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30 April 2018

Switzerland: With Tricks and Lies, Yet More Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts

With tricks and lies yet more radiation from mobile phone masts
Press Release, funkstrahlung.ch
20 April 2018 (translation)

Lobbyists and Federal Councilor Leuthard want to avoid the two-fold decision of the Council of States to maintain the limits for mobile communications systems via the back door. An opinion of the umbrella organization Electrosmog Switzerland and Liechtenstein reveals the background.

Not even a month ago, the Council of States rejected for the second time, as in 2016, a limit value increase for the radiation of mobile radio systems. Nevertheless, the mobile communications industry and its lobby by Federal Councilor Leuthard demand that the limits be relaxed on their own and bypassing the parliament. Corresponding orders to the Federal Office for the Environment have apparently already been issued.

29 April 2018

Researcher, Dr. Paul Héroux, Explains How Electromagnetic Fields Damage Your Health

Researcher Explains How Electromagnetic Fields Damage Your Health
by Dr. Mercola, 29 April 2018

Story at-a-glance
(Choice of image by Editor, "Towards Better Health")
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) include electric, magnetic and higher frequency radio fields
  • While the literature discriminates between low- and high-frequency fields, microwaves, electric and magnetic fields, all of these have similar biological effects
  • Even low magnetic fields, such as 60 Hertz, can have drastic effects on cancer cells in culture. Effects begin around 20 nanotesla, and are fully developed around 50 nT
  • At levels over 160 nT, magnetic fields have been shown to affect sperm production
  • EMFs impair the flow of protons through ATP synthase. This increases mitochondrial membrane polarization, triggering a massive increase in reactive oxygen species. This oxidative stress causes most of the damage

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been shown to cause biological damage and even cancer, but exactly how does this happen? In this interview, Paul Héroux, Ph.D., a researcher and professor of toxicology and health effects of electromagnetism at the faculty of medicine at McGill University in Montreal, helps answer that question.

Transcription of Prof. Belpomme's Presentation: "Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing the Electromagnetic Fields Impact on Adults and Children", - Krakow, 27 November 2017

The city of Krakow has a webpage called Protection against electromagnetic fields which includes “Practical Guidance on reducing EMFs” which recommends “Reducing mobile call to an absolute minimum; Turn off the phone, Wi-Fi, mobile broadband (3G / 4G) and Bluetooth; Turning off Wi-Fi router if it is not used, especially in the night; Giving preference to wired Internet, and the occasional use of mobile Internet (wired link, and especially fiber is safer, more stable and faster than wireless).

Prof. Dominique Belpomme, “Diagnosing, treating and preventing the Electromagnetic Fields impact on adults and children", Krakow, 27 November 2017 - in English - 46 min.

See transcription below.


Following is a transcription of the presentation, thanks to Lloyd Burell of ElectricSense:
(Read his article here.)

‘This is a very difficult topic I will speak about. Health is already a complicated approach. But in addition to that, the interaction of electromagnetic fields with health problems is very complicated. So I would like to try to simplify but to present the truth at the moment and as you will see, the children problem is a very important problem.

This is to record the technological advances that we are dealing with since 1900, the first discovery of electricity, radio, wireless radio, radar, television, computers, cell phones, and now smart meters. So associated with these technical advances, there are some diseases, some pathological disorders which have been described. Electrocution, cancers, what we call radio wave sickness, cancers again, and screen dermatitis which was described in Sweden first. It’s a cutaneous disorder which was associated with the cathodic computer at that time. And now, brain tumors notably in children and what we call electro-hypersensitivity.

26 April 2018

State of Washington: Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G

"The electromagnetic spectrum is important and should be made use of. We are not Luddites. We are not opposed to better technology just to protect the jobs of meter readers. We are opposed to the reckless and rapidly increasing overuse of electromagnetic radiation at harmful frequencies, at harmful intensity levels, and in far too many places."

Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G
Letter to Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Council, Governor of the State of Washington, Attorney-General - State of Washington, etc., April 25, 2018

Read the latest version online at:

To Our Representatives:

I write as attorney for the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, formerly known as Hard Wired For Safety, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Coalition opposes so-called advanced or smart meters and 5G technology and informs politicians, the public, insurance commissioners, and lawyers, regarding their defects, the harms they cause to humans and other life forms, the damage they cause to property, their failure economically, their surveillance violations, their violation of trespass laws, their failure to qualify according existing regulations, and the refusal of insurance carriers to cover some or all damages caused by these technologies.

24 April 2018

Chemtrails in Switzerland

RE-POSTED:  24 April 2018.   Particulate spraying is going on more and more in the skies above Geneva!

"Dennis Kucinich, former Congressional Representative, had placed chemtrails and weaponization of the atmosphere and space on the agenda for discussion of the Space Preservation Act, but was then pressured into removing these items. He was one of the few persons of integrity in the United States Congress to raise the issues of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology, nanoparticles,  genetically modified organisms, and chemtrails."

Lately, we have noticed more and more "chemtrails" in the skies over Geneva. So much so, that we wrote the following opinion piece, published in the Tribune de Genève on 8 July. One "doubting Thomas" or should we say, "troll", phoned us to challenge the opinion, saying these were only condensation trails from planes, that special weather conditions were causing these to linger in the skies, and the newer reactors produced such trails. This person also does not believe that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless technologies may cause adverse health effects.

No better than GMOs...
Tribune de Genève, 8 July 2016

« Berne leaves the door open to GMOs », a technology which could threaten the health of man, animals, and the environment. And other technologies? For some time, on fair-weather days, we notice airplanes leaving vast white trails in the sky. Afterwards, the sky becomes white, gray, temperatures fall and sometimes, it rains. Are these planes spraying chemical substances? Who owns these planes? We fear the substances being sprayed are harmful to man and the environment. Agrochemical companies like Monsanto are developing GMOs resistant to these chemical substances, aluminum, for example, which affects the quality of the soil.

21 April 2018

Switzerland and 5G: The Cat is Out of the Bag: 36 Times Stronger Mobile Telephony Transmitters!

"What is required now is nothing less than to use the 24-hour average instead of the short-term peak load when setting the limit value. In the worst case, this would increase the limit value for places of sensitive use from 5 to 30V/m, and would allow up to 36 times stronger transmitters than before. Imagine that: 30V/m in our bedrooms and living rooms. Or even in school and hospital rooms!" 

The cat is out of the bag - 36 times stronger mobile telephony transmitters !

by Hans-U. Jacob, President of Gigaherz.ch. 19 April 2018  (DeepL translation)

Now the mobile phone lobby, or rather the mobile phone mafia, has let the cat out of the bag and for the first time made public how the population is to be made happy for the second time with a giant fraud.

The first lie spread over years with gigantic PR efforts is probably the completely untenable assertion that Switzerland has 10 times stricter limits than other European countries with regard to mobile radiation. Have a look at: https://www.gigaherz.ch/schweizer-grenzwertschwindel-kurz-und-klar/

After the storm that now follows, the already known Swiss threshold swindle may only have been a mild breeze. Because the preliminary advisory commission in the National Council (KVF-N) demands nothing less than 36 times stronger mobile radio stations with a nasty cattle trader trick. Even the business-friendly "Tages-Anzeiger" and "der Bund" speak of a "boy trick".

20 April 2018

Switzerland: Despite Concerns about Possible Health Consequences, the National Council Wants to Circumvent Current Radiation Protection Limits in Order to Launch 5G

The Commission for Transport and Telecommunications of the National Council wants to ask the government to take into account an average value for transmission power over 24 hours instead of fixed maximum values as before. This would artificially increase the limit values. 

Other measuring method - stronger antennas would already be allowed
by Jon Mettlerderbund.ch, 19 April 2018 (translation by DeepL)

Leading the way:  The new 5G standard allows a
transmission speed 100 times faster.
Frank Augstein (Keystone)
Despite concerns about possible health consequences, the National Council wants to use a "boy trick" to circumvent the current radiation protection limits.

There is political resistance to the rapid development of the fast fifth generation (5G) mobile communications standard. At the beginning of March, the Council of States refused to relax the strict radiation protection values for antennas and thus stood up against the will of the National Council and the state government.

Higher limits are regarded as a prerequisite for the three Swiss mobile phone providers to be able to rapidly set up the new 5G network and offer it in a commercially viable manner. In the Council of States, however, concerns about possible health consequences predominated. 5G allows 100 times higher transmission speeds on the smartphone than the current 4G standard.

Switzerland: Parliamentary Commission Discusses Network Blocking, 5G, Regulated Access

Swiss parliamentary commission discusses network blocking, 5G, regulated access
telecompaper.com, 19 April 2018

The Swiss Parliamentary Commission for Transport and Telecommunications conducted additional hearings on the draft revision of the Telecommunications Act, especially the topics network blocking, 5G and access regulation.

On network blocking, the commission looked at how to combat online child pornography and the advantages and disadvantages of content deletions and website blocking. The Commission also requested information on cooperation between the Fedpol and the international organisation Inhope, whose representatives attended the hearing.

A hearing with the association Asut and the Directorate for Environment and Energy of the city of St. Gallen focused on 5G. An adaptation of the calculation and measurement methods for base station emissions is possible at short notice without changes to the system limit values. The Commission will now write to the Bundesrat asking it to consider a 24-hour average for the transmitter's power measurement. It would thus be possible to implement the Ordinance on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection in practice. The measurement of the average values ​​should be automated, and there should be a simplified approval procedure for existing installations, the Commission said.

19 April 2018

Croatia: More and More Antenna and Base Stations, Citizens in Fear of Harmful Radiation

Croatia is one of only four countries in Europe (with Romania, Slovakia and Portugal), where it is not necessary to consult with local government bodies and the local community and the only country in Europe where the base station location is to be located, where no building permit is needed for such facilities.

More and more antenna and base stations, citizens in fear of harmful radiation
by ELS / HRT, magazin.hrt.hr, 13 April 2018 (translation)

There are more frequent issues, but also negative public reactions to electromagnetic radiation, or antenna and transmitter installation.

Mobile teleoperators set telecommunication aerials (base stations), hospitals, cultural monuments, even churches. Antenna columns are uncontrolled, without any order, permits, knowledge of local self-government, information about the population and respect for spatial plans.

17 April 2018

Hearing at the Danish Parliament on Wireless Radiation

View the streamed version of the public hearing on EMFs in the Danish Parliament's Health and Elder council 12 April 2018 in the original languages (Danish/English). Speaking in English were:  Olle Johansson (6.07-22.09), Lennart Hardell (38.38-54.30) who talked about brain cancers and acoustic neuromas, and mentioned ANFR's test results on mobile phones showing high SAR levels when in contact with the skin, and Ghislaine Bouvier, Univ. Bordeaux, representing France, who spoke about the ELFE health birth cohort study (55.04- ). NTP study results were mentioned several times. The Q/A period is worth a listen with Johansson and Hardell answering in English questions about difficulties in finding funding for EMF studies and the IARC reclassification of EMFs (do not yet know when this will take place).
Hearing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health.earing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health
Press Release by EHS foreningen (EHS Association), 10 April 2018


Hearing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health.

Politicians on the Parliament Committee for Health and Elder care will investigate the health risks from mobile radiation and wireless networks with a public hearing on April 12 at the Parliament building, Christiansborg in Copenhagen. The consultation has been in preparation for a while and several leading international researchers in the field will speak. The National Board of Health will, however, not participate.

The main reason for this hearing is that Parliament politicians do not believe it has been clarified whether radiation from mobile telephony, wireless networks, etc. are associated with health effects or not.

16 April 2018

[Press release] Phonegate developments in the Netherlands. Our mobile phones are not safe !

[Press release] Phonegate developments in the Netherlands. Our mobile phones are not safe !

Press release , April, 16, 2018


On April 5, 2018, the French site, “60 Millions de consommateurs”announced the recall by the mobile telephony operator Orange of 90,000 cell phones of the model “Hapi 30”. The reason for the recall is that studies conducted in 2016 by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) showed that the SAR limits to which the telephone must comply were exceeded when in contact with the body. ANFR says recalls could be repeated since they have recorded some other phones that exceed the limits.

As in France, a study of the SAR values was also carried out in the Netherlands by Agentschap Telecom – which controls the compliance of the placing on the market of mobile phones sold in the Netherlands – in its ‘Onderzoek inzake SAR-waarden van mobiele telefoons’ in 2009. The reason was that an inspection in 2008 revealed that a phone exceeded the prescribed SAR value of 2W/kg and was therefore withdrawn from the market. After 2009, Agentschap Telecom saw no reason to carry out another investigation. The ANFR’s test results, which are relevant not only for France but also for all European countries, urgently call for this as well as for transparency. The Dutch have the right to know what levels of radiofrequency radiation they are exposed to on a daily basis and they must be informed about this.

14 April 2018

Letter by Prof. Dominique Belpomme Addressed to Electrohypersensitive Persons

Letter from Prof. Dominique Belpomme addressed to electrohypersensitive persons
by Prof. Dominique Belpomme, Information Letter no.6, March 2018, ehs-mcs.org (translation)

Why I filed a complaint!

This sixth letter is addressed more specifically to all those who suffer from electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and to all the associations that, fortunately, have taken up their cause. From a scientific point of view, there is no doubt that electrohypersensitivity is an acquired condition of environmental origin and that, in one way or another, artificial electromagnetic fields (which are polarized and pulsed, unlike natural electromagnetic fields) are most likely involved. There are thousands of scientific articles and even several journals entirely devoted to this subject. No doubt, even if it is still hesitant about the truth of this cause and the individualization of EHS as a new pathological condition, we should recall that following the 2004 Prague Congress, the WHO formally recognized the existence of EHS as a deleterious health "condition"[1]. Since then, numerous scientific studies have come to confirm the harmfulness of electromagnetic fields on health and, as we have shown, the possibility that chemicals may also be involved in the genesis and/or manifestations of EHS, since multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a condition often associated with it[2], whether it be the cause or consequence.

13 April 2018

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer?

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer?
by John P. Thomas, Health Impact News
13 April 2018

Driverless cars are seen as the next big market potential for the automotive industry.

But before we get too excited about these driverless cars, we need to carefully consider the many levels of health risks involved with this technology, as well as the loss of privacy. Vehicle crashes and fatalities are minor concerns compared to potential human DNA damage and increased risks of cancer.

Now that the fifth generation (5G) of small microwave cell towers is being rolled out by telecom companies, their 5G press releases keep reminding us how their new technology will give us instantaneous internet downloads and will permit us to use driverless cars. [1, 2, 16]

Of course, these press releases never mention the potential health risks.

11 April 2018

Swiss Parliamentarians Thwart Risky Mobile Plans

Parliamentarians thwart risky mobile plans
by diagnose-funk.org, 5 April 2018

Demand for higher limits fails in the Council of States

Antenna radiation: The requirement of Swisscom and Co. for higher limit values ​​failed in the Council of States. Massive lobbying by the telecom corporations almost led the Council of States to ease the protection limits against mobile phone antenna radiation. But only almost - the pressure from the population worked.

The Council of States 2017/2018
The result was extremely close: with 22 votes to 21 and two abstentions, the Council of States said "no" on 5 March to the requirement to increase the radiation protection limits for mobile phone antennas. The advocates argued that this step was necessary "to prevent a collapse of mobile networks and ensure the further digitization." The intention behind the easing was to roll out the red carpet for the cell phone network operators for the most cost-effective introduction of the new mobile communications standard 5G.

Health Effects of Mobile Telephony: First Withdrawals in France and International Wake-Up Call

Health Effects of Mobile Telephony: First Withdrawals in France and International Wake-Up Call
by Damien Coulomb, lequotidiendumedecin.fr, 10 April 2018 (translation)

The operator Orange decided to stop marketing the HAPI 30 phone and to recall the devices already sold because these exceed the regulatory limit of the specific absorption rate (SAR) “trunk”, as detected by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR). Measurements were 0.1 W/kg above the regulatory limit of 2 W/kg, that is, a value of 2.1 W/kg on the back of the phone.

This recall is not an isolated case. Contacted by “le Quotidien”, ANFR confirmed that procedures were under way with regard to other non-compliant devices. The latter could soon be subject to fines or even criminal action or a request for withdrawal from the market. Since the transposition into French law of the European RED Directive in June 2017, ANFR can impose administrative sanctions in the event of devices exceeding the SAR, including administrative fines (€ 7,500 for a legal entity), requests for withdrawal from the market and recall of devices already purchased.

« Clear evidence of carcinogenicity » in rats

10 April 2018

South Africa : Electrohypersensitivity, Wireless Radiation Health Investigative Report

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is a growing health concern worldwide. With increased exposure to WiFi, smart meters and mobile phone towers, patients report diverse symptoms of illness, which only seem to dissipate when they are far away from electromagnetic fields or radiation. Carte Blanche, South Africa’s longest running investigative journalism program, explores this medical phenomenon in a short, excellent documentary.

South Africa, Electrical Sensitivity, Wireless Radiation Health Investigative Report (posted on YouTube on 4 April 2018 - 8 mn)

09 April 2018

NTP Study of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation (Rats): “Clear Evidence” of Cell Phone Cancer Risk, Say Leading Pathologists

“Clear Evidence” of Cell Phone Cancer Risk, Say Leading Pathologists
microwavenews.com, 9 April 2018

Why Peer Review Panel and NTP Interpreted the Same Animal Data Differently

“You had it right the first time.” That was the implicit message to the National Toxicology Program (NTP) from an expert panel after a point-by-point review of NTP’s draft reports on its $25 million study of cancer risks of cell phone radiation on mice and rats.

Two years ago, with the results in hand, the NTP had rushed to warn the public about the dangers of cell phones. It issued an interim report pointing to higher rates of tumors in the hearts and brains of male rats exposed to two different kinds of phone radiation. Then early this February with the release of the formal draft reports, the NTP made a U-turn, saying that using a cell phone “is not a high-risk situation.”

Now a peer review panel —11 pathologists and toxicologists from academia and industry and one statistician— has concluded that there is “clear evidence of carcinogenic activity” in those male rats. The panel, which met* March 26-28, in Research Triangle Park, NC, determined that both GSM and CDMA signals had led to the development of a rare tumor in the hearts of rats, malignant schwannoma. The NTP, on the other hand, had concluded there was only “some evidence” for this association.

[Press release] Phonegate*: Millions of mobile phones will have to be withdrawn from the market in France and internationally

[Press release] Phonegate*: Millions of mobile phones will have to be withdrawn from the market in France and internationally
phonegatealert.org, 9 April 2018

On April 5, 2018, the site, "60 Millions de consommateurs" (“60 Million Consumers”) announced the recall by the mobile telephony operator Orange of 90,000 cell phones of the model “Hapi 30” (made by “MobiWire”) and marketed through its network in 2017.

On its part, the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) stated in a press release published on April 6, 2018:

“Pursuant to Article L43 II bis of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code, ANFR gave notice to the company MobiWire on January 22, 2018 to take all appropriate measures to put an end to the non-compliance detected of the devices currently on the market as well as those already sold.”

08 April 2018

Cell Tower Radiation Linked with Cancer in New Study

Cell Tower Radiation Linked with Cancer in New Study
whsc.on.ca, 6 April 2018

Is your workplace or home located near a cell tower? There may be reason for concern.

A new study, billed as the largest of its kind, has shown that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted from cell towers increases cancer rates in rats.

The finding has the potential to shatter Health Canada’s radiofrequency exposure guidelines outlined in Safety Code 6.

“…a person can legally be exposed to this level of radiation,” says Ronald Melnick, senior science advisor with the Environmental Health Trust. “Yet cancers occurred in these animals at these legally permitted levels.

“Governments need to strengthen regulations to protect the public from these harmful non-thermal exposures,” adds Melnick.

07 April 2018

French Telecom Operator Orange Recalls Cell Phone Over Excessive Radiation, Could Lead To Cancer

French Telecom Operator Orange Recalls Cell Phone Over Excessive Radiation, Could Lead To Cancer
by Jean Baptiste Su , Contributor, forbes.com, 5 April 2018

Citing excessive radiation levels, European telecom operator Orange (formerly France Telecom) issued a recall for a cell phone it’s selling under its own brand, the Hapi 30, and made by French manufacturer Mobiwire, a spin-off of Sagem Mobiles.

For the first time ever, Orange recalls a phone because of its excessive levels of radiation

Last month, Orange sent a letter to about 90,000 of its customers that purchased the flip phone to warn them of the defect. In certain conditions, the low-end phone, made in Mobiwire's factory located in Ningbo, China, would emit 2.1 watts of radiation per kilogram of body weight (or W/kg), which is over Europe's safety limit standard set at 2 W/kg.

Historic Cellphone Recall Due to Excessive Radiation

Cellphones aren't quite
so smart when you actually
consider the health risks.
Historic cellphone recall due to excessive radiation
by Sean Arthur Joyce, chameleonfire1.wordpress.com, 6 April 2018

In the wake of the ‘Phonegate’ hearings in France, for the first time in history a cellphone has been recalled due to emitting potentially unsafe levels of radiation. ‘Phonegate’ was similar to ‘Dieselgate,’ except in this case, it was cellphones—not diesel cars—that were proven to have higher emissions than claimed by their manufacturers. European manufacturer Orange recalled its Hapi 30 cellphone following hearings in Paris in which Dr. Marc Arazi led a team of international experts examining data released by French agency National Frequencies Agency (ANFR). Dr. Arazi had petitioned ANFR for several years to get the data released, finally resorting to court action. Among international experts at the hearings was American epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis.

06 April 2018

How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones

Exclusive:  Conversation with Mark Hertsgaard, co-author of The Nation's article, “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe”  on Democracy Now! (Part 2)

"We continue our conversation with Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation’s environment correspondent and investigative editor, who co-authored a major new exposé: “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe.” He discusses how wireless companies “war-gamed the science” by funding friendly studies and attacking critical ones; the potential dangers of the pending expansion of 5G with the “Internet of Things”; the role of the telecommunications industry officials turned federal regulators; and how companies deliberately addicted customers to this technology through the addition of social media."

How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones (20 mn - 6 April 2018)

Comments By Dr. Marc Arazi (France), President And Co-Founder “Alerte Phonegate To The Peer Review Of The NTP Study

Comments By Dr. Marc Arazi Association “Alerte Phonegate” To The National Toxicology Program March 27, 2018 Peer Review Cell Phone Radiation Study
Environmental Health Trust, 27 March 2018

I am here as a French physician who has spent the past years studying the consequences of electromagnetic fields on health.

Our new organization, “Alerte Phonegate”, has been created as a public educational institution. People have the right to know how to buy and use mobile phones as safely as possible.

We wrote with Dr Devra Davis on the 22 of March to the regulatory agencies (FCC), asking them to soon revise their standards for a better protection of human health.

First of all, we would like to thank the scientific NTP team for the quality and interest of this study.

Your choice to use high SAR levels is particularly interesting because in the scientific literature, few studies have been done in this regard.

05 April 2018

France: Orange Recalls a Cell Phone Emitting Too Much Radiation, Affecting 90,000 Customers

Orange recalls a phone emitting too much radiation
by Benjamin Douriez, 60millions-mag, 4 April 2018 (translation)

The operator is exchanging the Hapi 30 cell phone whose SAR exceeds the level authorized. Other models could follow.

This is an unprecedented situation. A mobile phone is currently being recalled because of the level of exposure of electromagnetic radiation to which its users are being exposed.

It concerns the Hapi 30, a rather basic flip phone model that the operator Orange sells under its own brand name and is manufactured by the French company Mobiwire.

Tens of thousands of consumers affected

In mid-March, Orange began to warn the affected users, that is, 0.3% of its customers, according to the operator, which would represent around 90,000 persons. By letter, they are being offered a free exchange of their cell phone against another model.

04 April 2018

National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Studies - Experts Recommend Elevated Conclusions

NTP cell phone studies — experts recommend elevated conclusions
By Virginia Guidry, factor.niehs.nih.gov, April 2018

Bucher cautioned that the findings tell us that
we should take a closer look, but they should
not be directly extrapolated to human cell
phone usage
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)
A panel of external scientific experts met March 26-28 at NIEHS and recommended that some National Toxicology Program (NTP) conclusions be changed to indicate stronger levels of evidence that cell phone radiofrequency radiation (RFR) caused tumors in rats.

The panel agreed with NTP conclusions that there was little indication of RFR-related health problems in mice. The panel reviewed the conclusions of two draft technical reports, one in rats and one in mice, based on 10 years and $25 million of research.

“It was gratifying that the members of the expert panel unanimously praised the NTP cell phone studies as very well done, and vitally important research,” said NTP Senior Scientist John Bucher, Ph.D. “They conducted a thorough review, engaged in spirited debate, and grappled with the same uncertainties as did the NTP staff.”

Bucher stressed that the goal of the study was to establish the potential health hazard of exposure to cell phone RFR. He said that to detect a potential effect, the rodents’ whole bodies were exposed to levels equal to and higher than the highest level permitted for local tissue exposure in cell phone emissions today.

Heart, brain, and adrenal tumors

France : Orange Recalls its Hapi 30 2017 Cell Phones Due to a SAR Level Above the 2 W/kg Limit

The action of the association Alerte Phonegate to protect the health of mobile phone users takes a new turn with the announcement at the request of the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR)  of the first market withdrawal of the cell phone model Hapi 30, marketed by the telecoms company Orange, for a SAR level above the 2 W/kg limit.  

Orange recalls its Hapi 30 2017 cell phones
by Benoît le mar, livebox-news.com, 3 April 2018 (translation)

Orange is launching a recall of the Hapi 30 cell phones. ANFR has detected a defect: a SAR level above 2 W/kg in a particular case of use. The manufacturer has been warned and Orange proposes a free exchange of the phone until next May. This 2017 model will be changed for a 2018 model which does not have this defect.

03 April 2018

[Press release] Link Confirmed between Mobile Phone Radiation and Appearance of Cancers

[Press release] Link confirmed between mobile phone radiation and appearance of cancers 
Association Alerte Phonegate, April 3, 2018

The U.S. Government invited a group of eleven international experts to participate in the Peer Review, held March 26-28, 2018, in Durham (North Carolina), of the $25 million U.S. Government National Toxicology Program (NTP) study of mobile phone radiation in animals.

The scientists concluded there is “clear evidence” linking mobile phone radiation to the development of cancers in rats. After a three-day review of the study data, they voted to strengthen the conclusions that mobile phone radiation (GSM and CDMA) causes health effects in rats and mice exposed to this radiation.

The panel of scientists stated that there is evidence of an association between some tumors of the heart and brain and mobile phone radiation in large-scale animal studies.
Read the press release of our U.S.partner, the Environmental Health Trust.