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29 June 2021

United Kingdom: Education Secretary Wants Ban on Mobile Phones in English Schools

Pupil behaviour
Education secretary wants ban on mobile phones in English schools
by Sally Weale Education correspondent, The Guardian, 29 June 2021

Gavin Williamson launches consultation on behaviour, but unions say it is an attempt to distract from government’s Covid failures

Mobile phones could be banned in schools as part of a government clampdown on poor discipline in classrooms in England.

(Photo): Williamson wants to make schools ‘mobile-free’, but Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, says every school will already have a robust policy on the use of mobile phones. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, said he wants a ban on mobile phones as he launched a consultation on pupil behaviour and discipline in schools. He said he wanted to make the school day “mobile-free” to help ensure that classrooms remain calm and pupils can overcome the impact of the pandemic.

“Mobile phones are not just distracting, but when misused or overused, they can have a damaging effect on a pupil’s mental health and wellbeing,” the education secretary said. “I want to put an end to this, making the school day mobile-free.”

United States: Principal Brief Filed in Children’s Health Defense’s Case Against FCC Rule Allowing Base Station Antennas on Homes

On 30 June, Children's Health Defense is holding an information event for the public to explain the OTARD brief to "non-attorneys" and to answer questions. 11:30 a.m. PT/2:30 p.m. ET. Register here.

Principal Brief Filed in Children’s Health Defense’s Case Against FCC Rule Allowing Base Station Antennas on Homes
By CHD 5G and Wireless Harms Project Team

On June 23, CHD filed the opening brief in its case against the FCC’s OTARD Rule Amendment, which allows fixed wireless companies to contract with private property owners to place point-to-point antennas on their property.

On June 23, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) filed the opening brief in its case against the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) “Over-the-Air Reception Devices” (OTARD) Rule Amendment, which went into effect March 29. This submission is the main brief for CHD in the case it filed on Feb. 2 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

CHD will hold an information and Q&A session about the brief this Wednesday, June 30 at 11:30 a.m. PT/2:30 p.m. ET. Register here.

CHD is opposing the OTARD rule amendment, which allows fixed wireless companies to contract with private property owners, including homeowners, to place point-to-point antennas on their property. The rule also allows wireless companies to add carrier-grade base station antenna installations on private property to extend wireless voice/video/data service, including 5G and Internet-of-Things antennas, to users over a wide area.

20 June 2021

Paris Match Interview with Dr. Marc Arazi, Author of "Phonegate": “Smartphone waves - what you need to know”

[Paris Match] “Smartphone waves what you need to know”
Phonegate Team, 20 June 2021

In an article published on Thursday, June 17, 2021 in the renowned French newspaper Paris Match, Dr. Philippe Gorny devotes an interview to Dr. Marc Arazi about his book “Phonegate” published by Massot Editions. We have translated it into English. Do not hesitate to relay it widely around you!

Buy the book in French

“Santé publique France found that between 1990 and 2018: the incidence of brain cancers has increased fourfold”

Dr. Marc Arazi, president of the association Phonegate Alert


In “Phonegate” (Massot ed.), Dr. Marc Arazi denounces the overexposure to electromagnetic waves from smartphones. A health scandal.

By Dr. Philippe Gorny

Paris Match. Why this book?

Dr. Marc Arazi.
On July 8, 2016, a report by the French National Health Security Agency (ANSES) revealed, based on tests conducted on 95 phones by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR), that 90% of the devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that goes beyond authorized standards if used in contact with the body. In these conditions, those of real life, exposure to EMR can exceed up to ten times the value indicated in the instructions for use. Until 2016, to remain within the standards, manufacturers were testing smartphones at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters from the skin, becoming the perpetrators of a widespread deception. I then asked ANFR to send me the detailed test reports. I was able to obtain them at the cost of a difficult legal battle. Obviously, ANFR has knowingly kept secret since 2012 a defect dangerous for the population, allowing manufacturers to avoid legal action led by millions of users.

19 June 2021

Swiss Parliament: Digitization: 3 Groundbreaking Decisions in the National Council

Media release: "Three groundbreaking decisions in the National Council".
Sustainability doesn't matter, the main thing is cheap and fast
Schutz vor Strahlung - translation

Zurich, June 18, 2021 On June 17, 2021, the National Council made three groundbreaking decisions regarding digitization. In doing so, it placed little emphasis on sustainable development.

Postulate "Federal high-bandwidth strategy" 21.3461

In the course of yesterday morning (17 June 2021), the National Council adopted the postulate "High-bandwidth strategy of the Confederation" without discussion and without any dissenting votes. In some regions of Switzerland, the Internet connection is slow and expansion is not profitable for data network operators. The Federal Council is now to submit a strategy to Parliament to ensure efficient coverage in line with demand in all parts of the country. It can be assumed that this strategy will also specify the data transmission method.

Switzerland: Microwave Sickness Affects around 800,000 People

Press release from Swiss advocacy group, "Schutz vor Strahlung" ("Protection from Radiation") on the occasion of the fourth "International Electrosensitivity Day".

Media release "International Electrosensitivity Day on June 16, 2021" - translation

Zurich, June 16, 2021 When people or animals have health symptoms or feel bad under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, they are called "electrosensitive". This environmental disease can affect anyone. According to the latest surveys, a good ten percent of the population - or around 800,000 people - are affected by electrosensitivity.

It has been 89 years since the so-called microwave sickness was discovered, which today is usually called electrosensitivity. In the meantime, ten percent of the Swiss population is already affected. They attribute impairments in health and well-being to electromagnetic radiation. For some of them, blood pressure rises significantly when they are in the vicinity of a mobile communications system. Others experience a strong buzzing or whistling in their ears when in the vicinity of wireless devices. Many younger sufferers complain of visual disturbances, older sufferers of dizziness. Both symptoms only occur when the affected person is exposed to radiation. Electrosensitive people also typically suffer from headaches, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, chronic pain, tension and much more. The association Schutz vor Strahlung (Protection from Radiation) has knowledge of hundreds of sufferers who are increasingly restricted in their daily lives, locked up in constant quarantine at home, or forced to flee further and further from civilization.

15 June 2021

"ELECTROSMOG – The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution" by Dr. Susan Pockett

"ELECTROSMOG – The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution"
Safer Technology Aotearoa New Zealand, May 11, 2021

The 125-page book can be downloaded at:

This book written by Dr. Susan Pockett from the University of Auckland explains how the telecommunications industry and the military combined to blanket the world with electromagnetic waves of a sort that have never before been seen on planet Earth. Life evolved in the complete absence of these waves so this development has become a serious "bio-hazard.”

Part I of the book describes in a non-mathematical way the technology underpinning the problem, then shows how public exposure limits have been manipulated all over the world through the orchestrated capture of regulatory agencies by the very industry those agencies were set up to regulate.

Part II summarises a huge volume of scientific evidence showing that exposure to power densities of pulsed radiofrequency radiation a tiny fraction of those permitted by the aforementioned, industry-­‐manipulated, public exposure limits actually causes cancer, DNA damage, diabetes, immune system and cardiovascular problems in humans – and similarly serious problems for wildlife (birds, bees and trees).

04 June 2021

"Chernobyl, My Eternal Pain": Comment by Liquidator, Natalia Manzurova, on "Chernobyl" Miniseries

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors of the cleanup of Chernobyl, comments on the mini-series, "Chernobyl". 

Edited and translated in English by Tatiana Kasperski

Natalia Manzurova, participant in the mitigation of the Chernobyl accident's impact. The HBO miniseries “Chernobyl” has sparked great interest in all countries around the world and made the audience aware of the risks of a massive nuclear disaster. But this is a fictional movie in its essence. Is it based on real events and characters? How is it possible to to distinguish between truth and artistic exaggeration? Natalia Manzurova, a radiobiologist and engineer, worked as a liquidator in the Chernobyl zone from 1987 to 1991. Having been affected by the chronic radiation sickness, she paid dearly for this mission with her health. Natalia considered it necessary to share her comments on the series with the public. Edited and translated in English by Tatiana Kasperski

In place of afterword. 
by Natalia Manzurova

Natalia Manzurova, shown here in 1988

I know what I'm talking about, I was there. I've survived two cancers and now I'm struggling with the third. One day I decided to devote my life to telling everyone the truth about Chernobyl. 
What changed after the accident? They still don't want to tell the truth that the nuclear industry is not so safe. After all, in addition to the factors I mentioned above, natural forces can intervene, like in Fukushima. No matter how many 
times my colleagues and I would go around, telling the truth about nuclear accidents, people listen, get surprised, upset, worried. And then forget. 

But this film was featured to the whole world. There was a shock from the fact that it was so truthful. People can clearly see what happened at that time. They see the heroism and suffering of the Soviet people. They see that the peaceful atom might not be so peaceful! Let there be a lot of criticism. A lot of disputes. But nobody remains indifferent and people reflect on it. Maybe there is no need for lie anymore. The most important is that there is truth! 

The director of the film said that when he made it, he was not against nuclear power. But one doesn't have to be against it. The film responded to the public demand. We have to admit mistakes. It is necessary to analyze and minimize the risks of new incidents. It should be acknowledged that the nuclear industry leaves a heavy legacy in the form of radioactive waste. That we leave our descendants with problems for centuries. We cannot change it anymore - the atom has entered our lives. And if all this is not controlled by the society, the atom itself will come to everyone, as Chernobyl has entered every home. It is necessary to learn to act safely and to be able to protect oneself in case of danger, since it already exists. I am glad that the film was released and I thank the creators of the film on behalf of myself personally and of all my fallen comrades. 

Thank you. Natalia Manzurova

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01 June 2021

European Parliament: Presentation of the studies: ‘Health impact of 5G’ and ‘Environmental impacts of 5G’ - video and studies - 31 May 2021

The full video of the 31 May presentation and pdf's of the studies can be found at this Environmental Health Trust link:

Presentation of the studies: ‘Health impact of 5G’ and ‘Environmental impacts of 5G’ (online event) - 31 May 2021

Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)
European Parliament

Over the last decades, novel wireless communication technologies, such as mobile telephones, cellular networks and Wi-Fi, have been developed at unparalleled speed. The forthcoming rollout of 5G technology across the EU is expected to bring new opportunities for citizens and businesses by enabling faster internet browsing, streaming and downloading, as well as by ensuring better connectivity. However, 5G, along with 3G and 4G, with which it will operate in parallel for several years, may also pose threats to human health. This event will present the results of two STOA studies, which take stock of our present understanding of the impacts of 5G on health and the environment.