Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

30 December 2020

Wireless Hazards

"Wireless Hazards" 
by Barbara Koeppel, The Washington Spectator, 28 December 2020

Comment by Dr. Joel Moscowitz, U. California, Berkeley:

Today The Washington Spectator published an extensive exposé about the Telecom industry's decades-long campaign to dismiss the research about the health risks of radio frequency radiation and fool the public into believing that cell phones are safe by co-opting government agencies and the mainstream news media.

This indepth study was conducted by Barbara Koeppel, an investigative reporter who covers social, economic, political, and foreign policy issues. Her 7,000-word article posed two questions:"If you think your cellphone is safe, have you considered why you believe that? Is it a fact or is it based on carefully crafted messages that you’ve read or heard?"

18 December 2020

Switzerland: Parliament: 20.5973 QUESTION : 5G. Accompanying measures to inform and raise awareness of the population

20.5973 QUESTION : 5G. Accompanying measures to inform and raise awareness of the population


Socialist Group - Socialist Party

Filed at the National Council on 7 December 2020

Status of deliberations:

Submitted text

The German government is launching an information campaign on 5G. Last April, the Federal Council also decided to introduce accompanying measures. Some of these measures are intended to improve information to the population, but the content is not known.

- At what stage are they at and when will they be launched?
- Who is responsible for their implementation?
- Is external support planned? If so, what is it?
- How is the reliability of the information, its clarity and wide dissemination ensured?

15 December 2020

Switzerland: Geneva: New Association "RUNE" Requests Moratorium on Department of Education's Plan for Use of Digital Technology in Primary School

A new association has recently been established in Geneva: "RUNE" (Reflect on the use of digital technology and screens) whose purpose is to bring together parents of primary school students wanting meticulous analyses to be carried out before deciding to digitize the elementary school. "The digitization of daily life, which has become a public health issue, should not be taken lightly." 

On 29 October 2020, the group launched a petition to the Geneva government (Grand Conseil) requesting a moratorium on the Department of Education's plan for digital education in primary school:

  • Should the State finance the equipment of primary schools with digital tablets, interactive whiteboards and wireless networks when the added value of using this technology in education has not been demonstrated at all?
  • What about the economic and ecological cost, and the damage to children's health? 

The group is not technophobic, but believe that a critical distance and a careful analysis of the social, environmental, financial and health costs of the use of digital technology by primary school students is necessary. Digital tools have multiple positive aspects, which should not be denied, but their potentially harmful or simply ineffective aspects must also be taken into account. 

Here is what the group says about the use of screens and children's health.

The Use of Screens and Children's Health (translation)
[Links to documents in English only are provided.]

Several studies and professionals in the fields of health and children have noted that frequent and prolonged exposure to screens of all kinds can affect the physical, psychological and social development of children. Faced with the risks raised by the multiplication of screens in our children's lives, shouldn't school play a protective role?

Effects on vision, risks of screen addiction or psycho-social risks: many concerns have been raised in recent years by health and child health professionals, who believe that overexposure to screens is a major public health issue. 

14 December 2020

Why The Race To 5G Is A Mirage

Why The Race To 5G Is A Mirage
by Dr. Devra Davis, ibtimes.com, 13 December 2020


  • Former national finance minister, Lou Jiwei warned last month that existing 5G technology in China is immature and quite expensive.
  • The next stimulus package should contain billions of dollars to produce, distribute, install, build out, maintain and monitor municipal fiber-optic broadband cable around the nation.
  • Until and unless a much safer, more cost-effective and less-energy intensive system can be produced, we should revise plans for continued expansion of the 5G albatross.

You may have heard that we are locked in a technology battle with China over commercializing 5G. That conflict turns out to be more hype than happening, designed to whet American appetites for competition and pave the way for more subsidies to the global multi-trillion dollar telecom industry. 

Former national finance minister, Lou Jiwei warned last month that existing 5G technology in China is immature and quite expensive. Increased electricity costs to fuel 5G in 2019, he recently warned look to be 10 times the profit of China Telecom -- one of three state telecom companies of China.

New Review Study Finds Cell Phone Radiation Increases Breast Cancer Risk

New Review Study finds that Radiofrequency Radiation from Cellphones and Computers Increases Breast Cancer Risk
Environmental Health Trust, December 5, 2020

A systematic review and meta-analysis supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology investigated the association between exposure to radiofrequency radiation and the risk of breast cancer and found a significant association between radiofrequency radiation exposure and breast cancer risk.

The study ” Exposure to radiofrequency radiation increases the risk of breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis” published in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine performed a quantitative analysis and is what the authors state is “the first meta-analysis” aiming to evaluate and obtain more precise and comprehensive estimates of the association between radiofrequency radiation exposure and the risk of breast cancer.

“It was concluded that radiofrequency radiation exposure significantly increased the risk of breast cancer, especially in women aged ≥50 years and in individuals who used electric appliances, such as mobile phones and computers.” While breast cancer risk doubled for women ≥50 yrs old, no significant increase was seen among younger women, nor among those occupational exposed or those living near RF transmitters.

Smartphone Overuse and Visual Impairment in Children and Young Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Smartphone Overuse and Visual Impairment in Children and Young Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
by Jian Wang1, MSc,  Mei Li2, MD, PhDDaqiao Zhu1, PhDYang Cao3, PhD

Published on 08.12.20 in Vol 22, No 12 (2020): December
J Med Internet Res 2020;22(12):e21923

Conclusions: Longer smartphone use may increase the likelihood of ocular symptoms, including myopia, asthenopia, and ocular surface disease, especially in children. Thus, regulating use time and restricting the prolonged use of smartphones may prevent ocular and visual symptoms. Further research on the patterns of use, with longer follow up on the longitudinal associations, will help to inform detailed guidelines and recommendations for smartphone use in children and young adults.



Is the Increasing Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in the Nordic Countries Caused by Use of Mobile Phones?

NEW PAPER: Is the Increasing Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in the Nordic Countries Caused by Use of Mobile Phones? Open access.
By Michael Carlberg, Tarmo Koppel, Lena K. Hedendahl, and Lennart Hardell

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17(23), 9129; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph17239129
Received: 29 October 2020 / Revised: 3 December 2020 / Accepted: 5 December 2020 / Published: 7 December 2020

Figure 1 shows the increasing incidence in women from 1999. Note, 
especially from 2010, a steep increasing curve.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) at the World Health Organization (WHO) categorized in 2011 radiofrequency (RF) as a possible human carcinogen, Group 2B. During use of the handheld wireless phone, especially the smartphone, the thyroid gland is a target organ. During the 21st century, the incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing in many countries. 

13 December 2020

Questions sent to ICNIRP Chairman Dr. Rodney Croft in Fall of 2020

Questions sent to ICNIRP Chairman Dr. Rodney Croft include those regarding the effects of radiofrequency to trees, plants, birds;  research linking thyroid cancer to cell phone radiation; exposure to pregnant women and children and many more.

Questions sent to ICNIRP Chairman Dr. Rodney Croft in Fall of 2020
Environmental Health Trust, 29 November 2020

In response to the below questions send in November 2020, Croft stated, “In terms of the questions that you sent before, as I advised before, I do not have time to address these within my University of Wollongong capacity. However, if you would like to request that ICNIRP comment on your questions that is fine. The best thing would be to submit the questions via the website (https://www.icnirp.org/en/contact/contact/index.html), or if you feel that you cannot restrict your questions to the required format, to contact the ICNIRP secretariat (info@icnirp.org). I would note though that some of the questions have been asked in a way that, in order to address them, would require a journal publication (or equivalent piece) to outline how science works and how the literature is put together to arrive at a conclusion, whereas others are of a form that would allow simple answers. As the former type would take a substantial amount of time to provide (if ICNIRP decided that it was sufficiently important to dedicate its resources to do so), given your timeline, you might like to consider asking questions that would make it possible for ICNIRP to answer quickly.”

09 December 2020

Phonegate: the Safety Factor of 50 for Local SARs Never Existed!

For Dr. Marc Arazi, who has just published “Phonegate” at Massot Editions to, among other things, denounce this lie of the State:

“This is a new step forward in our action to achieve greater transparency in the health and industrial scandal of “Phonegate”. We are counting on the seriousness and sense of responsibility of journalists to update the numerous articles and reports that mention this false safety factor of 50 concerning the local SAR.”

[Last minute] Phonegate: the safety factor of 50 for local SARs never existed!
Equipe Phonegate 9 déc 2020

For more than twenty years, governments, the European Commission, national agencies, international scientists and in turn, major media, have knowingly misled billions of cell phone users about the health risks associated with a pseudo safety factor of 50 surrounding the measurement of local specific absorption rates (SARs) (head, trunk and limbs).

This is why almost all international authorities have suggested that the thermal effects of the waves measured during the SAR controls were subject, according to the recommendations of ICNIRP, to a factor of protection of the health of the population of 50. This falsely suggested that SAR levels as high as 100 W/kg could be achieved, i.e. the regulatory level of 2W/kg multiplied by 50. This is a real godsend for all manufacturers whose cell phones are well above the regulatory limit of 2W/kg.

07 December 2020

New Study on Honeybees and Electromagnetic Radiation

New study by Dr. Daniel Favre, co-signed by Prof. Olle Johansson
November 2020

Link to study in English

Daniel Favre 

Olle Johansson, Associate Professor, retired from the Karolinska Institute (in Nov 2017, still active), Department of Neuroscience, head of The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Stockholm, Sweden, and Adjunct Professor, previously at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
DOI: https://doi.org/10.29121/granthaalayah.v8.i11.2020.2151


Insects, and especially honeybees, are under major threat everywhere around the globe. Current studies lack in the consideration of potential effects which may directly affect other organisms or ecosystems, because of the very limited attention which is usually received by the potential adverse ecological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Here, it is hypothesized that planetary enhancement of electromagnetic radiation produces a disturbing pollution for honeybees. In order to test this hypothesis, a bi-directional wide frequency range microphone was placed during the New Year’s Eve night 2019 in a honeybee hive, in order to detect and analyze potential changes in the acoustic behaviour of the bees due to increased phone induced RF- EM radiation. It was observed that the honeybees produced strong worker piping signals. Such signals are typically produced shortly before takeoff of a swarm, or as the sign of a disturbed colony. It is therefore hypothesized that planetary enhancement of electromagnetic radiation produces a disturbing pollution for honeybees, such as during the New Year’s Eve night. Evidence of proof of such electromagnetic waves taking place at New Year's Eve should be investigated worldwide during forthcoming similar events based on a global network of long term EM measurements.

03 December 2020

France : 5G: MEP Michèle Rivasi is ready to take the case to the European Court of Justice

On December 7, 2020, a health study and an environmental study will be discussed in the European Parliament, with scientists from all over the world, to discuss possible health effects. A Webinar in French will be open to the public upon inscription, Monday 7 December from 10h to 12h on line.

Links to: 


5G: Michèle Rivasi is ready to take the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union
by Renaud Gardette, franceinfo, 2 Dec. 2020 - translation 

Nearly 70 mayors from the Drôme region and France are opposed to the 5G technology soon to be rolled out nationwide. At issue: "the health risks for living organisms have not been evaluated". Michèle Rivasi, MEP, says she is ready to go to the European Court of Justice.

70 mayors are asking the government for a mora-
torium on 5G, which is due to be rolled out in
France in a few years. Archive photo:
© N Asfouri / AFP

More than 70 elected officials, including the mayors of major cities such as Grenoble, Marseille, Tours and Bordeaux, as well as Dieulefit, Montjoux and La Roche-Saint-Secret in the Drôme, are calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G technology in France.

Michèle Rivasi: "There is a lack of democratic debate".

In a videoconference organized Wednesday evening, December 2 from the European Parliament, Michèle Rivasi, MEP (EELV), spoke loud and clear. "There is a lack of democratic debate. 5G has not been discussed in the Parliament, it is an industrial project that brings us towards cyber-surveillance. This poses a problem for society. It is over-consumption. We want a democratic debate, and we want to wait for the conclusions of public health organizations."

Health risks still unassessed

01 December 2020

Letter from Rhode Island: Declaration Opposing 5G Deployment

"WE THE PEOPLE, at this time when the world is focused on protecting individual health and immunity, demand that you act in a moral and ethical way to promote health and wellbeing, rather than jeopardize these things for the sake of profit by exposing humans, plants and animals to a proven harm."

Declaration opposing 5G deployment

Letter, South Rhode Island Newspapers, 30 November 2020

To the Executives of the local telecoms and to the Public Officials who enable them:

As of 1 Sep 2020, 403 scientists and doctors from
47 nations have signed the 5G Appeal calling for 
a moratorium on the deployment of 5G.

See: http://www.5gappeal.eu/
WE THE PEOPLE demand that you STOP the implementation of 5G cell nodes in our neighborhoods immediately. We do NOT give you our permission to install these antennas near our homes, devaluing our property and endangering the safety and health of our families.

WE THE PEOPLE do NOT give permission for you to cause constant radiofrequency (RF) microwave radiation (“wireless radiation”) to enter our homes and properties 24/7 with no way for us to escape or turn it off, even if we are not using your service.

WE THE PEOPLE do NOT give permission to you to conduct your private, for-profit business using nearly 25-year-old, obsolete wireless “human exposure guidelines” adopted by the FCC and falsely misleading the public into thinking your technology
is safe.

29 November 2020

Sweden : Open Letter to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on the Situation of Electrohypersensitive People

Open letter to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in connection with the government declaration "everyone should be involved" 
The Swedish Association of Electro-Sensitive, 25th November 2020 (auto-translation)

In an open letter to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, the chairman Marianne Ketti, among other things, wrote about the situation for people who are hypersensitive to electricity in today's Sweden.

Mora 2020 10 28
Hey Stefan!

There were many beautiful words in your government declaration! I stuck to "that everyone should be involved"! If you really mean it, then I wonder how you intend to implement it?

We who are hypersensitive to electricity have for many years lacked access to most things in society. Where there is wireless technology, we lack accessibility! Today, wireless technology is pretty much everywhere and it's only getting worse and worse. We are tired of being in "quarantine" and pushed further and further away from community and togetherness. We also want to belong to society and be involved at all levels.

In our functional law association, there are people of all ages, from preschool children to 100-year-olds. Many live in extremely difficult conditions.

Release of the Book "Phonegate" by Dr. Marc Arazi at Massot Editions

I just finished reading "Phonegate". I liked it very much! Once I started reading, I could not put  it down. I would like to thank Dr. Arazi for writing this book in a simple and accessible way for everyone. He helped me to better understand his commitment and the enormous difficulties (manufacturers, public authorities, media, ...) he faced in exposing the truth about the Phonegate scandal and the deception of the cell phone industry. It is a deeply human story, which gives an account of the courage that the author, a whistle-blower, and his supporters in France and around the world have shown throughout this struggle to finally reveal it to the pubic. I highly recommend that you read it. Afterwards, you won't look at your cell phone in the same way ever again.  
(Meris Michaels)

Release of the book “Phonegate” by Dr. Marc Arazi at Massot Editions
Equipe Phonegate,  8 Nov 2020
[In French only for now]

We are pleased to announce the release, on November 12, 2020, of the book “Phonegate” written by our President and published by Massot Editions. In this story, intended as a logbook, you will live with Dr. Marc Arazi these four years of alert of this international health and industrial scandal. You will discover many important revelations that have remained secret and that confirm even more the importance of this exceptional affair.

“Overexposed & Deceived
Our mobile phones are endangering us all”

The scandal finally revealed for the first time worldwide


19 November 2020

Phonegate: Interview between Pulitzer Prize Reporter Sam Roe and Dr. Marc Arazi

Extracts of an exchange between Dr. Marc Arazi, president, Phonegate Alert, who launched the alert on the Phonegate scandal, and the American Pulitzer Prize reporter, Sam Roe, source of the revelations of the Chicago Tribune in August 2019. They were interviewed by the editor-in-chief, Mélanie Bois, for the program "66 Minutes", channel M6, on 20 September 2020. (In English with French sub-titles). Please relay widely.

Phonegate : entretien avec le journaliste américain et prix Pulitzer Sam Roe 
(posted 19 Nov., 10 min.)

Link to video on YouTube:

Link to Phonegate Alert Association:

15 November 2020

Switzerland: Doctors for Environmental Protection: Apply the Precautionary Principle in Mobile Communications

Environmental Health Trust, 11 November 2020

SWITZERLAND: Consistently apply the precautionary principle in mobile communications – Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU), 11th November 2020 (auto-translation, from German)
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4414/saez.2020.19274
Publication: 11.11.2020 Schweiz Ärzteztg. 2020; 101 (46): 1534-1536

Edith Steiner a, d , Bernhard Aufdereggen b, d , Cornelia Semadeni c, d
a Dr. med., specialist in internal medicine; b Dr. med., specialist in general internal medicine; c Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy; d Working group on “Electromagnetic Fields and Health” of the Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU), Basel

This article is online at https://saez.ch/article/doi/saez.2020.19274 and has been translated by google. PDF

Consistently apply the precautionary principle in mobile communications – Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU)

For economic reasons, mobile phone providers are demanding higher system limit values ​​for their mobile phone systems. Swiss expert reports do not give the all-clear with regard to the health effects of mobile phone radiation and call for consistent preventive measures. The Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU) demand that medical expertise is increasingly included in the digital agenda.

Chinese Tech Executives Admit 5G "Smart" Cities Have Big Costs, Small Benefits

Chinese Tech Executives Admit 5G "Smart" Cities Have Big Costs, Small Benefits
POSTED BY ANNE TEMPLE 1004GS, momsacrossamerica.com, 11 November 2020

In a stunning report from Chinese news outlet The New Lens, Chinese 5G Not Living Up to the Hype author John Xie exposes the disappointing reality of 5G "Smart" City networks. In short, the technology is not living up to expectations; the costs are enormous, and the benefits are few. The problems with high density 5G networks include, in summary:

  • Electricity costs were 10X higher than the profits in China in 2019
  • Uses 3X as much energy as 4G
  • Small coverage area = high density cell towers = close proximity to residents and office workers
  • 73% of customers say 5G is not needed
  • Widespread complaints about speed
  • More interference

Xie reports:

Pennsylvania: Court Ruling Throws Smart-Meter Plan into Turmoil

Court ruling throws Pennsylvania smart-meter plan into turmoil
by ANDREW MAYKUTH, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 November 2020

Getty Broome/AP Photo
The statewide deployment of millions of wireless smart meters has been thrown into turmoil after a court invalidated Pennsylvania’s policy that requires electric utilities to install the devices on all homes and businesses.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Peco Energy this week asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review a lower-court decision that invalidates a policy requiring the universal installment of smart meters. Several Peco customers objected to the installation of wireless devices on their homes, saying the radio frequency (RF) emissions made them ill.

State Commonwealth Court last month determined that the 12-year-old law requiring utilities to “furnish” smart-meter technology by 2023 contained nothing to require “every customer to endure involuntary exposure” to radio emissions. The court’s opinion, written by Judge Ellen Ceisler, instead interpreted the law to support customer choice in the use of the smart-meter technology.

12 November 2020

France : Are Electromagnetic Waves the Cause of Cancer among Atos Employees?

Extract from “5G: the wave of doubt”, a document to see in “Further investigation” on November 12, 2020, France 2, 22.55.

VIDEO. 5G: are electromagnetic waves the cause of cancer among Atos employees?

by Bhavi Mandalia , Pledge Times, 11 November 2020

Based in Clayes-sous-Bois, in Yvelines, Atos is a French multinational company specializing in IT services, a digital giant. Surrounded by three relay antennas, its central building contains computer rooms, servers, power supplies … or many sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Multiple sources of electromagnetic radiation

Gérard Duchastenier has spent more than thirty years in the company. When the reporters of “Complément d’Investigation” collected his testimony, this former computer engineer had been battling cancer for more than a year. This was declared in 2019, four years after his retirement. On MRI, he was found to have a glioma (or glioblastoma), a very aggressive tumor, in the right temporal region.

08 November 2020

Why Stop 5G: Sharing an Awareness

On 18 September 2020, Bloomberg reported, "A group of employees of Orange SA called repeatedly for management to scrap the rollout of 5G services in memos circulated to colleagues on the Plazza social media platform. The memos, issued in October 2019 and in May of this year, said the technology will be unprofitable and will damage the environment, according to three people familiar with their content.

The text of Orange employees denouncing the excesses of this new technology: "Why stop 5G: sharing an awareness", has appeared on the site "Demain en mains". "Towards Better Health" has translated it into English. We are trying to verify the authenticity of this document, but it seems likely that it is genuine.

The document ends with these words:

"This employee initiative was born spontaneously from a person-to-person dialogue. It is not the emanation of a militant approach in the traditional sense. We, engineers, researchers, technicians, experts, believe deeply in Orange's values and it is in this capacity that we believe our Group is intellectually capable of piloting strategic orientations that are truly controversial, especially when they raise the question of the future of humanity and of all living things. 

"Let's dare, now, to stop the deployment of 5G." 

06 November 2020

Why Die for WiFi? My Child Did - Will Yours?

Why die for WiFi?  My Child Did - Will Yours?
by Debra Fry, posted 3 May 2016

On the 11th of June 2015, my 15 year old daughter, Jenny Fry was found by me, hanged in woods near our home in Oxfordshire, UK .

She was utterly exhausted; instead of receiving sympathy and understanding, she was battling the school for giving her detentions and refusing to acknowledge her difficulty around wifi, which had a profound effect on her ability to concentrate, write, explain things, and function in school.

I went into the school on several occassions to try to educate them on the health dangers to all pupils and staff, as well as the effect it was having on Jenny, but I was told that for as many reports that there are showing harm, there are as many available online saying that wifi is safe (although I have not seen any saying this).

The head teacher did say he would double check; I left him a list of information - reports and websites - to check. He also said he could not turn off the wifi for one child; I said it was not just for Jenny, but it would be healthier for everyone.

The "Children of the Digital Age" Have Lower Intelligence Quotients than Their Parents

The "children of the digital age" have lower intelligence quotients than their parents
bbc.com/afrique/monde, October 30, 2020 - translation

Experts say a two-year-old boy spends an
average of nearly three hours a day in front
of screens today.
Getty Images
In this book, the neuroscientist Michel Desmurget (Lyon, 1965), director of research at the French National Institute of Health, has concrete and conclusive data on how digital devices seriously affect, and worse, the neuronal development of children and young people.

"There is simply no excuse for what we are doing to our children and for the way we are endangering their future and their development", warns the expert, who has visited renowned research centers such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California. His book has become a huge bestseller in France.

04 November 2020

Will Dr. Emilie Van Deventer, Responsible for the World Health Organization's EMF Project, Answer Questions on Transparency?

Environmental Health Trust, 3 November 2020


(Choice of image by "Towards
Better Health")
Environmental Health Trust and numerous expert scientists have written the WHO EMF Project D. Van Deventer to ask critical questions related to the WHO EMF Project Factsheets and Research Review. Questions were asked in 2019 and again in 2020 but EHT has yet to recive any responses.

Remember, the WHO EMF Project is a different entity than the WHO International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC).

The IARC vets experts for conflicts of interest and industry ties and has classified RF as a Class 2 B possible carcinogen, whereas the EMF Project (also under the WHO umbrella) is criticized for a lack of transparency and industry loyalty. See (Hardell 2017) published in the International Journal for Oncology with details on the industry ties of the WHO EMF Project.

Letter sent on November 1, 2020 after numerous emails that went unanswerd.

03 November 2020

New Hampshire State Report on Health and Environmental Effects of 5G and Wireless Radiation

Environmental Health Trust, Oct 31, 2020

The Report is available online at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/statstudcomm/committees/1474/reports/5G%20final%20report.pdf

New Hampshire Bombshell Report Documents Scientific Evidence That Questions the Safety of 5G

15 Recommendations Include Reducing Public Exposure to Wireless, Radiation Measurements, Reducing Radiation from Cell Phones and Protection of Trees and Bees

On November 1, 2020, the New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology has released its final report to New Hampshire Governor Christopher T. Sununu, Speaker of the House Stephen J. Shurtleff, President of the Senate Donna Soucy summarizing its findings that safety assurances for 5G have “come into question because of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies documenting deleterious health effects associated with cellphone radiation exposure.”

Greece: Experts Launch Stop 5G Petition to Supreme Court

Environmental Health Trust, Oct 26, 2020

Press Release: 5G Petition to Halt Leasing of New Frequencies for 5G

Citizens from almost every part of Greece have submitted a petition to the Council of State of this country on October 23rd 2020, with the request to withhold the proceedings for the leasing of the frequencies used under the 5G wireless communication protocol. This auctioning procedure is scheduled for October 30,2020.

The causes and rational for our petition to the Council of State is related to the protection of the human health as well as to the various environmental issues being threatened from the installation and operation of the 5th generation wireless communication system in the Greek territory.

New Review Study Finds Heavier Cell Phone Use Increases Tumor Risk

Environmental Health Trust, Nov 2, 2020

New review study finds that heavier cell phone use increases tumor risk
Press Release from Dr. Joel Moskowitz. More at Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
November 2, 2020

[Abstract and link to open-access study.]

A review of research on cell phone use and tumor risk finds that cell phone use with cumulative call time more than 1000 hours significantly increased the risk of tumors.

(Berkeley, CA, November 2, 2020) Today, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a systematic review and meta-analysis of the case-control research on cell phone use and tumor risk.

This study updates our original meta-analysis (i.e., quantitative research review) published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2009. The new review examined twice as many studies as our original paper.

“In sum, the updated comprehensive meta-analysis of case-control studies found significant evidence linking cellular phone use to increased tumor risk, especially among cell phone users with cumulative cell phone use of 1000 or more hours in their lifetime (which corresponds to about 17 min per day over 10 years), and especially among studies that employed high quality methods.”

31 October 2020

United States: Apple Dodges IPhone Radiation Class Action Suit

Apple Dodges IPhone Radiation Class Action Suit
by MARIA DINZEO, courthousenews.com, 29 October 2020

Link to the "Order on Motion for Summary Judgment" of 29 October 2020:

(CN) — A federal judge Thursday nixed a class action claiming Apple failed to warn consumers about dangerous radiation from iPhones, finding it has twice demonstrated that its smartphones comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s radiation exposure limits.

Impelled by a Chicago Tribune article indicting iPhone and Galaxy smartphones for surpassing federal safety limits, lead plaintiff Andrew Cohen sued cellphone makers Apple and Samsung in August 2019. Samsung was voluntarily dismissed as a defendant in the case in January.

25 October 2020

Children's Health Defense Press Conference: Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC

Press Conference: Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC
By Children's Health Defense Team, 22 October 2020 

(Press Conference available for viewing in CHD  article)

Children’s Health Defense filed its response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) brief on Monday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The case against the FCC is challenging the agency’s refusal to review its 25-year-old obsolete wireless “health guidelines” and to adopt scientific, biologically-based radio frequency emissions rules that adequately protect public health.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for EHS: Proceedings from a Symposium on Impacts of Wireless Technology on Health (Proceedings from a May 31st, 2019 Symposium)

Clinical Practice Guidelines for EHS: Proceedings from a Symposium on Impacts of Wireless Technology on Health (Proceedings from a May 31st, 2019 Symposium) - open access

The document is the published proceedings from a symposium for medical doctors on the subject of wireless technology and EHS held at the Environmental Health Clinic at Women's College Hospital (Toronto) in 2019.

The publication is entitled 'Clinical Practice Guidelines for EHS - Proceedings from a Symposium on the Impacts of Wireless Technology on Health': Under categories of 'Science,' 'Clinical,' and 'Policy & Advocacy', the 137-page publication includes papers from:

* Riina Bray MD;
* Anthony Miller, PhD;
* Magda Havas, PhD;
* Meg Sears, PhD;
* Jennifer Armstrong, MD;
* Barbara Payne;
* David Fancy, PhD;
* Shelley Wright
* Frank Clegg;
* Robert Steller;
* Melissa Chalmers.

Open access report (137 page PDF): http://bit.ly/EHSsymposium

23 October 2020

United States: FCC Still Ignores Wireless Harms, 5G Critics Tell DC Circ.

FCC Still Ignores Wireless Harms, 5G Critics Tell DC Circ.
By Kelcee Griffis,Law360, 21 October 2020

Law360 (October 21, 2020, 4:15 PM EDT) -- The Federal Communications Commission backfilled its reasoning for last year's decision not to toughen its wireless exposure limits, two groups have told the D.C. Circuit, saying the agency based its decision on the "unsubstantiated" opinions of some health and safety organizations.

Children's Health Defense and the Environmental Health Trust, which have filed a lawsuit to force the FCC to revisit the decision, wrote Monday that the FCC employed "post-hoc rationalization and wrongly cites to extra-record documents, some of which did not even exist at the time of the order."

In the order at issue, the FCC revisited its radiofrequency exposure limits and found that the current regulations are among the strictest worldwide, making them still effective in protecting people from harmful wireless transmissions as the telecom industry switches to 5G service.

Phonegate Denmark : First Withdrawal of a Smartphone (Razer Phone 2) and Intervention of the Health Authorities

Phonegate Denmark : first withdrawal of a smartphone (Razer Phone 2) and intervention of the health authorities
Equipe Phonegate 23 Oct 2020

We are pleased to share with you this important news at the European level. The Danish health authorities have officially considered that users should be informed of the risk to human health and safety posed by the radiation from their cell phones exceeding the regulatory exposure values.

“Excerpt from the position of the Danish Health Authority

Razer Phone 2

“The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has become aware that the use of a specific mobile phone, which from November 2018 has been marketed in Denmark, especially in the gaming environment, can lead to exceeding the limit value. These are mobile phones of the type Razer Phone 2. We therefore encourage users of the phone not to use the mobile phone in question. We also refer to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s current recommendations for the use of mobile phones.”

21 October 2020

United States: Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC on 5G and Wireless Health Impacts

Includes link to Petitioners' joint reply brief to FCC (Environmental Health Trust and Children's Health Defense)

Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC on 5G and Wireless Health Impacts

Children's Health Defense, 20 October 2020

PRESS CONFERENCE: Wednesday, October 21 at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

WASHINGTON, DC, October 20, 2020—Children’s Health Defense (CHD), the children’s health advocacy group headed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., filed its response to the Federal Communications Commission’s brief on Monday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

CHD’s case against the FCC is challenging the agency’s refusal to review its 25-year-old obsolete wireless “health guidelines” and to adopt scientific, biologically-based radio frequency emissions rules that adequately protect public health. CHD is represented by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Scott W. McCollough. The brief was filed jointly with Environmental Health Trust.

The response brief is a response to the FCC brief that was filed on September 22nd. CHD’s principal brief was filed on August 14, 2020.

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18 October 2020

Switzerland: Open letter to the Swiss Federal Council on increase in limit values

Open letter to the Swiss Federal Council on increase in limit values addressed by the association "Protection against Radiation" and other organizations
https://schutz-vor-strahlung.ch/, 30 September 2020 - translation

Mrs. Simonetta Sommaruga
President of the Swiss Confederation

Federal Councilors 

30 September 2020

Thank you for your reply to our letter of 15 July 2020. We are very pleased that the Federal Council has decided not to relax the limits, and that the great skepticism in many parts of the population is taken seriously. This shows us that the protection of the people in our country is an important concern.

But we are all the more surprised that the Federal Council - according to Sonntagsblick of 13 and 20 September 2020 - wants to introduce a "facilitation factor" for adaptive antennas, which is highly  controversial. Because in reality, such a "facilitation factor" is a massive increase in the limit values.

With this factor, the operators get permission to transmit with much more power than they are allowed via the approved building permit. With conventional antennas, radiation exposure should still never exceed the limits, but in the vicinity of adaptive antennas, exceeding the limits can be expected with certainty.

14 October 2020

France : In the Midst of Phonegate: the “Smoke and Mirrors” Announcements of Cédric O

In the midst of Phonegate: the “smoke and mirrors” announcements of Cédric O
Equipe Phonegate, 14 octobre 2020

Should cell phone users and people living near base stations be reassured by the announcements made by the Secretary of State for the Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, concerning among others, digital technology and 5G? Our answer is clearly NO!

Indeed, we see it as a mere communication campaign to try to reassure our fellow citizens, who are more and more numerous, to no longer trust the sincerity of the public authorities regarding the health risks linked to mobile phone radiation.

As a reminder, in October 2019, following the release of the report by ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environment and Occupation Health & Safety), “Mobile phones worn close to the body and health”, the Government had announced a number of measures in a press release. None of the most important ones has been followed up!

12 October 2020

Switzerland: Flood of Initiatives: 5G Opponents Interfere with One Another

Switzerland: FLOOD OF INITIATIVES: 5G opponents interfere with one another
by Gian Signorell, Beobachter, no. 21, 9 October 2020 - translation

5G opponents cannot agree on a common approach. Experts warn that they are wasting their energies in this way.

Demonstration against 5G in Geneva in
January 2020
Image: Martial Trezzini / Keystone
"The time is ripe, now we have to get started," says Peter Schlegel, board member of the environmental organization Frequencia. He speaks of collecting signatures for the Safer-Phone mobile communications initiative. The referendum aims to better protect the population from electrosmog and, in particular, from cell phone radiation.

The central element of the initiative is a new supply concept: interiors are to be accessed via cables. The providers are obliged to expand the fiber optic network into all buildings. This means that cell phone waves no longer have to penetrate thick walls. The antenna power could therefore be reduced and the radiation exposure lowered.

09 October 2020

Speaking Out on Electrosensitivity as 5G Expands

Speaking Out on Electrosensitivity as 5G Expands
publicnewsservice.org, 9 October2020

Thousands of 5G cell service antennae are 
popping up on light poles across the nation,
prompting health concerns among some.
(Noah Davidson), 
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- As the march to install superfast 5G wireless service continues across the country, advocates for patients with electro-sensitivity are questioning the technology's safety.

Noah Davidson of Sacramento began lobbying to have 5G antennas moved away from people's homes and offices because his five- and seven-year-old nieces got sick for two months straight, right after Verizon installed a 5G box on a light pole next to their home.

The family hired an expert to measure the radio-frequency levels.

"He conducted some measurements and told us it was the highest indoor measurements that he'd ever recorded," Davidson claimed. "So, we ended up installing some shielding in the home, moving the kids into a back room. And within a few days, their symptoms went away."

07 October 2020

FCC Lawsuit Update: The FCC Fails to Protect the Public

ehtrust.org, 5 October 2020

EHT is hard at work responding to the FCC reply to the EHT et al., v. FCC legal appeal.

On September 22, 2020, the FCC filed their reply brief to our joint brief. READ IT HERE.

As expected, the FCC reply is filled with misinformation, downplaying the scientific evidence that clealy shows harm.

Listen to Devra Davis PhD MPH, President of EHT discuss the FCC response in a video interview with Theodora Scarato below. In the video we review the FCC reply brief piece by piece. It is a must watch!

The FCC reply brief to EHT, CDH and petitioners can be downloaded HERE. 

FCC Lawsuit Update: FCC Says The Science Hasn't Changed in 24 Years!
(25 September 2020 - 54 min.)




Hematoencephalic barrier and cerebral hypoxia: pathophysiological mechanism of the effects of electromagnetic fields in electrohypersensitive people

Hematoencephalic barrier and cerebral hypoxia: pathophysiological mechanism of the effects of electromagnetic fields in electrohypersensitive people

by Jacques Lintermans, Doctor of Science and André Vander Vorst, Professor Emeritus UC Louvain - translation

It has been known for decades that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and in particular to microwave EMF can cause the opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The blood-brain barrier filters and controls the passage of substances in the bloodstream and prevents them from passing freely from the blood to the cerebrospinal fluid. It thus isolates the central nervous system from the rest of the body and allows it to have a specific environment, different from the internal environment of the rest of the body. A malfunctioning barrier allows hydrophilic molecules to enter the brain tissue that would normally be excluded, with the formation of edema and ischemia (1).

02 October 2020

5G concerns - supporting letter from Prof. Olle Johansson addressed to the House of Commons, United Kingdom

5G concerns - supporting letter from Olle Johansson (shared from EMF Aware Sussex)
posted on Facebook, 1st October 2020

Dear Subscribers
We thought we would share with you an excellent response Professor Olle Johansson has submitted to an MP on behalf of one of our subscribers. Please feel free to share... Best wishes, EMF Aware Sussex

House of Commons

Dear Honourable Sir,

The subject of my letter: The serious truth about wireless 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G needs to be urgently heeded - before the rollout of 5G results in an increase in the permitted levels of electromagnetic microwave radiation in the UK.

18 September 2020

The Debate Over 5G in Switzerland

We apologize for the incorrect link to the video.  Here is the correct link: 

The debate over 5G in Switzerland 
By Monica Pinnaeuronews.com • last updated: 12 September 2020 (with 8-min. video) :

Olivier Bodenmann, founder of 
'Stop 5G', measures radiation
in Geneva
The prospect of adverse effects of wireless radiation on the human body has sparked fears about 5G technology in Switzerland.

The country is at the forefront of the 5G rollout in Europe, installing over 2,000 antennas last year alone.

However, the speed of the implementation is slowing down over some people's concerns that the technology might be harming them.

In Nyon, on the banks of Lake Geneva, local resident Anna Frusciante, who is electro-hypersensitive, pointed out to Euronews the number of new antennas.

According to the WHO, those who claim to suffer from electro-hypersensitivity report a variety of health problems, which they relate to being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies, such as mobile phone signals. While some report mild symptoms like rashes and skin irritation, others are so severely affected that they change their entire lifestyle.

California: Federal Judge Rules Against Berkeley's Cellphone Radiation Warning Law

Federal Judge Rules Against City’s Cellphone Radiation Warning Law
by Nathan Solis, courthousenews.com, 17 September 2020

(AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

(CN) — A federal judge on Thursday ruled in favor of a wireless communication trade group five years after they claimed the city of Berkeley’s law that required retailers to warn customers about cellphone radiation violated their First Amendment rights.

The judge concluded that the city’s ordinance is preempted by the Federal Communications Commission’s regulatory actions on radio frequency emissions.

U.S. District Judge Edward Chen wrote in an 18-page order “the FCC could properly conclude that the Berkeley ordinance — as worded — overwarns and stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment of balancing federal objectives by the FCC.”

Mobile Phone Radiation May Be Killing Insects: German Study

Mobile Phone Radiation May Be Killing Insects: German Study
Agence France Presse, 17 September 2020

BERLIN (AFP) — Radiation from mobile phones could have contributed to the dramatic decline in insect populations seen in much of Europe in recent years, a German study showed Thursday.

(Photo): “Trial warning nationwide. There is no danger” is written at the first nationwide warning day on an information board in Berlin, Germany, last week. (Jens Kalaene/dpa via AP) - [refers to nationwide testing of warning and alarm systems.]

On top of pesticides and habitat loss, increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation is “probably having a negative impact on the insect world,” according to the study presented in Stuttgart, which is yet to be peer reviewed.

The analysis of 190 scientific studies was carried out by Germany’s Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) together with two NGOs, one from Germany and one from Luxembourg.

Of the 83 studies deemed scientifically relevant, 72 showed that radiation had a negative effect on bees, wasps and flies.

17 September 2020

Multiple Studies Strongly Suggest Wireless Radiation Is Harming Our Bees

At the end of this article, you will find many links to studies on the subject.

Multiple Studies Strongly Suggest Wireless Radiation Is Harming Our Bees
by Arjun Walia, collective-evolution.com, 16 September 2020


The Facts:
Unnatural sources of electromagnetic seem to be harming not only us, but our bees, trees and other insects.
Reflect On:  How is so much of this technology able to rollout without appropriate safety testing? Why do many countries already have bans and restrictions in places like schools and nursing homes?

Multiple studies have shown that unnatural sources of electromagnetic radiation “biological effects. period. This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-reviewed literature. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans, we have clear evidence of cancer now, there is no question. We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, neuropsychiatric effects…” – Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician.

16 September 2020

France: A damning poll for 5G: two out of three French people are "Amish" ...

A damning poll for 5G: two out of three French people are "Amish" ... 
by Lionel Laparade, ladepeche.fr, 15 September 2020 - translation

'An OpinionWay poll carried out on August 26 and 27 reveals the very strong rejection of 5G technology in France. This Tuesday morning, Emmanuel Macron compared the opponents of this new technology to the "Amish" '

65% of French people are asking for a 
suspension of the deployment of 5G
/ Pixabay

While nearly 70 mayors co-signed a forum this Sunday in which they demand a moratorium on 5G in France, an OpinionWay survey carried out on August 26 and 27 on behalf of the law firm MySmartCab reveals that 65% of French people are also in favor of the immediate suspension of the deployment of the fifth generation of mobile telephony standards.

85% of those consulted and opposed to 5G, for example, prefer fiber which, according to them, should rather cover the entire territory. 76% that the speed obtained with 4G is sufficient, but above all, 82% of respondents consider that all the health studies required must be carried out impartially before the arrival of the new technology in France.

4 collective actions launched against 5G

BioInitiative Report: Updated Research Summaries (September 2020)

BioInitiative Report: Updated Research Summaries (September 2020)

Please see Research Summaries in the menu to download new files for 2020. The RFR Research Summary (1990-2017) and chapter on Electrohypersensitivity Abstracts (2017) have not been updated.

These are invaluable sets of abstracts and tables covering the RFR and ELF-EMF/Static Field studies of the genetic and neurological literature, on studies of free radicals (oxidative damage), on comet assay studies, and on electrohypersensitivitity. Three graphics show summaries of Effect vs No Effect by percent comparison.

The trend continues that the great majority of studies report biological effects of low-intensity exposures to both ELF-EMF/Static Field and RFR.

New graphics bring current the comparison of studies reporting “Effect vs No Effect” provide a quick look at the number of overall studies, the number and percentage showing “Effect” and the number and percent showing “No Effect”.

Clearly the trend continues that the great majority of studies report effects of low-intensity exposures to both ELF-EMF and RFR, and a small percentage of published studies report that no effects are seen.


04 September 2020

France: Phonegate: 25 cell phone models updated or withdrawn from the market since 2018

Excerpt from "Time to Wake Up to the Global Public Health and Industrial Scandal of Phonegate" with summary of legal actions filed in France against Xiaomi and HMD GLOBAL OY (Nokia).
by Meris Michaels, 4 September 2020

French national agency conducts SAR tests on cell phones in contact with the body

In July 2016, a scientific report was published by the French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), entitled, “Exposure to Radiofrequencies and Child Health”. The ANSES Report highlighted the results of the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) 2015 measurement tests of 95 mobile phones tested in body contact positions – meaning, with no separation distance. ANSES announced that 9 out of 10 mobile phones tested in contact with the skin exceeded the regulatory threshold of 2 W/kg, some of them more than three times.

Mayor in Alpine Silicon Valley Wants France to Hit Brakes on 5G

Mayor in Alpine Silicon Valley Wants France to Hit Brakes on 5G
by Helene Fouquet and Ania Nussbaum, bloomberg.com, 2 September 2020

  • Green party decries 5G’s impact on climate, human health
  • One mobile operator suggested government focus on 4G for now

Eric Polle - Photographer Alain
Jocard/AFP via Getty Images
Grenoble is France’s answer to Silicon Valley, a tech hub where chipmaker STMicroelectronics NV is developing new wireless applications, Apple Inc. has an imaging unit in a former chocolate factory and China’s Huawei Technologies Co. is perfecting touch sensors.

For Eric Piolle, the mayor of the Alpine city and a rising star in the country’s Green party, making sure these companies have access to 5G communication networks is not a priority.

“We shouldn’t just jump on a new technology for the sake of it,” Piolle told Bloomberg in an interview. “We need to pause, and look into the impact 5G will have on the environment.”

02 September 2020

Time to Wake Up to the Global Public Health and Industrial Scandal of Phonegate

- Section, "25 cell phone models updated or withdrawn from the market" and table, "List and details of measurements conducted on mobile phones with non-compliant SAR" under part 1.
- Lawsuit against Apple
- Lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Communications Commission
- Phonegate action in Switzerland
- Launch of Phonegate Alert's first awareness campaign on the dangers of cell phones

Time to Wake Up to the Global Public Health and Industrial Scandal of Phonegate
by Meris Michaels - Revised 2 September 2020

Phonegate Press Book
For over 20 years, cell phone users have been knowingly misled about their true levels of exposure to radiofrequency radiation RFR) under real conditions of use in contact with the body. Consumers have been doubly misled by not having been informed by the public authorities to keep the phone away from the body.

This issue concerns all of us and those we love. Most of us have cell phones. We hold them against our heads, keep them switched on in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked in a bra. Many of us are unaware that cell phone manufacturers are testing phones at a certain distance from the body, not in the ways that most of us use them, touching the body. These same manufacturers warn us to keep the phone at a distance from the body.

The authorities have been lax in implementing public health campaigns and recommendations to reduce RFR exposure, especially regarding children, pregnant women and medically sensitive populations who are more vulnerable to this radiation.

29 August 2020

Europe : Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Holds a Press Conference in Berlin After Launching CHD’s Europe Chapter

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Holds a Press Conference in Berlin After Launching CHD’s Europe Chapter
By Children’s Health Defense Team, 28 August 2020 - with 28-min. video
(also available on YouTube at this link: )

(Read the Transcription here.)

On Friday August 28, 2020, Mr. Kennedy, chair of Children’s Health Defense, held a press conference and met with the leaders of the newly-formed Children’s Health Defense Europe Chapter. In attendance were Senta Depuydt and Tina Choy (board members of CHD Europe), RA Markus Haintz (Querdenken-731 Ulm), and Heiko Schöning (MD, Ärzte für Aufkärung). While in Berlin he will also meet with colleagues from all over Europe to discuss global challenges to health and human rights.

Saturday, August 29th, he will speak to what is anticipated to be the largest crowd in German history. (CHD will be streaming LIVE from our Facebook page.) Over one million people from every nation in Europe will rally for freedom, peace, free expression and respect.

In photo below, RFK, Jr. is with organizers Dr Heiko Schoening, M.D. and Attorneys Markus Haintz & Rolf Karpenstein in front of Brandenburg Gate where his uncle, President John F Kennedy, gave his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in 1963.

(Thanks to Anne Dachel, CHD Contributing Writer, Age of Autism Editor, LossofBrainTrust.com for transcribing the press conference.)

21 August 2020

United States: Cancer Survivors Await Outcome of Cell-Phone Warnings Lawsuit

Cancer Survivors Await Outcome of Cell-Phone Warnings Lawsuit
publicnewsservice.org, 21 August 2020
(Also listen to the short podcast in the article.)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Cancer survivors are speaking out as they await the outcome of several lawsuits concerning radiation and cell phones.

(Photo): Courtney Kelley has successfully fought breast cancer twice, near where she says she used to carry her cell phone. (Courtney Kelley) August 21, 2020

The suits challenge the Federal Communication Commission's radiation guidelines, the radio-frequency or 'RF' levels from cell phones, and safety notices required by the City of Berkeley.

Courtney Kelley, a young mother who has beaten back breast cancer twice, said she used to keep her phone tucked into her bra - but not anymore.