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25 October 2021

Why Not Call with Your Smartphone at Your Ear?

Why not call with your smartphone at your ear?
Phonegate Alert Association, Equipe Phonegate, 25 October 2021

Since the appearance of the first cell phones, putting your device in contact with your head is a daily gesture that has become more than mechanical for billions of users. But is it without health risks? No, and the quadrupling of the most serious brain cancers in thirty years should alert us.

The waves of mobile telephony “possible carcinogen” for humans

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency (RF) waves in class 2B, “possibly carcinogenic to humans“. To arrive at this decision, a little over twenty years after the mass diffusion of this new technology, the WHO relied on the work of experts from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

They have noted through several studies, including the Interphone study, that the risk of gliomas, malignant brain tumors or acoustic neurinomas, benign tumors was increased for uses of 30 minutes per day for 10 years (equivalent to 2000 hours). The mobile being positioned on the same side as the tumor.

Increased risk of brain cancer from 17 minutes per day on the phone

The Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation to Children: Cyprus Pediatric Symposium - Devra Davis PhD

Watch this excellent presentation: The Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation to Children: Cyprus Pediatric Symposium - Devra Davis PhD, President, Environmental Health Trust - 19 October 2021 - 45 min.


Health Effects of Cellphone & Cell Tower Radiation: Implications for 5G: Webinar 3 November 2021

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19 October 2021

Don’t Put Your Cell Phone in Your Pocket Anymore !

Don’t put your cell phone in your pocket anymore !
by Equipe Phonegate | 18 Oct 2021

Every day, hundreds of millions of men and women slip their cell phone into their trouser or jeans pocket without thinking about it. It has become, in a few years, a very mechanical gesture but is it however without risks for human health?

In your pocket, your phone irradiates you

First of all, you should know that the phone, even when you are not calling with it, remains active! It will connect regularly with the nearest antenna. But also without you paying attention, receive data (sms, emails, documents, videos, etc. …). You are therefore just as exposed as during a call. And this sometimes longer, knowing that your cell phone can stay several hours in your pocket.

A SAR extremity twice as high that does not protect your health

15 October 2021

The Havana Syndrome and Microwave Weapons

The Havana Syndrome and Microwave Weapons 
by James C. Lin, https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/, Nov. 2021

Every few months, if not weeks, another mysterious attack on U.S. diplomatic and intelligence personnel is reported. Some of the attacks occurred years ago, while others were recounted as recently as July 2021 [1]–[3]. Over the past four or five years, nearly 200 U.S. personnel have reported similar attacks while working in places like Havana, Guangzhou, London, Moscow, Vienna, and Washington, D.C. The acute symptoms include headache and nausea immediately following the sounds of loud buzzing or bursts. The illness and symptoms have been called the “Havana Syndrome” after the place where cases were first reported. It refers to the range of symptoms first experienced by U.S. State Department personnel overseas. 

11 October 2021

New Study: Pesticides Together with Electromagnetic Fields Can Stress Bees Leading to Colony Collapse Disorder

New Study: Pesticides Together With Electromagnetic Fields Can Stress Bees Leading to Colony Collapse Disorder
Environmental Health Trust, 16 Sep 2021

A 2021 study entitled, “Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees: Multi-Stress Exposure” published in the journal Insects ( affiliated with the American Association of Professional Apiculturists) by scientists of the University of Milan Italy and Instituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia ed Emilia Romagna “Bruno Ubertini” found the combined effects pesticides and non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on bees potentiated several effects including disease, higher mortality, behavioral alterations (queen changes, excess of both drone-brood deposition and honey storage) and biochemical anomalies.