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28 August 2012

Toronto Doctor Treats Patients for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

"Could the guys in the tinfoil hats be right?"  They well could be … since taking the advice of an EMF expert to place aluminum foil beneath my rugs in the places where the radiation emitted from neighbors’ cordless DECT phones and Wi-Fi is highest, my body and mind are less stressed: I am sleeping better and have more energy . My suffering lasted over 3 years. 

No end to debate over Wi-Fi health effects as Toronto doctor treats hypersensitive patients

by Steve Merti, Daily Brew, 13 August 2012

Could the guys in the tinfoil hats be right?

As society's dependence on wireless technologies grows, the concern that there are health risks attached to the saturation of the air with high-frequency radio waves (RF) is not going away, despite official claims those fears are groundless. 

Dr. Riina Bray, an environmental health specialist at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, told the National Post she's treating two or three patients a week from ailments she links to Wi-Fi routers, cellphone towers and other radio-frequency sources.

25 August 2012

Michael Repacholi Continues to "Work" With the Mobile Phone Industry, Encouraging Children to Use Wireless Devices

Photo:  Next-Up
In January 2008, Dr. Carlos Sosa, a medical doctor from Colombia, addressed a letter to Michael B. Mukasey, who was then serving as United States Attorney-General (November 2007 to January 2009). The letter concerned the crimes against humanity of Michael Repacholi, former director of the Electromagnetic Fields Project at the World Health Organization (WHO). 

It would appear that not only did Repacholi control the WHO EMF project from its inception, but its main source of funding was the mobile industry, as explained in this article from Mast Sanity. “Repacholi states that he always followed the WHO rules on funding and that, “NO funds were EVER sent to me.” [His emphasis.]... As Microwave News has previously reported, Repacholi arranged for the industry money to be sent to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia, where he used to work. The funds were then transferred to the WHO... Norm Sandler, a Motorola spokesman, has stated, “This is the process for all the supporters of the WHO program.” At the time, Motorola was sending Repacholi $50,000 each year. That money is now bundled with other industry contributions and sent to Australia by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF), which gives the project $150,000 a year. “What is the difference between sending money directly to the WHO and sending it via Australia?,” Repacholi was asked. He never responded. (Microwave News November 17th 2006 [here].)

Repacholi is still “working” for the mobile phone industry. At a recent GSMA industry conference (GSMA - or GSM Association - is an association of mobile operators and related companies which supports the standardizing, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system), Repacholi encouraged parents to get their children to use wireless devices so that these children would not be left behind in the use of this technology. (See article, “Is Michael Repacholi the World’s Best Whirling Dervish?”) Repacholi has lobbied against the strict Swiss and Italian precautionary exposure limits and, as a member of the United Kingdom’s Stewart panel on mobile phones, has argued against the recommendation that children be discouraged from using mobile phones. (Ref: Microwave News, Nov/Dec 2000, page 2.) 

21 August 2012

HAARP, Weather-Altering, Earthquake-Making Machine?

What is HAARP?   The official story is: “The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyse the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes”. The largest legal AM radio antenna in North America is 50000 watts. HARRP is 72000 x 50000 AM radio antennas! 

New Zealand earthquake, February 2011
What do they need all this power for?

In his interview, Barry Trower, microwave weapons expert, mentioned how HAARP could be used in micro-biological warfare. . “It is so easy now to bring total devastation and economic ruin to any country by microwaving it and bringing the [toxic] bacteria to life,” he said. (See Part 4 of the interview.) 

Wake-Up World published an article entitled, “HAARP, Weather-Altering, Earthquake-Making Machine?” that sends a scary message. One of the videos in the article, “Feb 2011 – Christchurch NZ Earth Quake – Another HAARP Event?” shows that HAARP does a lot more than communication and surveillance.

“Only a small percentage of the military’s atmospheric modification projects are visibly obvious. What we can’t see is equally dangerous. The ionosphere, the earth and its inhabitants are continually bombarded with high frequency microwaves used to manipulate the charged atmosphere for weather modification, information gathering and for tectonic (earth-quake-producing) weaponry. Independent chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom confirms that we are also continuously subjected to extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) pulsing at 4 hertz multiples, frequencies known to profoundly affect human biological and mental functioning.” 

Here is the video:  
HAARP Chart for New Zealand Quake – Evidence of Man-Made Disaster Feb. 21, 2011 (14 mn.) 

19 August 2012

Internet and Health: The Report of the Swiss "Conseil fédéral" Fails to Mention the Risks of Excessive Use of the Internet Accessed Through Wireless Technologies

The Swiss "Conseil fédéral" has just presented a report announcing that excessive Internet use can be addictive and have physical and psychological consequences. The report was undertaken at the request of members of the Swiss Parliament, specifically to look into cyber-addiction: the health effects of excessive Internet use and particularly, on-line games. Most of the time, Internet access is enabled through wireless technologies. It would thus be useful if the authorities launched an educational campaign concerning the health risks of using these technologies, especially for children and pregnant women: sensitize parents, teachers and other professionals, including physicians, and inform young persons. 

Already in 2008, Physicians for the Environment (MfE), a group of 1,500 doctors in Switzerland, published information mentioning suspicion of the existence of a link between certain health problems and radiation emitted by wireless technology, such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, difficulties with concentration and others were cited. MfE suggested precautionary measures: choose computer networks connected by cable, use the fixed network and a wired telephone for long conversations, switch off or disconnect devices and electrical installations when not in use.

Following are extracts from two articles about the Report, which was presented on 15 August 2012 to the Government.

Swiss Federal Administration:
Most young persons use the Internet and play games on-line, but not in excess

17 August 2012

Heavy Technology Use Linked to Fatigue, Stress and Depression in Young Adults

This article posted by one of the EMF advocacy groups on 2 August 2012, demonstrates that heavy use of cell phones and computers can lead to health problems in young adults. Heavy cell phone use increases sleep disorders in men and depressive symptoms in both men and women. Those constantly accessible via cell phones were the most likely to report mental health issues. “This is a growing and serious public health hazard that should be acknowledged and addressed by both the medical community and technology industry,” states the author, Dr. David Volpi. 

Why not step away from this technology and enjoy more face-to-face contact?


Heavy Technology Use Linked to Fatigue, Stress and Depression in Young Adults

Modern technology is affecting our sleep. The artificial light from TV and computer screens affects melatonin production and throws off circadian rhythms, preventing deep, restorative sleep.

12 August 2012

Living with Radiation from Mobile Phone Towers in India

The “massive public health concern” of living with radiation from mobile phone towers is now being covered routinely by the mainstream media in India.  Thank you to the site, “In These New Times” for this article published in the Hindustan Times, New Delhi, on 26 July 2012.

Living with Radiation as a Backdrop by Rajat Arora

In 2000, Ashok Kaickar of Defence Colony’s D-block agreed to get a mobile phone tower installed on the terrace of his two-storey house. And it’s been nearly 12 years of living in regret.
“Back then, I did not know about the possible health hazards of radiation from mobile towers,” says Kaickar, 55, who runs a chain of gymnasiums in the city. “I got the tower erected after getting all the necessary permissions. Now I want it removed, but can’t. I have a 20-year contract with the company,” he said. A desperate Kaickar has approached the cellular operator Reliance and also written to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to allow him to remove the tower.