first grader needed the latest iPhone 7. We agreed that the average age a child receives a smartphone—10 years old—is too young considering all the risks the device poses.

Smartphones are extremely distractive and addictive. The unrestricted access to the internet exposes them to sexting, cyber-bullying, and sexual predators. Plus, children are not emotionally equipped to navigate tricky social media waters. Viewing someone else’s highlight reel on social media often leads youth to think they are missing out or are not enough compared with their peers.

Many moms and dads said they wanted to wait as long as they could but knew it would be an uphill battle. So many parents we knew wished they had waited, but gave their child a smartphone because they did not want their child to be socially isolated without one. Social pressure was the number one reason parents caved on the issue.

Safety Calls for Removing Wireless Technology from Schools

Catherine Kleiber: Safety calls for removing wireless technology from schools
by Catherine Kleiber | local guest columnist, host.madison.com, 31 August 2017

(Photo): Use of cellphones and other wireless devices is now so pervasive that it's impossible to avoid exposure to RF radiation. But researchers are continuing to find that such exposure has detrimental effects on health. BEBETO MATTHEWS — Associated Press

Wireless technology must be removed from schools, libraries, and other public buildings because it is carcinogenic, is an endocrine disrupter, and causes other detrimental biological effects.

Wireless technology — used by cellphones and other devices — works by sending messages encoded in radiofrequency (RF) radiation, often in the microwave range. For instance, Wi-Fi operates at the same frequency as microwave ovens.

The Federal Communications Commission based its safety standard for RF exposure on the amount of tissue heating, but evidence shows that tissue heating is not the only mechanism by which RF radiation can cause harm.

When Screens Harm Our Children

"You've been playing on this tablet for 2 hours.  Now, you
are going to watch TV in your bedroom!"
When Screens Harm Our Children
by Sophie Davaris, ABO+, Tribune de Genève, 26 August 2017 - translation

See also the previous post, « Uses of Digital Technology : Risks to Health »

Health: Exposure to tablets, TV, and smartphones alter the development of toddlers. In Geneva, doctors and teachers are sounding the alarm

By age 7, a child will have spent an entire year of his life in front of a screen. At age 18, three whole years. The British Medical Journal’s 2012 report sends shivers up the spine. Since spring, voices are raising to denounce the dangers of TV, smartphones, tablets and other consoles for babies and young children. Dazzled by these devices which sometimes even captivate us, we have under-estimated their negative effects on our offspring.

At the end of May, Le Monde published a warning from twelve professionals. Pediatricians and child psychiatrists, psychologists, speech and language pathologists raised a “major public health issue”. Overexposure to digital technology causes a host of ailments. Whatever the social environment, these specialists describe children who are not developing normally: they do not speak, they do not communicate, they are very agitated or, conversely, they are passive. According to the authors, these disorders are similar to the symptoms of autism, with the major difference that they disappear when screens are removed.

Geneva doctors are concerned

Switzerland: Note Issued by the Child and Youth Health Service of Geneva on the Health Risks of Use of Digital Technology

In July 2017, the Child and Youth Service of the Department of Public Instruction, Geneva canton, issued a note on the risks of digital technology to health which must be transmitted to all teachers at the start of the school year. The Service reminds us that screens also affect sleep and eyesight, and favor the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. The note briefly mentions electromagnetic radiation (in the context of cancer risk and the precautionary recommendations by the Federal Office for Public Health regarding use of Wi-Fi- WLAN). It is our hope that this note will also be sent to all physicians, especially pediatricians.

Republic and Canton of Geneva
Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport
Office for Children and Youth
Child and Youth Health Service

Uses of Digital Technology: Health Risks
July 2017 - Translation by the Editor of "Towards Better Health"


In the course of the last two decades, the use of MITIC (media, images and information and communication technologies) has grown tremendously and children’s access to screens, limited up until now to television, has considerably developed. Today, young children are already exposed to these technological devices. The concerns of the medical and educational world about the possible effects on the health and development of children are the subject of more and more studies and publications.

The use of digital technology for educational purposes and in teaching is gaining momentum. It is important to know the health effects of MITIC and to take into account that the use of these devices for entertainment purposes is also increasing. Most of the problems described below are all the more important as the use of screens comes early and is prolonged. The introduction of digital technology in school is also an opportunity to communicate preventive messages to children and young people for an optimal use of these devices.

02 September 2017

Cell Phone, Wireless Radiation Classified 'Group 1 Carcinogenic to Humans'

Cell phone, wireless radiation classified ‘group 1 carcinogenic to humans’
by Peter Oluka, The Guardian Nigeria,  01 September 2017

(Photo):  A scientific view by an expert cancer researcher and advisor to the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) has classified radio frequency (RF) radiation from any source – such as the signals emitted by cell phones, other wireless and cordless and sensor devices, and wireless networks

A scientific view by an expert cancer researcher and advisor to the World Health Organisation International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) has classified radio frequency (RF) radiation from any source – such as the signals emitted by cell phones, other wireless and cordless and sensor devices, and wireless networks – fully meets criteria to be classified as a “Group 1 carcinogenic to humans” agent.

01 September 2017

Update on National Toxicology Program Results of Experiments Regarding Cell Phones

Cell Phones
ntp.niehs.nih.gov, 29 August 2017

The National Toxicology Program has been conducting experiments in rats and mice on potential health hazards from cell phone radiofrequency radiation. NTP released a report on some important study findings on May 27, 2016. The complete results from all the rat and mice studies will be available for peer review and public comment by early 2018.

The report, “Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley SD Rats (Whole Body Exposure),” is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/055699.

The findings in this report were reviewed by expert peer reviewers selected by NTP and the National Institutes of Health. These reviews and responses to comments are included as appendices to this report, and revisions to the current document have incorporated and addressed these comments.

Here are some key points about the cell phone study: