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26 February 2022

Mobi-kids: Daniel Krewski, an Author with Multiple Conflicts of Interest

Mobi-kids: Daniel Krewski, an author with multiple conflicts of interest
Equipe Phonegate 25 Feb 2022

Is the Mobi-kids study (which analyzes the impact of wireless phones on the risk of brain tumors for young people and was published at the end of December 2021) reliable or not? Our association Phonegate Alert has the right to ask this question publicly. Indeed, our research reveals that many conflicts of interest of the authors of the Mobi-kids study are either simply hidden or underestimated. This is the case for another author of the study, Canadian scientist Daniel Krewski.

As a reminder: when the Mobi-kids study was published in Environment International, the authors “forgot” to include the section on conflicts of interest. Mr. Joe Wiart, one of the authors, worked for Orange Labs during the whole period of the study (2009-2016). Our intervention with Ms. Elisabeth Cardis, coordinator of the study, allowed us to rectify this lack of transparency (see our press release on the Phonegate Alert website).

18 February 2022

France : ANSES 5G Report: Deception Over the Public Consultation!!!

ANSES 5G report: deception over the public consultation!!!
Equipe Phonegate 18 Feb. 2022

In April 2021, ANSES opened a public consultation following the publication of its report on health issues related to the deployment of 5G. Our NGOs submitted their contributions in the required form and time, at the end of June 2021.

We learn today, during the meeting of restitution of the final report, organized by ANSES and the Director General of the scientific expertise group that none of our contributions have been taken into account by the study group.

Our NGO signatories are outraged by such an arbitrary process. What could be more effective than to dismiss any contradiction that would call into question the initial conclusions aimed at reassuring the population and elected officials about the health consequences of exposure to 5G.

Moreover, the working methods used do not respect the scientific rigor that one is entitled to expect from a national health agency.

Financed by public funds, ANSES, by acting in this way, betrays its public service mission of prevention and protection of the health of our fellow citizens.

We do not intend to accept such a parody of consultation. We call upon the responsible Ministries of ANSES to rectify without delay such serious failures.

Paris, February 17, 2022

Report of expertise Robin des toits/Phonegate Alert

ECERI Report

Criirem Report

For the signatory associations:

Dr. Marc ARAZI, PHONEGATE Alert, President
Jacqueline COLLARD, SERA ASEF, President
Catherine GOUHIER, CRIIREM, President
Dr. Philippe IRIGARAY, ECERI, Scientific Director and General Delegate
Patrice GOYAUD, Robin des Toits, Secretary


15 February 2022

Wireless Footprints: the Hidden Environmental Cost of Convenience

Comprehensive article on the impact of wireless on the environment: climate, people, animals, birds, insects... by Annelie Fitzgerald PhD, member of Wiser Wireless Wales.

Wireless footprints: the hidden environmental cost of convenience

by Annelie Fitzgerald, medium.com, 20 Dec. 2021

A call for UK environmentalists to wake up to wireless pollution

Mobile telecommunications mast. 
Photo: Annelie Fitzgerald
On top of the colossal cop-out in Glasgow, it’s immensely disheartening that so many environmentalists continue to ignore the huge yet hidden carbon footprint of digital technology: the data centres that underlie the internet — and the misleadingly named, ethereal-sounding ‘cloud’ — require vast amounts of infrastructure and electricity [1]. In the words of Guardian columnist John Harris, our “phones and gadgets are now endangering the planet”.

But it’s not just data capacity that consumes electricity; wireless infrastructure and gadgets do too. Generating a wireless signal requires energy, and many wireless devices emit signals fairly continuously, whether they are in use or not.

12 February 2022

Research Suggests Cell-Tower Radiation Harms Wildlife

Research Suggests Cell-Tower Radiation Harms Wildlife
by Susan Potter, publicnewsservice.org, 10 Feb. 2022

A growing body of scientific studies showed electromagnetic fields from the extremely low frequencies common to power lines and radio-frequency radiation, the kind from cell towers and mobile devices, may be harmful to wildlife as well as humans.

(Photo): Multiple studies have cited exposure to radiofrequency radiation from cell towers as a factor in the collapse of bee colonies in recent years. (Acrylic Artist/Morguefile)

A three-part review (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) of the literature recommended the federal government regulate electromagnetic radiation as pollution.

B. Blake Levitt, medical and science journalist, author of two books on electromagnetic fields and the study's co-author, said RF radiation, even at low levels, caused harm in every animal model studied, especially bees and birds.

Mobi-kids: Orange at the Heart of the Study!

Mobi-kids: Orange at the heart of the study!
Equipe Phonegate 10 Feb 2022

Our investigation into the Mobi-kids study shows how the Orange industrial group was active at the heart of the scientific process. Five employees of its subsidiary Orange Labs took part in the elaboration of the exposure measurement tools for children with brain tumors.

Following our various e-mails to the authors of the study as well as to the coordinator of the scientific team, Ms. Elisabeth Cardis, the article published on December 30, 2021 has been modified. The part “Conflicts of interest”, omitted according to Ms. Cardis, has been incorporated in the new version (see our previous press release).

Joe Wiart at the forefront of Orange

09 February 2022

Melatonin: A New Way to Diagnose Electrohypersensitivity

Melatonin:  A New Way to Diagnose Electrohypersensitivity

by Jacques Lintermans, Doctor of Science and André Vander Vorst, Professor Emeritus UC Louvain* 
 *Founding Member of European Microwave Association

It has been shown that absorption of electromagnetic fields (EMF) at the level of the head occurs mainly through the eyes (1)(2), following the same path as light from the retina to the pineal gland where melatonin is secreted (3).

Melatonin levels, as measured in the 24h urinary excretion of its main metabolite p-hydroxysulfate (6-OHMS), are significantly lowered in 88% of cases (4) from several hundred people clinically categorized as sensitive to EMF or electrohypersensitive (EHS) (5).

Ko Festival of Performance to present ‘Canary in a Gold Mine’ online 11-13 February 2022

“Canary in a Gold Mine” tells the story of Jon Mirin’s wife and production partner, Godeliève Richard, developing a disabling condition called electrical hyper-sensitivity or “microwave sickness.”  Real-time discussions with doctors, scientists, thought leaders and the creative team will follow each performance.

Ko Festival of Performance to present ‘Canary in a Gold Mine’ online

By Cori Urban | Special to The Republican, masslive.com, Updated: Feb. 06, 2022

(Choice of photo by Editor, 
"Towards Better Health")

Jonathan Mirin describes his online production of “Canary in a Gold Mine” this weekend as being like in-person “theater but flatter.’

The Ko Festival of Performance will showcase Mirin’s piece, which uses a comedic lens to explore fatherhood, marriage and environmental health — to call attention to a new genre of theater work for the small screen born as a result of COVID-19. It will be presented Friday through Sunday, Feb. 11-13.

“Canary in a Gold Mine” tells the story of Mirin’s wife and production partner, Godeliève Richard, developing a disabling condition called electrical hyper-sensitivity or “microwave sickness.”

05 February 2022

United States: Cease and desist: Pittsfield MA Board of Health gives Verizon ultimatum over cell tower

First known cease and desist for cell tower due to injuries in United States will be effective in 7 days if Verizon does not come to the table. See article and video on site of Environmental Health Trust.

Cease and desist: Pittsfield Board of Health gives Verizon ultimatum over cell tower
By Meg Britton-Mehlisch, The Berkshire Eagle, Feb 3, 2022

PITTSFIELD — The Board of Health is drawing a line in the sand in its ongoing negotiations with Verizon Wireless over a cell tower at 877 South St.

(Photo): An aerial view of the 115-foot monopole that Verizon Wireless erected in a south Pittsfield neighborhood in 2020. EAGLE FILE PHOTO

If the cell company doesn’t come to the table within the next two weeks to discuss removing or relocating the tower which neighbors have said for more than a year is the cause of headaches, hives and possibly cancer, then the Board of Health will issue Verizon a cease and desist order to have the tower turned off.

United States: ‘It’s embarrassing’: FCC-FAA skirmish over 5G leads to lawmaker frustration

‘It’s embarrassing’: FCC-FAA skirmish over 5G leads to lawmaker frustration
By Jessica Wehrman, rollcall.com, February 4, 2022

Agencies faulted for breakdown of communication and coordination in tech deployment

Lawmakers on Thursday sharply criticized the process leading up to the deployment of 5G wireless technology around airports last month, repeatedly questioning how the Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communications Commission had such a disconnect.

(Photo): A contractor installs 5G cellular equipment on a light pole near Los Angeles International Airport on Jan. 19. (Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images)

“There’s no excuse for us to be in this situation,” Rep. Garret Graves, R-La., said at a hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation. “It’s embarrassing. … It’s ridiculous and inexcusable.”

04 February 2022

Mobi-kids study: a new version with conflicts of interest

Mobi-kids study: a new version with conflicts of interest
Equipe Phonegate 3 Feb 2022

The Mobi-kids study has been modified to mention certain conflicts of interest, including the presence of an Orange employee among the authors. An unfortunate mix of genres brought to light by our association Phonegate Alert. We have just received confirmation of this in an email sent by Elisabeth Cardis, the coordinator of the study.

As soon as the study was released, our association had in fact written to Mrs. Cardis, as well as to the 53 other scientists involved in the Mobi-kids study, in order to know their position on the underlying and important conflicts of interest involving the cell phone operator Orange.

Omission of the “Conflict of Interest” section!

03 February 2022

'Havana Syndrome' Symptoms in Small Group Most Likely Caused by Directed Energy, Says U.S. Intel Panel of Experts

'Havana Syndrome' symptoms in small group most likely caused by directed energy, says U.S. intel panel of experts
Ken Dilanian, NBC News, Feb 2, 2022

U.S. Embassy in Havana
The mysterious and sudden brain injuries suffered by a small group of American diplomats and spies overseas were most likely caused by pulsed electromagnetic energy delivered by an external device, a panel of scientific experts working for U.S. intelligence agencies has concluded.

The panel’s findings, while full of caveats, are consistent with what has been a longstanding hypothesis by intelligence officials — that a foreign adversary, most likely Russia, is responsible for at least some of the symptoms suffered by those who have fallen victim to what is commonly known as Havana Syndrome.

01 February 2022

India: Rolling Out 5G: Knowing the Harmful Impact

"Telecom industry owners and other decision-makers should not ignore the risks to human health and the environment. All governments’ medical agencies should support the development and consideration of medical guidelines for protective measures. In addition, the government should take steps to markedly decrease the current exposure of the public to RF radiations. An educational campaign should be carried out to educate the public about the health risks of exposure to RF radiation, and safe use of the technology, such as the deployment of wired internet in schools."

Rolling out 5G in India: knowing the harmful impact
By Brig Akhelesh Bhargava (Retd), financialexpress.com, 30 Jan 2022

Trials for 5G services in India were initially scheduled for January 2019 but got delayed on modalities such as pricing and tenure.

(Photo): The 5G associated health hazards is not being discussed at levels where it should be. (Reuters )

Years have gone by since the discussion on 5G roll out in India commenced. The Indian government has been procrastinating the auction of radio frequency (RF) bands which are meant to be used for 5G technology. Trials for 5G services in India were initially scheduled for January 2019 but got delayed on modalities such as pricing and tenure. On 30 Dec 2019, the then Telecommunication (telecom) Minister announced that the regulators are going to conduct trials for 5G rollout and asked for fresh bids from telecom companies within 10 days (by 10 January 2020). As on date trials may have been conducted by operators but the band allocation to operators is yet to happen.

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