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29 November 2020

Sweden : Open Letter to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on the Situation of Electrohypersensitive People

Open letter to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in connection with the government declaration "everyone should be involved" 
The Swedish Association of Electro-Sensitive, 25th November 2020 (auto-translation)

In an open letter to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, the chairman Marianne Ketti, among other things, wrote about the situation for people who are hypersensitive to electricity in today's Sweden.

Mora 2020 10 28
Hey Stefan!

There were many beautiful words in your government declaration! I stuck to "that everyone should be involved"! If you really mean it, then I wonder how you intend to implement it?

We who are hypersensitive to electricity have for many years lacked access to most things in society. Where there is wireless technology, we lack accessibility! Today, wireless technology is pretty much everywhere and it's only getting worse and worse. We are tired of being in "quarantine" and pushed further and further away from community and togetherness. We also want to belong to society and be involved at all levels.

In our functional law association, there are people of all ages, from preschool children to 100-year-olds. Many live in extremely difficult conditions.

Release of the Book "Phonegate" by Dr. Marc Arazi at Massot Editions

I just finished reading "Phonegate". I liked it very much! Once I started reading, I could not put  it down. I would like to thank Dr. Arazi for writing this book in a simple and accessible way for everyone. He helped me to better understand his commitment and the enormous difficulties (manufacturers, public authorities, media, ...) he faced in exposing the truth about the Phonegate scandal and the deception of the cell phone industry. It is a deeply human story, which gives an account of the courage that the author, a whistle-blower, and his supporters in France and around the world have shown throughout this struggle to finally reveal it to the pubic. I highly recommend that you read it. Afterwards, you won't look at your cell phone in the same way ever again.  
(Meris Michaels)

Release of the book “Phonegate” by Dr. Marc Arazi at Massot Editions
Equipe Phonegate,  8 Nov 2020
[In French only for now]

We are pleased to announce the release, on November 12, 2020, of the book “Phonegate” written by our President and published by Massot Editions. In this story, intended as a logbook, you will live with Dr. Marc Arazi these four years of alert of this international health and industrial scandal. You will discover many important revelations that have remained secret and that confirm even more the importance of this exceptional affair.

“Overexposed & Deceived
Our mobile phones are endangering us all”

The scandal finally revealed for the first time worldwide


19 November 2020

Phonegate: Interview between Pulitzer Prize Reporter Sam Roe and Dr. Marc Arazi

Extracts of an exchange between Dr. Marc Arazi, president, Phonegate Alert, who launched the alert on the Phonegate scandal, and the American Pulitzer Prize reporter, Sam Roe, source of the revelations of the Chicago Tribune in August 2019. They were interviewed by the editor-in-chief, Mélanie Bois, for the program "66 Minutes", channel M6, on 20 September 2020. (In English with French sub-titles). Please relay widely.

Phonegate : entretien avec le journaliste américain et prix Pulitzer Sam Roe 
(posted 19 Nov., 10 min.)

Link to video on YouTube:

Link to Phonegate Alert Association:

15 November 2020

Switzerland: Doctors for Environmental Protection: Apply the Precautionary Principle in Mobile Communications

Environmental Health Trust, 11 November 2020

SWITZERLAND: Consistently apply the precautionary principle in mobile communications – Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU), 11th November 2020 (auto-translation, from German)
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4414/saez.2020.19274
Publication: 11.11.2020 Schweiz Ärzteztg. 2020; 101 (46): 1534-1536

Edith Steiner a, d , Bernhard Aufdereggen b, d , Cornelia Semadeni c, d
a Dr. med., specialist in internal medicine; b Dr. med., specialist in general internal medicine; c Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy; d Working group on “Electromagnetic Fields and Health” of the Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU), Basel

This article is online at https://saez.ch/article/doi/saez.2020.19274 and has been translated by google. PDF

Consistently apply the precautionary principle in mobile communications – Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU)

For economic reasons, mobile phone providers are demanding higher system limit values ​​for their mobile phone systems. Swiss expert reports do not give the all-clear with regard to the health effects of mobile phone radiation and call for consistent preventive measures. The Doctors for Environmental Protection (AefU) demand that medical expertise is increasingly included in the digital agenda.

Chinese Tech Executives Admit 5G "Smart" Cities Have Big Costs, Small Benefits

Chinese Tech Executives Admit 5G "Smart" Cities Have Big Costs, Small Benefits
POSTED BY ANNE TEMPLE 1004GS, momsacrossamerica.com, 11 November 2020

In a stunning report from Chinese news outlet The New Lens, Chinese 5G Not Living Up to the Hype author John Xie exposes the disappointing reality of 5G "Smart" City networks. In short, the technology is not living up to expectations; the costs are enormous, and the benefits are few. The problems with high density 5G networks include, in summary:

  • Electricity costs were 10X higher than the profits in China in 2019
  • Uses 3X as much energy as 4G
  • Small coverage area = high density cell towers = close proximity to residents and office workers
  • 73% of customers say 5G is not needed
  • Widespread complaints about speed
  • More interference

Xie reports:

Pennsylvania: Court Ruling Throws Smart-Meter Plan into Turmoil

Court ruling throws Pennsylvania smart-meter plan into turmoil
by ANDREW MAYKUTH, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 November 2020

Getty Broome/AP Photo
The statewide deployment of millions of wireless smart meters has been thrown into turmoil after a court invalidated Pennsylvania’s policy that requires electric utilities to install the devices on all homes and businesses.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Peco Energy this week asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review a lower-court decision that invalidates a policy requiring the universal installment of smart meters. Several Peco customers objected to the installation of wireless devices on their homes, saying the radio frequency (RF) emissions made them ill.

State Commonwealth Court last month determined that the 12-year-old law requiring utilities to “furnish” smart-meter technology by 2023 contained nothing to require “every customer to endure involuntary exposure” to radio emissions. The court’s opinion, written by Judge Ellen Ceisler, instead interpreted the law to support customer choice in the use of the smart-meter technology.

12 November 2020

France : Are Electromagnetic Waves the Cause of Cancer among Atos Employees?

Extract from “5G: the wave of doubt”, a document to see in “Further investigation” on November 12, 2020, France 2, 22.55.

VIDEO. 5G: are electromagnetic waves the cause of cancer among Atos employees?

by Bhavi Mandalia , Pledge Times, 11 November 2020

Based in Clayes-sous-Bois, in Yvelines, Atos is a French multinational company specializing in IT services, a digital giant. Surrounded by three relay antennas, its central building contains computer rooms, servers, power supplies … or many sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Multiple sources of electromagnetic radiation

Gérard Duchastenier has spent more than thirty years in the company. When the reporters of “Complément d’Investigation” collected his testimony, this former computer engineer had been battling cancer for more than a year. This was declared in 2019, four years after his retirement. On MRI, he was found to have a glioma (or glioblastoma), a very aggressive tumor, in the right temporal region.

08 November 2020

Why Stop 5G: Sharing an Awareness

On 18 September 2020, Bloomberg reported, "A group of employees of Orange SA called repeatedly for management to scrap the rollout of 5G services in memos circulated to colleagues on the Plazza social media platform. The memos, issued in October 2019 and in May of this year, said the technology will be unprofitable and will damage the environment, according to three people familiar with their content.

The text of Orange employees denouncing the excesses of this new technology: "Why stop 5G: sharing an awareness", has appeared on the site "Demain en mains". "Towards Better Health" has translated it into English. We are trying to verify the authenticity of this document, but it seems likely that it is genuine.

The document ends with these words:

"This employee initiative was born spontaneously from a person-to-person dialogue. It is not the emanation of a militant approach in the traditional sense. We, engineers, researchers, technicians, experts, believe deeply in Orange's values and it is in this capacity that we believe our Group is intellectually capable of piloting strategic orientations that are truly controversial, especially when they raise the question of the future of humanity and of all living things. 

"Let's dare, now, to stop the deployment of 5G." 

06 November 2020

Why Die for WiFi? My Child Did - Will Yours?

Why die for WiFi?  My Child Did - Will Yours?
by Debra Fry, posted 3 May 2016

On the 11th of June 2015, my 15 year old daughter, Jenny Fry was found by me, hanged in woods near our home in Oxfordshire, UK .

She was utterly exhausted; instead of receiving sympathy and understanding, she was battling the school for giving her detentions and refusing to acknowledge her difficulty around wifi, which had a profound effect on her ability to concentrate, write, explain things, and function in school.

I went into the school on several occassions to try to educate them on the health dangers to all pupils and staff, as well as the effect it was having on Jenny, but I was told that for as many reports that there are showing harm, there are as many available online saying that wifi is safe (although I have not seen any saying this).

The head teacher did say he would double check; I left him a list of information - reports and websites - to check. He also said he could not turn off the wifi for one child; I said it was not just for Jenny, but it would be healthier for everyone.

The "Children of the Digital Age" Have Lower Intelligence Quotients than Their Parents

The "children of the digital age" have lower intelligence quotients than their parents
bbc.com/afrique/monde, October 30, 2020 - translation

Experts say a two-year-old boy spends an
average of nearly three hours a day in front
of screens today.
Getty Images
In this book, the neuroscientist Michel Desmurget (Lyon, 1965), director of research at the French National Institute of Health, has concrete and conclusive data on how digital devices seriously affect, and worse, the neuronal development of children and young people.

"There is simply no excuse for what we are doing to our children and for the way we are endangering their future and their development", warns the expert, who has visited renowned research centers such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California. His book has become a huge bestseller in France.

04 November 2020

Will Dr. Emilie Van Deventer, Responsible for the World Health Organization's EMF Project, Answer Questions on Transparency?

Environmental Health Trust, 3 November 2020


(Choice of image by "Towards
Better Health")
Environmental Health Trust and numerous expert scientists have written the WHO EMF Project D. Van Deventer to ask critical questions related to the WHO EMF Project Factsheets and Research Review. Questions were asked in 2019 and again in 2020 but EHT has yet to recive any responses.

Remember, the WHO EMF Project is a different entity than the WHO International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC).

The IARC vets experts for conflicts of interest and industry ties and has classified RF as a Class 2 B possible carcinogen, whereas the EMF Project (also under the WHO umbrella) is criticized for a lack of transparency and industry loyalty. See (Hardell 2017) published in the International Journal for Oncology with details on the industry ties of the WHO EMF Project.

Letter sent on November 1, 2020 after numerous emails that went unanswerd.

03 November 2020

New Hampshire State Report on Health and Environmental Effects of 5G and Wireless Radiation

Environmental Health Trust, Oct 31, 2020

The Report is available online at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/statstudcomm/committees/1474/reports/5G%20final%20report.pdf

New Hampshire Bombshell Report Documents Scientific Evidence That Questions the Safety of 5G

15 Recommendations Include Reducing Public Exposure to Wireless, Radiation Measurements, Reducing Radiation from Cell Phones and Protection of Trees and Bees

On November 1, 2020, the New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology has released its final report to New Hampshire Governor Christopher T. Sununu, Speaker of the House Stephen J. Shurtleff, President of the Senate Donna Soucy summarizing its findings that safety assurances for 5G have “come into question because of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies documenting deleterious health effects associated with cellphone radiation exposure.”

Greece: Experts Launch Stop 5G Petition to Supreme Court

Environmental Health Trust, Oct 26, 2020

Press Release: 5G Petition to Halt Leasing of New Frequencies for 5G

Citizens from almost every part of Greece have submitted a petition to the Council of State of this country on October 23rd 2020, with the request to withhold the proceedings for the leasing of the frequencies used under the 5G wireless communication protocol. This auctioning procedure is scheduled for October 30,2020.

The causes and rational for our petition to the Council of State is related to the protection of the human health as well as to the various environmental issues being threatened from the installation and operation of the 5th generation wireless communication system in the Greek territory.

New Review Study Finds Heavier Cell Phone Use Increases Tumor Risk

Environmental Health Trust, Nov 2, 2020

New review study finds that heavier cell phone use increases tumor risk
Press Release from Dr. Joel Moskowitz. More at Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
November 2, 2020

[Abstract and link to open-access study.]

A review of research on cell phone use and tumor risk finds that cell phone use with cumulative call time more than 1000 hours significantly increased the risk of tumors.

(Berkeley, CA, November 2, 2020) Today, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a systematic review and meta-analysis of the case-control research on cell phone use and tumor risk.

This study updates our original meta-analysis (i.e., quantitative research review) published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2009. The new review examined twice as many studies as our original paper.

“In sum, the updated comprehensive meta-analysis of case-control studies found significant evidence linking cellular phone use to increased tumor risk, especially among cell phone users with cumulative cell phone use of 1000 or more hours in their lifetime (which corresponds to about 17 min per day over 10 years), and especially among studies that employed high quality methods.”