Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

17 September 2019

Phonegate: On-going International Collective Actions

Phonegate: On-going international Collective Actions
phonegatealert.org, 17 September 2019

Within the framework of Phonegate, following is the list of legal actions in progress against mobile phone companies:


Xiaomi – Redmi Note 5 and Mi Mix 2S mobile phones

On April 15, 2019, the first criminal complaint within the framework of Phonegate was filed with the Paris Public Prosecutor against the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi by Attorney Elias Bourran of the Paris Bar and a class action lawsuit launched against the company on the platform “V pour Verdict”.

This action concerns the Redmi Note 5 and Mi Mix 2S mobile phones. Control tests by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) revealed that the SAR (specific absorption rate) exceeded the European regulatory limit of 2.0 W/kg for the head in the case of the Redmi Note 5 and for the trunk in the case of the Mi Mix 2S.

Time to Wake Up to the Global Public Health Issue of Phonegate

Latest developments in the Phonegate scandal, included in the 5 September revised text:

- French ministerial decree announces recall and ban on placing on the market and putting into service of two new smartphones
- FCC proposes to maintain current radiofrequency exposure standards for handheld devices, dating from 1996, this rule also applying to 5G phones and infrastructure
- Italy launches awareness campaign on the environmental and health impacts of mobile phone use in answer to the January 2019 court decision
- Chicago Tribune investigation of testing of popular cell phones for radiofrequency radiation
- Launch of class action lawsuits against Apple and Samsung in the United States and in Montreal, Canada. (*updated 17 September 2019)

Time to Wake Up to the Global Public Health Issue of Phonegate
by Meris Michaels, 23 May 2019 - Revised 17 September 2019 

Phonegate Press Book
For over 20 years, cell phone users have been knowingly misled about their true levels of exposure to radiofrequency (RF) waves under real conditions of use in contact with the body. Consumers have been doubly misled by not having been informed by the public authorities to keep the phone away from the body.

This issue concerns all of us and those we love. Most of us have cell phones. We hold them against our heads, keep them switched on in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked in a bra. Many of us are unaware that cell phone manufacturers are testing phones at a certain distance from the body, not in the ways that most of us use them, touching the body. These same manufacturers warn us to keep the phone at a distance from the body.

The authorities have been lax in implementing public health campaigns and recommendations to reduce RF exposure, especially regarding children, pregnant women and medically sensitive populations who are more vulnerable to these waves.

United States: Cellphone Users Sue Apple and Samsung Over Radiation Exposure

This is a new class action lawsuit filed by Andrus Anderson LLP in San Francisco on 10 September 2019, representing 16 plaintiffs against Apple and Samsung in a controversy some in the medical and scientific community are allegedly calling “Phone Gate.” (Case 3:19-cv-05707)

Cellphone Users Sue Apple and Samsung Over Radiation Exposure
by Alaina Lancasterlaw.com, 11 September 2019

San Francisco’s Andrus Anderson represents a class action of phone owners who say they would not have purchased or paid top dollar for their cells if they had known about the risks of contact with radiofrequency radiation.

iPhone 10
Andrus Anderson in San Francisco is representing 16 plaintiffs against Apple and Samsung in a controversy some in the medical and scientific community are allegedly calling “Phone Gate.”

The complaint, filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco, claims that members of the class action would not have purchased their phones had they known their Apple and Samsung devices exposed them to radiofrequency radiation exceeding the regulatory limits.

16 September 2019

Swiss Population Brings About a De Facto 5G Moratorium

High speed without guard rails
Media release: "Swiss population brings about a de facto 5G moratorium"
schutz-vor-strahlung.ch, 12 September 2019 - auto-translation

Zurich, 12 September 2019 The discussion on the new 5G mobile communications technology has reached a new dimension. This is no coincidence: the three mobile operators Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt, have submitted more than three hundred building applications for 5G antennas in the past three months. Meanwhile, resistance to 5G is growing strongly in all regions of the country, and so are the objections to 5G building applications. The association "Schutz vor Strahlung" has now created a building law department to support the population in their objections.

The iPhone 7 May Be More Dangerous than Announced by Apple

The iPhone 7 may be more dangerous than announced by Apple
by Antoine Sillières, Le Lanceur, 6 September 2019 - translation

According to independent analyses by an American reporter of the Chicago Tribune, the iPhone 7 emits more waves than Apple says. Several other competing devices, such as Samsung and Motorola, exceed radiation standards when tested in real-life conditions.

Illustrative photo of danger of waves - cell phone
©  Tim Douet
While not a tabloid, the Chicago Tribune has nailed several international stars this summer, true global stars named iPhone 7, Samsung S8 and Motorola E5... which shine too brightly. Reporter Sam Roe, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2008 for an investigation into the dangers of certain toys, investigated for a year the human body's exposure to the waves emitted by our dear smartphones. He had several flagship models tested in a certified and independent laboratory. The results of the measurements, published in an article dated 21 August (read here), differ from those obtained by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the authority in charge of control in the United States. These results are also different from those presented by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR), its French counterpart, as pointed out by Marc Arazi, whistleblower, who has been investigating the subject since 2016.

13 September 2019

Switzerland: 5G Opponents Block 320 of 326 Antennas

5G opponents block 320 of 326 antennas
by P. Michel, 20min.ch, 13 September 2019 - auto-translation

5G opponents have raised objections against almost all building applications for antennas. The suppliers deny this number.

The expansion of 5G antennas by Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt is coming to a standstill: radiation opponents have filed objections to 320 of 326 building applications for the new antennas. These figures have been compiled by the "Schutz vor Strahlung" association. "We are absolutely overwhelmed", says Rebekka Meier to 20 minutes.

In this way, the population shows that "it can also implement a 5G moratorium itself, and it will maintain it in the near future". A total of 20,000 people, united in local groups, had signed the objections. For Meier, the flood of objections is tantamount to a "de facto 5G moratorium".

"Citizens recognize the dangers"

Phonegate: [Updated Press release] Will the original reports of the mobile phone tests remain secret?

Message from Phonegate Alert: 13 September 2019:
"We have updated this article with the report by the attorney Laurent Goldman of the Public Rapporteur's positions at the hearing held yesterday morning before the Council of State. If these conclusions are accepted, we will not be able to access the original and complete documents of the mobile phone test reports audited by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR)!"

[Updated Press release] Will the original reports of the mobile phone tests remain secret?
Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org, 6 Sep 2019

Article updated on 12 September 2019 following the public hearing before the Council of State.

Attached is the report of attorney Laurent Goldman who represents Dr. Arazi.

At this morning’s hearing, the public rapporteur, as announced, concluded that the appeal was inadmissible.

At this morning’s hearing, the public rapporteur, as announced, concluded that the appeal was inadmissible.
First, it noted that article L. 124-1 of the Environmental Code referred to access to “information” relating to the environment, and not to “documents”. It therefore concludes that the communication of the original reports is not required by this text.
On the completeness of the data posted by ANFR, the public rapporteur hid behind the court’s assessment that the content of the reports had not been modified. It considered that this assessment was sovereign, i.e. it was beyond the control of the Court of Cassation.
Finally, the public rapporteur considered that it was also sovereign that the court decided whether or not to order the production of the original reports for comparison with the data published online.

We are preparing a post-hearing submission to argue the public rapporteur’s positions. The decision of the Council of State should be rendered within 3 weeks and we will then know whether or not our appeal will be considered.

12 September 2019

24 New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (11 September 2019)

Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields
saferemr.com, 11 September 2019

Dr. Joel Moscowitz, University of California Berkeley, has been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once or twice a month since August, 2016. These updates are sent to several hundred EMF scientists around the world.

The latest additions appear below (title only).  For abstracts: 

The complete collection of abstracts now covers more than 750 scientific papers. This 527-page document (pdf) can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Note: This link will change when new abstracts are added to the collection.


International Symposium: “Biological Effects of Wireless Technology”

10 September 2019

The Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: Top Brands are Lying About Safety

The Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: Top Brands are Lying About Safety
By Ty & Charlene Bollinger, thetruthaboutcancer.com, 23 August 2019

As the controversy over 5G networks and cell phone radiation continues, it turns out that manufacturers aren’t playing fair. In a groundbreaking expose by the Chicago Tribune, popular phones by Apple, Samsung, and Motorola were found to produce radiation that exceeds federal limits. The new data has forced the FCC to investigate – and could be a major blow to the industry.

The question has been asked about as long as mobile phones have existed: “Are they safe?”

Manufacturers and service providers have assured us time and time again that radiofrequency radiation is nothing to worry about, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did eventually set limits.

For a cell phone to be approved for sale, it must undergo FCC-approved testing to determine the amount of radiofrequency radiation that will be absorbed by organic matter. This gives us an idea of just how much radiation users will experience, day in and day out. The current limit for cell phone radiation is 1.6 watts per kilogram.

1.6 W/kg. Keep that number in mind as we continue…

Journalists at the Tribune wanted to know if this threshold was truly being observed by manufacturers, so they funded their own testing to find out. They began with Apple’s iPhone 7. The test was conducted at a lab accredited by the FCC to perform the tests according to federal guidelines.

To conduct the tests, phones were placed under a tub containing liquid that simulates human tissue. The phone was then powered on and a call was placed so that it was operating at full power. For the next 18 minutes, a robotic sensor took over 275 measurements.

The phone was tested twice, once at 5 millimeters away from the liquid and once at 2mm away. The second test, they explained, was to simulate a phone being stored in clothing, like pockets. They measured this by cutting out pieces of dress shirts, T-shirts, jeans, track pants, and undergarments and using them to find the appropriate distance.

The iPhone 7 was tested in August of 2018, followed by 11 more phones in October: 2 more iPhone 7s, an iPhone 8, an iPhone X, an iPhone 8 Plus, a Galaxy S9, a Galaxy S8, a Galaxy J3, a Moto e5 Play, a Moto g6 Play and a Vivo 5 Mini.

The Tribune reports that the results of the first iPhone 7 test were so high that they wanted to test two more to be sure.

The results were staggering.

With a federal limit of 1.6 W/kg, nearly half of the phones failed the test at 5mm. At 2mm, representing a phone kept in your clothing, all but one failed. If the tests are accurate, this would be a catastrophic failure of FCC oversight, and severe ineptitude or diabolical deceit by the manufacturers (except Vivo, who was well within guidelines).

09 September 2019

Apple’s iPhone: Widespread Deception Over the Real SAR Levels

Apple’s iPhone: widespread deception over the real SAR levels
Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org, 9 Sep 2019

We asked Dr. Arazi, President of Phonegate Alert, to review in detail the revelations made on August 21, 2019 by journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Sam Roe in the Chicago Tribune and to place them in the overall context of the international Phonegate scandal. We start with the results of Apple’s iPhones, then in a next article we will discuss the results of the Korean manufacturer Samsung.

When and how did the contact with the journalist Sam Roe come about?

It is now more than a year and a half ago. I received an email in January 2018 from Sam Roe of the Chicago Tribune asking me for an interview. He had heard of the results of the specific absorption rate (SAR) tests carried out on hundreds of mobile phones by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR), of which we had obtained a first publication in June 2017.

08 September 2019

We tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating.

Full text of the article that made the front page of the Chicago Tribune on 21 August 2019.

We tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating.
By SAM ROE, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 21 August 2019 |

The Apple iPhone 7 was set to operate at full power and secured below a tub of clear liquid, specially formulated to simulate human tissue.

With the push of a button, a robotic arm swung into action, sending a pencil-thin probe dipping into the tub. For 18 minutes, it repeatedly measured the amount of radiofrequency radiation the liquid was absorbing from the cellphone.

This test, which was paid for by the Tribune and conducted according to federal guidelines at an accredited lab, produced a surprising result: Radiofrequency radiation exposure from the iPhone 7 — one of the most popular smartphones ever sold — measured over the legal safety limit and more than double what Apple reported to federal regulators from its own testing.

The Federal Communications Commission, which is responsible for regulating phones, states on its website that if a cellphone has been approved for sale, the device “will never exceed” the maximum allowable exposure limit. But this phone, in an independent lab inspection, had done exactly that.

07 September 2019

The FCC Needs to Update Its Cellphone Tests for Radiofrequency Radiation: Commentary by Dr. Devra Davis

Thank you to Jean Hudon in Québec for the full text of this commentary which ties the Chicago Tribune cell phone testing to the testing of cell phones in France (Phonegate).  The article has links to excellent references.

Commentary: The FCC needs to update its cellphone tests for radiofrequency radiation
by Devra Davis, Chicago Tribune, 26 August 2019

The Chicago Tribune recently published test results indicating that some cellphones can emit radiation causing exposure up to five times higher than current limits allow. This shocking data comes on the heels of the government of France’s revelations that phones emit radiation between four and 11 times their allowable limits.

Add caption
Photo: Lead technical engineer Jay Moulton places a cellphone in the testing position at the RF Exposure Lab in San Marcos, California, on Oct. 25, 2018. Test results indicate that some cellphones can emit radiation causing exposure up to five times higher than current limits allow. (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

For more than a decade, the Federal Communications Commission has knowingly relied on unrealistic test methods to evaluate radiofrequency radiation from a single phone selected for testing by major manufacturers. Repeated submissions and presentations to the FCC have documented numerous deficiencies in the current protocol, as noted in 2012 by the Government Accountability Office in a report mandated by Congress.

06 September 2019

A Dangerous Connection: Scientists Have Proven the Harmfulness of Mobile Phones for Children

A dangerous connection: scientists have proven the harmfulness of mobile phones for children - A unique study of the effects of electromagnetic radiation on students lasted 14
(Опасная связь: ученые доказали вредность мобильных телефонов для детей)

by Anna Urmantseva, iz.ru, 4 Sept. 2019 - translation of extract from article

Penetration depth

Photo: Izvestia / Alexander Kazakov
The authors of the study are sure: changes in the psychophysiological parameters of children - users of mobile phones, convincingly prove that the chronic effect of electromagnetic radiation adversely affects the child. Children are at risk because their skull is thinner than that of adults, they have less brain mass - because of this, more vital structures can be exposed to radiation from gadgets.

According to scientists, the question of the specifics of the distribution of fields and the amount of energy absorbed by the brain of a child has been discussed in recent years in almost all international forums. In 1996, a scientific work was published on the calculations of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by brain structures by American researchers (Gandhi, O., Lazzi G., Furse C).

Schools Pushed for Tech in Every Classroom. Now Parents are Pushing Back.

Schools Pushed for Tech in Every Classroom. Now Parents Are Pushing Back.

Schools spent millions of dollars on devices and programs; some question how much it’s helping

Schools pushed for tech in every classroom. Now parents are pushing back.
by Betsy Morris and  Tawnell D. Hobbs, wsj.com, Sept. 3, 2019 **

Teachers at an elementary school in Montgomery County,
Photo: Greg Kahn for the Wall Street Journal
When Baltimore County, Md., public schools began going digital five years ago, textbooks disappeared from classrooms and paper and pencils were no longer encouraged. All students from kindergarten to 12th grade would eventually get a laptop, helping the district reach the “one-to-one” ratio of one for each child that has become coveted around the country. Teaching apps and digital courses took the place of flashcards and notebooks.

Despite the investment, academic results have mostly slipped in the district of about 115,000 students.

Over the last decade, American schools embraced technology, spending millions of dollars on devices and apps, believing its disruptive power would help many children learn faster, stay in school and be more prepared for a competitive economy. Now many parents and teachers are starting to wonder if all the disruption was a good idea.

Phones Buzz in Class—With Texts From Mom and Dad

Phones Buzz in Class—With Texts From Mom and Dad - Schools are instituting phone bans to cut down on classroom distractions; ‘My mother texts me all the time’
By Julie Jargon, wsj.com, Updated 3 Sept. 2019 - extracts from article

Illustration: Veronica Grech
Cellphone usage in class is getting so out of control that some schools are locking up students’ phones during the day. Here’s a notification for you parents: You’re partly to blame.

Students, teachers and administrators say parents light up their kids’ phones throughout the day with text messages. Students tell me they feel obligated to reply to their parents quickly, even if the text isn’t urgent.

“Out of all people, you’d think your parents don’t want you on your phone,” said Darya Iranmanesh, a 16-year-old in Lexington, Mass. “My mother texts me all the time.”

Cell Phone Testing in the U.S. and Europe: Electromagnetic Radiation: Frying More than Promised...

Electromagnetic radiation:
Frying more than promised...
by Nicolas Bérard, Journal l'Age de faire, no.144, 5 September 2019

In both the United States and Europe, a large number of mobile phones are being launched as they emit radiation that exceeds regulatory values.

The Chicago Tribune conducted the investigation. Alerted to the "Phonegate" case, this major American daily newspaper had an independent laboratory carry out SAR (specific absorption rate, depending on the waves emitted) measurements on eleven of the most popular phones on the market. Although the measurement system is not exactly the same on the other side of the Atlantic, one of the main problems is the same as in our country: regulatory measurements are made 10 or even 15 mm from the skin when, in reality, users tend to stick their mobile phones to their ears and keep them in their pockets, less than 2 mm from the body.

05 September 2019

EMF Studies: Industry Funding Sways Findings

See excerpt from Dr. Carpenter's study at end of this post.

EMF Studies: Industry Funding Sways Findings
Power Line-Cancer Links Show Consistency, Not Contradictions

microwavenews.com, 4 September 2019

Industry-funded studies have promoted false doubts about EMF cancer risks and led to the failure of the public health community to reduce exposures, argues David Carpenter in a paper published last week in Environmental Research.

Carpenter, the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany in upstate New York, shows that, over the last 20 years, findings on the link between power line (ELF) EMFs and childhood leukemia have been heavily influenced by their source of funding. Government or independently sponsored studies have “consistently” shown that higher exposures lead to the greater cancer risks, while those supported by electrical utilities “consistently” have not.

These superficial contradictions have led to unwarranted doubt and inaction, according to Carpenter: “The public is confused and many times the press declares that results are ‘inconsistent’ when in fact they are very consistent if one does not consider the results of industry-funded studies.”

FCC to Investigate Cellphone Radiation Exposure:

28-min. conversation with Sam Roe, former investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune who wrote the article on cellphone testing in the U.S. (click here for link to article and radio broadcast).

FCC to Investigate Cellphone Radiation Exposure
by Michael Krasnykqed.org, 28 August 2019

The Chicago Tribune tested 11 brand-new cellphone models
from four companies.
(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
A Chicago Tribune investigation tested the amount of radiation exposure from cell phones and found many phones exceeded the legal safety allowed limit. The Tribune funded lab tests on various cell phone models and found the popular iPhone 7 measured more than double the radiation Apple officially reported to federal regulators. In response, the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates cell phones, says it will now conduct its own testing. Forum discusses the investigation and whether we should worry about radiation exposure.

Read the Chicago Tribune's radiation exposure test here.

Samuel Roe, regional investigative director, Gannett


04 September 2019

Switzerland: The Anti-5G Poll Candidates in Bern

The Anti-5G poll candidates in Bern

Society - Activists sent a series of questions to all candidates for the Swiss Parliament to find out their position.

by Céline Garcin, ABO, Tribune de Genève, 2 September 2019 - translation

Operators continue to deploy 5G antennas, but opponents
of this new technology are not giving up. 
Image: Martial Trezzini
The Anti-5G are not giving up. While operators continue to install antennas for the deployment of this new technology in Switzerland, concerned citizens and politicians continue to fight to enforce the precautionary principle as long as all health and environmental risks are not ruled out. In August, the Swiss and Geneva groups in favor of a moratorium called on all candidates in the federal elections to find out their position on this issue. Their answers will be published on the Internet at the beginning of October.

Few studies available

"The few studies available point to unprecedented effects on insects and biodiversity," said Michèle Rivasi, a French Green MEP who was in Geneva yesterday. "Operators themselves acknowledge in their presentation that MiMo multibeam antenna technology results in radiation levels at 50 m much higher than those from conventional 3G or 4G antennas. [...] This is why it is urgent to have all the necessary biological and health impact studies available before any deployment of 5G."

Too Many Waves! Huawei, Nokia, Wiko... 17 Models of Different Brands Pinned for Excessive Radiation

We would like to see more articles in the press on this important issue, linking the cell phone tests conducted in the U.S. at the request of the Chicago Tribune with those carried out in France, the results of which were revealed thanks to the actions of Dr. Marc Arazi and the Phonegate Alert Association.  

Too many waves! The list of smartphones caught at fault
by Benjamin Douriez, 60millions-mag.com, 21 August 2019, updated 22 August 2019 - auto-translation*

Huawei, Nokia, Wiko... About fifteen models of different brands have been pinned for excessive radiation, and require updating.

Does your smartphone emit too many waves? This is a question that many consumers should ask themselves. While regulations set a maximum level of electromagnetic radiation for mobile phones, some models have exceeded or even still exceed it.

The National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) is in charge of controls on this subject. According to our count, within a year and a half, it pinned seventeen models for non-compliance with the authorized specific absorption rate (SAR).

A too confidential list

02 September 2019

The Real Dangers of 5G

The real dangers of 5G - Godfrey Farrugia
by Godfrey Farrugia, Opinion, timesofmalta.com, 31 August 2019

5G holds an agenda for total control. It is stated that when it is introduced in 2020, it can be used for “anything, anywhere, anytime in an unlimited manner”. I am all for digital progress but not at the expense of having an adverse impact on human and environmental health.

It is not my intention to go into the merits that 5G violates human rights and informed consent. My interest, as a family doctor and a representative of the people, is society’s well-being.

We live in a society whose quality of life and health is being drastically affected by air, water and land pollutants, which are man induced.

One such pollutant, which we do take for granted, is the accumulation of artificial electromagnetic fields that at times reach the thresholds of an electrosmog. It is an established fact that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has increased by tenfold on the top of the background, natural EMR.

01 September 2019

Apple, Samsung Class Action Says Phones Emit Radiation

First class action filed against Apple and Samsung in the United States on 23 August 2019.  (Case No. 5:19-cv-05322, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California)

"The putative Apple Class Members include: “All persons who purchased an iPhone 7, 8, or X for personal or household use in the United States.”

"The possible Samsung Class Members include: “All persons who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, or J3 for personal or household use in the United States.” "

Apple, Samsung Class Action Says Phones Emit Radiation
By Steven Cohen, topclassactions.com, 27 August 2019

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple and Samsung from consumers who claim that iPhones and Galaxy smartphones emit more radiation than is allowable by law.

Eleven plaintiffs allege that the cellphones exceed the maximum limit allowed for radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure.

“In fact, Defendants market and sell some of the most popular smartphones in the world – including Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy phones – as emitting less RF radiation than that set by law and as being completely safe to carry and use on or in close proximity to the human body,” the Apple class action lawsuit alleges.

Lawsuit Filed against Apple, Samsung after Chicago Tribune Tests Cellphones for Radiofrequency Radiation

This article includes a 3-min. video on the subject, presented by Sam Roe, the Chicago Tribune journalist who wrote the initial article on the cell phone testing. (The article has limited access so one may not be able to view the video.)

Lawsuit filed against Apple, Samsung after Chicago Tribune tests cellphones for radiofrequency radiation
by JOE MAHR, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 29 August 2019

Video caption: A new class-action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung alleges the cellphone makers “intentionally misrepresented" the safety of the devices, citing a Chicago Tribune investigation that tested popular smartphones for radiofrequency radiation and found some results over the federal exposure limit.

A group of lawyers has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung, citing a Tribune investigation that tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation and found some results over the federal exposure limit. The lawsuit — filed Friday in California, Illinois and Iowa — alleges that the phone makers “intentionally misrepresented" the safety of their devices, assuring users that the phones had been adequately tested and “were safe to use on and in close proximity to their bodies.”

31 August 2019

Phonegate Alert: [Press release] Nokia smartphone SAR: general deception suspected

After XIAOMI, a new complaint was filed in France at the Lyon Public Prosecutor's Office on 11 June 2019 against HMD GLOBAL OY (NOKIA) by the association ALERTE PHONEGATE and a new collective action launched in the context of the Phonegate case.  The owners and users of  NOKIA mobile phone models: 1 / 2.1 / 3 / 3.1 / 5 / 5.1 / 6.1 will be able to assert their rights by joining the class action launched against HMD GLOBAL OY on the platform V pour Verdict (text in French).

[Press release] Nokia smartphone SAR: general deception suspected
Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org, 18 July 2019

Phonegate: Criminal Complaint Against Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Xiaomi

Launch of a criminal complaint in France against Xiaomi and collective action for Redmi Note 5 and Mi Mix 2S users on 15 April 2019: Thanks to V for Verdict’s digital platform, users who are victims of Xiaomi can join the collective action brought by Me Elias Bourran in a few clicks to request: reimbursement of their phone, and damages.

Phonegate: criminal complaint against Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi
Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org, 15 April 2019

On behalf of “Phonegate Alert”, Me Elias Bourran, a lawyer at the Paris Bar, filed a criminal complaint with the Paris Public Prosecutor against the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi on Monday 15 April 2019.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Mi Mix 2S, sold in France through its stores, numerous distributors (FNAC, Darty, Boulanger,…) and the four mobile telephone operators (Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygues Telecom), have been controlled by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) and the specific absorption rate (SAR) has been observed to exceed the regulatory levels for the head and trunk respectively.

30 August 2019

Is It Safe to Carry Phones in Your Pocket? Apple and Samsung Slapped with RF Radiation Lawsuit

Is it safe to carry phones in your pocket? Apple and Samsung slapped with RF radiation lawsuit
by Daniel Petrovphonearena.com, 27 August 2019

Dust up your hazmat suits, people, your iPhone and Galaxy emissions are just short of Chernobyl levels, way higher than the safe ones presented to the FCC, and there is even a lawsuit now filed against them for doing that!

If you have been following the news in the past few days, you might be left with such an impression because of the infamous Chicago Tribune investigation that tested RF emissions on a number of few popular phones and found the FCC and phone makers' testing methods obsolete:

24 August 2019

Samsung Galaxy And Apple iPhone 'Radiation Scandal' Attracts Class Action Lawsuit

Message from Dr. Marc Arazi, President, Phonegate Alert Association, 25 August 2019:

"Several American media reports indicate that the law firm Fegan Scott LLC has launched a class action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung following the Chicago Tribune's revelations. In France since mid-April 2019 we have launched the first two criminal and collective actions via the Consortium of lawyers of #Phonegate Elias Bourran V pour Verdict against the manufacturers Xiaomi and Nokia. Thank you for spreading the word."

See the text of the 44-page class action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy And Apple iPhone 'Radiation Scandal' Attracts Class Action Lawsuit
by Zak Doffman, Contributor, forbes.com, 24 August 2019

In the least surprising news of the week, lawyers have already filed a class action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung, following revelations this week that the radiation emitted by smartphones from both manufacturers exceed safety standards—at least according to tests commissioned by the Chicago Tribune.

The tests, reported the newspaper, "conducted according to federal guidelines at an accredited lab," found that "radio-frequency radiation exposure from the iPhone 7—one of the most popular smartphones ever sold—measured over the legal safety limit and more than double what Apple reported to federal regulators from its own testing."

23 August 2019

Chicago-Based Law Firm Capitalizes on Reports Apple's iPhones Exceeded Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Levels

Beth Fegan, a managing partner of Fegan Scott, a Chicago-based law firm, said that "this could be the Chernobyl of the cell phone industry, cover-up and all." "

Law Firm Capitalizes on Reports Apple's iPhones Exceeded Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Levels in Some Tests

by Juli Clovermacrumors.com, 22 August 2019

A report yesterday from The Chicago Tribune suggested Apple's iPhones were emitting radiofrequency radiation beyond federal safety limits following independent lab testing, and now, a law firm is capitalizing on that report and has announced the launch of an investigation into the claims.

Fegan Scott, a Chicago-based law firm, has not yet levied a lawsuit against Apple, and it's not clear what "investigation" will be conducted. Beth Fegan, a managing partner, said that "this could be the Chernobyl of the cell phone industry, cover-up and all." 

22 August 2019

Phonegate: [Press Release] Revelation of the Chicago Tribune on the tests of the most popular cell phones in the United States

[Press Release] Revelation of the Chicago Tribune on the tests of the most popular cell phones in the United States.
Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org, 22 August 2019

In an article published on August 21, 2019, entitled “We tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating”, journalist Sam Roe reveals the result of more than a year of investigative work.

This journalist from the Chicago Tribune was part of a team of journalists who won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting for their examination of dangerous toys and other products for children. Roe has also been a Pulitzer Prize finalist four times.

Roe contacted us more than a year ago when he discovered information about our alert on the Phonegate industrial and health scandal following the revelations we obtained from the test reports carried out by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR).

The choice of independent tests

The Chicago Tribune chose to independently test 11 of the most popular mobile phone models, including Apple’s iPhone 7 and 8, Korean manufacturer Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S9, J3 and Motorola’s Motoe5 Play.

18 August 2019

"Tablets, PCs and Mobile Phones Change Our Brains" : Interview with Professor Dominique Belpomme

"So tablets, PCs and mobile phones change our brains": 
The French oncologist's warning about electromagnetic waves: "They lower children's IQ and also harm adults".
by Margherita Enrico, ilgiornale.it, 17 August 2019 (auto-translation)

Paris There is an archive, the largest in the world, maintained by an eminent (and controversial) French doctor considered a luminary but also viewed with some suspicion by the transalpine scientific community. In those files, facts and data on the damage caused by electromagnetic waves have been compiled.

He is Dominique Belpomme, 76, professor of oncology at the University Paris-Descartes, who took responsibility for a summary. Result: red code, serious danger, especially if we will be under the mantle of 5G. This is not a joke. Belpomme is famous for having published a very disturbing review on electrosensitivity three years ago and, thanks to him, France has recognized for the first time on a national basis a case of disability due to sensitivity to electromagnetic waves. The effects on the brain, which he considers not to be well understood by the public, can reduce the learning abilities of children and adolescents and even reduce their IQ. And if no action is taken, the consequences could be catastrophic.

80 per cent of children aged 3 to 6 can use tablets and mobile phones.

16 August 2019

Switzerland: 5G Interview with Geneva Resident, Elidan Arzoni

This is a new interview in English with Geneva resident Elidan Arzoni whose testimony on 5G appeared recently in Illustré. This clarifies certain points about the current status of 5G technology in Switzerland.

Sideeffects of living near 5G towers in Geneva Switzerland – testimonial
ADMIN, altermedicine.org, 10 August 2019

Elidon Arzoni
People experiencing health effects after the 5G was turned on in Geneva

I spotted an article on the Swiss website https://www.illustre.ch/magazine/5g-sentons-cobayes where residents suddenly report about strange side effects they have after the 5G towers have been turned on in Geneva Switzerland. These residents of the same neighborhood in Geneva suffer from various health problems. Are they the victims of a 5G technology whose dangers have not been sufficiently tested anywhere in the world? We are being forcibly radiated by 5G microwaves.

29-year-old Johan Perruchoud who has been living in Geneva for the past 11 years says that all problems started in April 2019 when the 5G in Geneva was officially turned on. Suddenly he started having problems falling to sleep. He felt at home as being in a microwave. Three antennas 5G have just been put into service nearby where he lives and other people complained of identical disorders, headaches, fatigue.

14 August 2019

Risks to Health and Well-Being From Radio-Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices

Risks to Health and Well-Being From Radio-Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices
Authors: Anthony B. Miller, Margaret E. Sears, L. Lloyd Morgan, Devra L. Davis, Lennart Hardell, Mark Oremus and Colin L. Soskolne - 13 August 2019 - complete text 

Frontiers in Public Health, 13 August 2019 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2019.00223
Policy Recommendations Based on the Evidence to Date

At the time of writing, a total of 32 countries or governmental bodies within these countries4 have issued policies and health recommendations concerning exposure to RFR (78). Three U.S. states have issued advisories to limit exposure to RFR (8183) and the Worcester Massachusetts Public Schools (84) voted to post precautionary guidelines on Wi-Fi radiation on its website. In France, Wi-Fi has been removed from pre-schools and ordered to be shut off in elementary schools when not in use, and children aged 16 years or under are banned from bringing cell phones to school (85). Because the national test agency found 9 out of 10 phones exceeded permissible radiation limits, France is also recalling several million phones.


10 August 2019

FCC Proposes No Change to Its RF Standards - Existing Rules Will Apply to 5G Phones and Infrastructure

FCC Proposes No Change to Its RF Standards - 
Existing Rules Will Apply to 5G Phones and Infrastructure
microwavenews.com, 8 August 2019, last updated 9 August 2019

After six years of study, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided not to revise its current safety limits for RF radiation. The rules, which were first adopted in 1996 and are the only ones governing cell phone exposures in the U.S., will continue to be based only on thermal effects.

“After a thorough review of the record and consultation with [the FDA and other health] agencies, we find it appropriate to maintain the existing radiofrequency limits, which are among the most stringent in the world for cell phones,” said Julius Knapp, the chief of the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology.

09 August 2019

5G Has an Energy Problem

5G has an energy problem
Swiss IT Magazine, 1 August 2019 - English auto-translation

(Quelle : pexels.com)
August 1, 2019 - 5G has a problem that has been little known so far: The technology is a massive power guzzler - both in terms of end devices and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the industry is concerned about optimization solutions.

The 5G expansion is currently being driven forward worldwide, with Switzerland playing a significant pioneering role ("Swiss IT Magazine" reported). As "Winfuture" reports with reference to the radio research department of the hardware and software manufacturer National Instruments, 5G has a very relevant but barely mentioned problem: energy consumption will increase massively both for the end devices and for the transmission infrastructures.

08 August 2019

International Phonegate Scandal

The Phonegate Alert Association has just updated its Website with this information explaining the Phonegate scandal: See original article for videos and information leaflet.

phonegatealert.org, 8 August 2019

There are hundreds of millions of victims worldwide, more than 300 million electrohypersensitive persons, and how many deaths and sick people suffering from pathologies such as begnin and malignant brain tumors, fertility disorders, particularly severe cognitive disorders in children

  • The European and international standards that have been regulating the placing on the market of mobile phones for 30 years are seriously deficient to protect the health and safety of users.
  • The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) that measures our level of thermal exposure to waves is a faulty and misleading indicator.
  • By using parameters that have nothing to do with real usage, manufacturers have knowingly misled consumers about the real SAR levels of their mobile phones.
  • One of the artifices used is the indicator, until the launch of the alert in July 2016 in France, of a distance measurement between 15 and 25 mm from the skin to measure body SARs.
  • During the control tests carried out in 2015 by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) on 95 mobile phone models taken from stores, 9 out of 10 exceeded the regulatory thresholdsof 2W/kg and 1 in 4, thethreshold of 4W/kg.
  • By using other artifices (which concerns more than 150 countries), such as the choice of testing on 10gr of tissues and an exposure time of 6mn, the SAR is once again reduced by at least three times.
  • Between the body SAR displayed by the manufacturer on the notice or in the store, and the real SAR, there may be deviations of more than 50 times.
  • Manufacturers are preparing to do the same for the new indicator, power density, which will be implemented (under development) on smartphones using the new 5G technology


06 August 2019

Exactly What is the Problem with Children Using Cell Phones?

Exactly What is the Problem with Children Using Cell Phones?
Parenting staff, parentingalpha.com, Updated on 6 August 2019

It is echoed repeatedly that parents need to be alert when it comes to the matter of children using cell phones and other tech gadgets. The warning is however ignored most of the time and is challenged by a section of scientists. It is also less publicized by the media, or not well understood by the parents.

In very simple words, these devices should be used sparingly and not in the same manner done by adults. The ultimate goal is to safeguard the well-being of children as they undergo childhood development milestones.

5G Agriculture – Food from Frankenstein Farming

5G Agriculture – Food from Frankenstein Farming
By Julian Rose, Global Research, August 01, 2019

The director of development at Ericsson, Marcin Sugak, is excited. He has a new toy to sell to agribusiness farmers. This particular toy, he claims, is going to ‘overcome’ all the difficult new challenges facing agriculture today. It will be ‘A revolution’, he declares. According to the Ericsson corporation, with this new toy, farmers will be able to look at their plants and animals from a completely ‘new perspective’.

Just what might this new perspective be?

A 5G perspective, of course!

The lucky plants and animals will be surrounded by thousands of tiny gadgets that will transmit back to the farmer precise details of their state of health or sickness. However, what is not mentioned and understood is that these tiny gadgets will, in the process, shoot a steady stream of high powered millimetre wave length microwave frequencies into the farmer’s best cows and crops, precipitating them to sicken and die.

02 August 2019

Switzerland: 5G Delayed Due to Objections and Moratoria

In Switzerland a rather rare picture: 5G antenna in Langenthal. Photo: Nicole Philipp

5G delayed due to objections and moratoria
by Simon Widmer, Tagesanzeiger.ch, 28 July 2019 - auto-translation

One in three Sunrise and Swisscom antenna construction applications has a complaint pending.

In Switzerland a rather rare picture: 5G antenna in
Langenthal. Photo: Nicole Philipp
When it comes to the introduction of the new 5G mobile communications standard, telecom providers cannot go fast enough. Sunrise and Swisscom in particular have announced ambitious expansion plans. On the company website, Swisscom promises to introduce 5G throughout Switzerland by the end of the year. Sunrise CEO Olaf Swantee also spoke of being able to offer 5G "in all regions" this year.

However, the resistance to 5G is much greater than previously known. According to the "Schutz vor Strahlung" association, 110 construction applications are pending throughout Switzerland. The number of unknown complaints is probably considerable.

30 July 2019

25 New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (29 July 2019)

25 new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, July 29, 2019

Dr. Joel Moscowitz been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once a month since August, 2016. Several hundred EMF scientists around the world receive these updates. The complete collection including the papers below contains more than 750 abstracts.

To see abstracts for the most recent papers or to download the entire 511-page document (pdf) go to:


International Workshop on Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Plants and Animals

29 July 2019

Five or More Hours of Smartphone Usage Per Day May Increase Obesity

Five or more hours of smartphone usage per day may increase obesity
sciencedaily.com, 25 July 2019

Recent study found risk of obesity increased by 43%

© Shutterstock
Date: July 25, 2019
Source: American College of Cardiology
Summary: As smartphones continue to be an inherent part of life and grow as a primary source of entertainment -- particularly among young people -- it leads to a decrease in physical activity. University students who used their smartphones five or more hours a day had a 43% increased risk of obesity and were more likely to have other lifestyle habits that increase the risk of heart disease.

28 July 2019

The Miseducation of Britain on 5G: the Guardian Also Gets it Spectacularly Wrong

The Miseducation of Britain on 5G: the Guardian Also Gets it Spectacularly Wrong
by Devra Davis, medium.com, 26 July 2019

Thanks to the Guardian’s latest piece asserting that concerns over 5G rank right up there with conspiracy theories claiming man never set foot on the moon, I now have something in common with British Member of Parliament, Tonia Antoniazzi. My sensible adult daughter recently asked, “What do I tell my friends who ask if you have gone off the rails buying into this Russian conspiracy that says 5G is dreadful?”

The Guardian reported today that Labor Party member, Antoniazzi, had to set aside similar queries from her family when she insisted on raising concerns about the health and environmental concerns over the roll-out of the British variant of 5G.

Here why I am with the esteemed Member of Parliament on this one. We agree with the Right Honorable Antoniazzi, that assurances from the government that all is well are hardly heartening. After all, this is the same government that for decades claimed that prenatal X-rays were of no consequence, protecting the nuclear medicine industry, ignoring the research of medical campaigner, Alice Stewart showing clear dangers to pregnancy.

25 July 2019

Were U.S. Diplomats Attacked in Cuba? Brain Study Deepens Mystery

Were U.S. Diplomats Attacked in Cuba? Brain Study Deepens Mystery
By Benedict Carey, The New York Times, 23 July 2019

“Something happened to the brain” of diplomats who reported odd ailments, a brain-imaging study suggests. But the cause is still unclear.

(Photo): A Cuban flag is raised in front of the U.S. embassy in Havana. The mysterious symptoms that struck U.S. diplomats in Cuba and China have baffled scientists since they were first reported in 2016. CreditCredit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times

In late 2016, dozens of United States diplomats working in Cuba and China began reporting odd mental symptoms: persistent headaches, vertigo, blurred vision, hearing phantom sounds. Since then, scientists and commentators have groped for plausible explanations. Deliberate physical attacks, involving microwaves or other such technology? Or were psychological factors, subconscious yet mind-altering, the more likely cause?

The strangeness of the symptoms, and the spookiness of the proposed causes, have given the story a life of its own in the diplomatic corps, the Pentagon and in assorted pockets of the internet where conspiracy theories thrive.

Now, researchers are reporting results from the first brain-imaging studies of 40 of those diplomats, who were carefully examined by neurologists after returning home from Cuba. The study, appearing on Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA, concludes that the diplomats experienced some kind of brain trauma. But the nature and cause of that trauma were not clear, as it did not resemble the signature of more familiar brain injuries such as repeated concussions or exposure to battlefield blasts.

Phonegate: [First reaction] “New smartphone withdrawals in France: Time to move up a gear in Europe”

[First reaction] “New smartphone withdrawals in France: Time to move up a gear in Europe”
Press Release, Equipe Phonegate, phonegatealert.org, 25 July 2019

In a press release published on 25 July 2019, relayed by the 60 million consumers website, the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) announced the withdrawal of two new smartphones marketed by the Malaysian company LEAGOO INTELLIGENCE CO. and by the Romanian company S.C. VISUAL FAN SRL.

Indeed, the tests of “trunk” SAR controls carried out in August and October 2018 by an approved laboratory showed that :

“ANFR measurements revealed values exceeding this limit. Indeed, the SAR of the LEAGOO S8 phone was measured at 2.39 W/Kg and that of the ALLVIEW X4 SOUL MINI S phone at 4.6 W/Kg”

Ministerial order prohibiting the sale of goods

Wireless Radiation: New Awareness Campaigns Launched by Cyprus and Italy

Compare the awareness campaign on environmental and health impacts of mobile phone use recently launched by the Italian Government with that of Cyprus regarding how to reduce wireless radiation exposures.

Environmental Health Trust 24 June 2019

Cyprus has launched an awareness campaign to educate the public on how to reduce wireless radiation exposures. The campaign includes large scale signs on pubic buses with the slogan “Don’t Irradiate Me: Learn How to Protect Me” along with posters, brochures and videos translated into both Greek and English.

The Campaign was launched at a press conference June 24, 2019 with recommendations include simple advice on how to protect children at home

24 July 2019

The First Real Boom in Virtual Reality? It’s Pornography.

The First Real Boom in Virtual Reality? It’s Pornography.
By David M. Ewalt. Wall Street Journal, 11 July 2019

Naughty America, one of the world’s most prolific producers of VR content, is at the forefront of a lucrative niche driving adoption of the technology

Adult content helped popularize new media formats like
VHS, Blu-ray and streaming video, and now it's doing the
same for virtual reality.  Photo: ISTOCK
Jill the babysitter is walking across the kitchen when she notices someone sitting at the counter. “Oh my god!” she says, clutching the towel wrapped around her body. “Mr. Johnson! I hope you don’t mind I used the shower.”

Mr. Johnson, like the babysitter, is a character in an adult video, and the actor who plays him doesn’t have any lines. The audience will never hear his voice or see his face, even though he does have a big part in the movie. This is virtual-reality pornography, and every scene is shot from his point of view.

Pornography has provided the first real boom in VR, and adult-entertainment companies like Naughty America—producer and distributor of “Bangin’ the Babysitter”—are leading the way. In the 18 months after producing its first VR video, the San Diego-based studio released 108 more, making it one of the most prolific producers of VR content in the world. In 2017, the company operated a booth at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and became the first adult business allowed to exhibit in 19 years.

23 July 2019

“With 5G, We are Guinea Pigs”: Swiss Magazine Reports First 5G Injuries in Geneva

“With 5G, We are Guinea Pigs”: Swiss Magazine Reports First 5G Injuries in Geneva
By Marc David,
Global Research, July 22, 2019
L’illustre 18 July 2019

This article was originally published in French on L’illustré, translated into English by Claire Edwards on EMFacts Consultancy.

Since 5G antennas were installed near their home in the heart of Geneva, these residents of the same area suffer from various health problems. Are they victims of a technology whose dangers were not sufficiently tested? A doctor and member of parliament speaks out.

Gathered in the apartment of one of the two, on the fifth floor of a building in the centre of Geneva, these residents of the same area look at each other. What they have in common is insomnia, tinnitus, headaches. And a lot of unanswered questions. The youngest, Johan Perruchoud, 29, has lived there for 11 years and is not the type to cultivate any sort of hatred of invasive technology. He is a healthy young man, active and positive, who has just returned from four years in New York and makes finely crafted videos and films for the media or for individuals, often working in his room with his computer.

“Like in a microwave oven”